Open and Shut (2022)

í Open and Shut Ç David Rosenfelt - Open and Shut, Open and Shut There is nothing like a golden retriever I know I know it s a big planet with a lot of wonderful things but golden retrievers are the absolute best Mine is named Tara The only problem she has ever í Open and Shut Ç David Rosenfelt - Open and Shut, Open and Shut There is nothing like a golden retriever I know I know it s a big planet with a lot of wonderful things but golden retrievers are the absolute best Mine is named Tara The only problem she has ever
  • Title: Open and Shut
  • Author: David Rosenfelt
  • ISBN: 9780446612531
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
Open and Shut
í Open and Shut Ç David Rosenfelt, Open and Shut, David Rosenfelt, Open and Shut There is nothing like a golden retriever I know I know it s a big planet with a lot of wonderful things but golden retrievers are the absolute best Mine is named Tara The only problem she has ever caused is that I spend so much time with her in the mornings that I am almost invariably late for work Whether dueling with new forensics or the local old boys net There is nothing like
  • í Open and Shut Ç David Rosenfelt
    404David Rosenfelt
Open and Shut

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  1. This is the first in a legal thriller series that I m sure I will continue to enjoy if this first book is any indication This story is funny the writing is witty and smart In fact, Andy Carpenter, a defense lawyer, is a bit of a cut up and on occasion it gets him into trouble particularly with judges.Andy s father, a previous prosecutor, tells his son to check into a case that put Willie, a young black man, into prison for the past seven years and who is now on death row Shortly afterward, Andy [...]

  2. More Sue Grafton than John Grisham, this courtroom drama with a private eye feel has a high level of smart assery that at times made me laugh out loud and definitely kept me turning pages I have high hopes for this series

  3. I am not usually someone who likes reading about lawyers and courtroom dramas My years watching Law and Order was strictly for the investigation and the hunky cops in uniform I decided to read Open and Shut purely because of the fact that there is a dog character and the author is obviously an animal lover I mean27 dogs Holy cow I was quickly hooked by the first few pages Andy Carpenter is a sarcastic lawyer who often crosses the lines to make a point in the courtroom and he will do anything to [...]

  4. This was better than I thought it would be at first It s got a broad streak of humor which was a bit irritating, then grew on me, perhaps because the reader did it so well The main character is a lawyer, not the heroic type, but he does stick through thick thin The problem was a twisty one wound up well While there s certainly room to continue the series, there wasn t any cliff hanger.I d like to give this 4 stars because it s the beginning of a good series I usually bump the first book up, but [...]

  5. This is book one of the Andy Carpenter lawyer series that read like part crime novels and part standup comedy routines Evaluation This is not only a really good crime novel, but a very, very funny book I read this because I stumbled into the series at the end with the book Dog Tags, and knew at once this series was worth going back to the beginning, in spite of my obsessive compulsive horror at going backwards in a series But I love this guy I can t wait to read

  6. Full review books n music 201 Must read Rosenfelt s others now This was excellent I really like Andy, love Tara and Laurie Much pity for many of the other characters for all the greed and victimization I can appreciate Rosenfelt s theory that though the justice system isn t perfect, hopefully it helps than it hurts Though this doesn t consider the fact that you can typically get as much justice as you can affordd but true Great writing and an enthralling mystery with a rather flawed but realist [...]

  7. RATING 4.5We ve all heard of an open and shut case That s when the evidence is so incontrovertible that the accused is convicted without a moment s hesitation on the part of the judicial system But what if the open and shut case has a crack in it Is it possible that a person could somehow be wrongly convicted even in the face of overwhelming evidence against them That s the situation that attorney Andy Carpenter faces His father, a well respected former district attorney, asks him to handle the [...]

  8. OPEN AND SHUT Legal Thriller GDavid Rosenfelt 1st bookMysterious Press Warner Books, 2002 HardcoverHis father, a retired district attorney, asks without an explanation New Jersey Attorney Andy Carpenter to take on the appeals case of death row inmate Willie Miller, whom he had prosecuted Andy s father dies a few days later and leaves an inheritance of over 22 million, about which Andy had never known When he discovers an old photo in his father s possessions that seems to have a connection to th [...]

  9. I like a sarcastic intelligent type of humor, and defense attorney Andy Carpenter fits that to a tee The story and courtroom details are fast moving and suspenseful I will read of this series.

  10. This book is entertaining I ll give it that much But there were several things about this novel that just didn t work at least for me I seem to be in the minority, but I didn t like the protagonist, Andy Carpenter For starters, almost immediately you find out that he is married, but sleeping with a co worker He attempts reconciliation with his wife, but you can tell it is a very half hearted attempt His constant attempts at humor throughout the first person narrative, are at times funny, but eve [...]

  11. In David Rosenfelt s Open and Shut, the first installment in the Andy Carpenter legal mystery series, this debut has plenty of twists and turns along the way in this compelling novel For Andy Carpenter, it all started when his father asks him to perform a retrial for one of his clients who was going on Death row When his father died, he discovered a windfall of money and a mystery photograph When Andy took on the case to defend Willie Miller s innocence, a couple of people would do anything to s [...]

  12. Sarcasm is the mode of telling this pretty darn good legal suspense story Rosenfelt may not be a lawyer, and it shows a little bit But to quibble about what he gets wrong foolishly ignores the far greater proportion that he gets right It rings true as the gavel s bang The main character Andy Carpenter wise cracks his way through life and into the re trial of a murder case reversed on appeal As the story moves into the courtroom the smart alec tone necessarily and mercifully tones down The author [...]

