Call Me Princess (2022)

☆ Call Me Princess ☆ Sara Blaedel - Call Me Princess, Call Me Princess In an idyllic neighbourhood of Copenhagen a young woman Susanne Hansson is discovered in her apartment bound and gagged the victim of an extraordinarily brutal rape attack Detective Inspector Loui ☆ Call Me Princess ☆ Sara Blaedel - Call Me Princess, Call Me Princess In an idyllic neighbourhood of Copenhagen a young woman Susanne Hansson is discovered in her apartment bound and gagged the victim of an extraordinarily brutal rape attack Detective Inspector Loui
  • Title: Call Me Princess
  • Author: Sara Blaedel
  • ISBN: 9781605982519
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Hardcover
Call Me Princess
☆ Call Me Princess ☆ Sara Blaedel, Call Me Princess, Sara Blaedel, Call Me Princess In an idyllic neighbourhood of Copenhagen a young woman Susanne Hansson is discovered in her apartment bound and gagged the victim of an extraordinarily brutal rape attack Detective Inspector Louise Rick soon learns that Susanne met the rapist on a popular online dating site something Susanne shamefully tries to hide Events quickly spiral out of control as a horrifieIn an idy
  • ☆ Call Me Princess ☆ Sara Blaedel
    157Sara Blaedel
Call Me Princess

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  1. The premise of this book would probably make for a good hour long CSI like CBS procedural show It probably could make for a good book, too But this book isn t good It s awful I don t know where the blame lays for how awful this book is Maybe it is the translators fault Maybe the book reads better in Danish, or whatever language it was originally written in I think it was in Danish, but it doesn t say anywhere in the book It s actually a little difficult to even find who translated the book, and [...]

  2. Where are we Oddly, though Blaedel is Danish, this story could as easily been set in any American city rather than Copenhagen The place names were Danish but there was no wisp of Scandinavia The plot was so so but only just I hate the title It s too twee and only becomes relevant late in the story Homicide Detective Louise Rick and her partner investigate a rape Soon the case grows legs when rapist s next victim dies and other women speak out about enduring similar attacks The plot circles aroun [...]

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  4. Blue Blood also titled Call Me Princess is the second book in the Louise Rick Camilla Lind series by popular Danish novelist, Sara Blaedel It is the first book in the series to be translated into English When Assistant Detective Louise Rick is called to the hospital to talk to Susanna Hansson, the victim of a brutal rape, she is met with some reluctance to reveal all the pertinent facts When she eventually establishes that Susanna first met her attacker online, Copenhagen s police force is mobil [...]

  5. This was my third Sara Blaedel book featuring Detective Louise Rick The stories are set in Copenhagen and are different in style to the many American and British mystery police procedural books I have read and enjoyed I would say these are cut and dry , the characters do not engage in much introspection and seem rather one dimensional There is very little site description, which can either add a great deal or totally bog the story downI thought this plot resolution was predictable Now that I rea [...]

  6. this is a warning so you don t waste your time this is not a good book to read stupid stupid stupid wanna know how stupid first example is the female detective gets frustrated with a rape victum second would be when she actually sees the rapist she goes to find her partner first, and gasp surprise an hour later hes left with another girl stupid.

  7. Maybe if I gave this review a few days to simmer I could identify what exactly I didn t like I can say for starters that the narrator made the men sound like women, even like women than the main character audiobook Louise was great but she was the only character that was developed Well, no, the victim developed too, but there were many interesting people that I wish had a greater description It could be that there was too much inner dialogue I ll leave at this it s not a bad read, it has it s t [...]

  8. The hot list of crime writers right now includes many from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Denmark Here s another author from Denmark to add to your list.Call Me Princess marks Sara Blaedel s North American debut.Assistant Detective Louise Rick of the Copenhagen P.D is called in on the case of Susanne Hansson a woman who has been brutally sexually assaulted As Rick delves into the case, she discovers that Susanne met her attacker through an online dating site Susanne s not the only victim o [...]

  9. Overall, a slightly above average procedural It s hard for me to know how accurate it was since it was set in Denmark It did seem strange at times that well into the investigation the detective had to review key pieces of evidence she hadn t looked at before I did have to put aside my own biases, since the crimes involved internet dating and I tend to just roll my eyes when I hear such things and think, How is finding someone on the internet less safe than finding someone in a bar Isn t it actua [...]

  10. 2.5 stars I don t really like crime novels I guess I keep reading them because I keep thinking that eventually I am going to find something I like, but I never do The Millennium trilogy was the first crime I ever read, and nothing so far has caught my interest like Stig Larson did back then Those were brilliant I have been thinking a lot about what it is that I don t care for and it is rather hard to pinpoint I don t think it is the violence itself that I don t care for, but the pointlessness o [...]

  11. This is the first book I ve finished without a weekend since I started my new job And I think this book is at least suffering a little from being the book I read after cara black s book nothing seems quite so bright after something that good What this book does well incorporates sm in a manner that makes sense in the real world presents a police officer that seems like a normal person and is not an idiot about understanding what is happening in the real world, and has an average level of persona [...]

  12. Call Me Princess, the second in the Louise Rick series but the first to be translated into English, is one of the best Nordic Noir books that I ve read in a while It had just the right amount of tension, darkness and suspense to make it a good noir mystery while still maintaining a great plot and character development One can tell that Blaedel is not timid about exploring current events regardless of their political correctness and I appreciate that in an author Louise Rick is a strong character [...]

  13. Ugh This book is likehow I remember the Keystone Kops from the movies Not only for the ineptitude of the police in this investigation of a rape, but also for the wooden personal lives of the ancillary characters Very poor mundane reading.

  14. I give this novel three stars A passing mark It isn t bad, but it s far from being a page turner It lacks momentum, a build up of