  13. This was a new author for me I liked that on of the minor characters is a golden retriever dog The book was believable and entertaining I have already started listening to the next book that the author wrote using some of the same characters I will suggest this audio to some of my patrons at the Library.

  14. Open and Shut by David Rosenfelt.Andy s Dad taught him all there was to know about being a lawyera good lawyer Then one day his Dad asked him to defend a man who he had sent to death row 7 years ago for killing a woman This was indeed one of the strangest requests his Dad ever made but Andy would answer his Dad s request and go and meet this man, Willie Miller At the same time Andy s social life is taking some turns he didn t know were coming His wife who he has been separated from shows up and [...]

  15. I have to give my apologies to David Rosenfelt I had Open and Shut on my to reads for about a year, but every time I went to read the description it just didn t call to me I even deleted the novel off my to reads, figuring that the lawyer with a dog just wasn t worth my time I then read Heart of a Killer and I really enjoyed it I was surprised to find that it was the same author that I had previously removed So Open and Shut went back on my to reads and I quickly reserved it from the library I w [...]

  16. I am attracted to books that take place in New Jersey I lived there for a while and I was a newspaper reporter and got around a bit, from Franklin Lakes to Paterson, Teaneck to Loveladies So when I read Marcia s review review show of David Rosenfelt s Open and Shut, and realized that the protagonist has a Golden Retriever, I borrowed the book from the library that very day.When I got the book home I realized that I had already read it and that I enjoyed it so much I gave it a 5 out of a possible [...]

  17. David Rosenfelt writes about a defense attorney in New Jersey My roommate read this book and then got the audio of book 2, which I listened to with her breaking one of my rules about reading a series in order So, reading this book, the first in the series, I had the voice of the narrator in my head Sometimes this is bad, but in this case it was great I would never had read the lines with the same amount of smart ass sarcasm that appear in the book, and I loved that I managed to put that into the [...]

  18. This was a decent read Especially after some of the stinkers I ve run across lately Liked Andy You gotta love a guy who loves his dog so much The story was terribly predictable, but kept me interested turning the pages I ve got at least 2 or 3 in this series, so I ll be visiting Andy again.

  19. A new author for me It is has excellent courtroom procedure in addition to action and suspense I particularly like Andy Carpenter, a lawyer who has a glib way of expressing what he sees as the truth I want to read of this series.

  20. 1 2 rounded up This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader I honestly can t believe I ve talked to little about Andy Carpenter and David Rosenfelt here it works out, when you look at timelines and whatnot, I ve been reading him a long time before I started blogging Still, it s hard to believe since it s one of my favorite series, and has been going for so long Yeah, maybe the series is getting too long in the tooth, but for something to get to book 16 , it s got to have a pretty solid f [...]

  21. Attention, all dog lovers If you haven t done so already, you really must read David Rosenfelt s Andy Carpenter series According to Andy, golden retriever Tara, a rescue dog, is the most wonderful dog in the world Andy should know As the inheritor of millions, he owns a dog rescue operation which is run by his friend Willie, an ex con and ex client The dog rescue operation is not Andy s only project By profession, Andy is an ace criminal defense Attorney in New Jersey He enjoys spending time wit [...]

  22. This series should have its own genre It s part mystery, part cozy, part suspense, part thriller, and part humor And it has a bit romance thrown in for good measure And yes, part dog story Author David Rosenfelt pulls it all together into a cohesive and thoroughly enjoyable read, book after book In this first novel, we learn how Andy got his fortune and how his first marriage dissolved We meet some of the major characters Andy must be part bulldog himself, because he never lets go of a case unti [...]

  23. Andy Carpenter is a defense attorney with a bit of an attitude At his father s request, he takes an appeal case of a death row inmate He also finds a secret his father has been keeping for over 30 years Somehow it seems these two things are related It was an interesting story, and I liked the twists and turns I somewhat liked the main character, but he think he was a little over the top with his sarcasm I usually enjoy sarcastic humor, but this was a bit much However, the story was still good, a [...]

  24. I was surprised how I did not want to put this book down It was the perfect book to have on a 14 hour flight Andy Carpenter, lawyer, has a dry wit and an engaging persona that makes his court antics fun and the story easy to be involved in Enjoy.

  25. Great start to a new old series David writes about a lawyer, Andy, and how he solves the crime along with a few personal situations Ready to start 2 in this series.

  26. Okay story, nothing that hasn t been written beforery forgettable Not recommended to people who take exception to an East Coast smart ass

  27. This is the second time I have read this book and I am planning on reading the entire series again What a funny and hilarious read It s always a refreshing feeling when the narrator this is written in 1st person perspective is self deprecating and is very average in all other aspects except for what happened in this story and what changes in his life subsequently.The narrator s love of dog and sport comes through but it s woven well into the story as to not appear filler I loved the whodunnit as [...]

  28. SummaryAndy has been forced to go on a retrial of a case in which his prosecuted a man who was found guilty of a murder and was put on death row Andy was now supposed to defend him When his father finally dies, he starts to put clues together about the incident and starts to realize himself that maybe Willie, the man on death row, actually didn t commit the crime He is also forced to choose between his ex wife, Nicole, and ex girlfriend partner, Laurie But he has only been given a small amount o [...]

  29. I was drawn to this series because of the mention of a golden retriever What s not to like about a book that includes a golden But then I find our lead character, Andy Carpenter, to be not only a smart aleck but horrors also a devout New York Yankees and Giants fan How could I ever warm up to this character Well, I did and will start down the trail of yet another series.On sports rivalries Today, the Yankees are playing the Red Sox I used to hate the Red Sox, just like I hated the Orioles, and t [...]

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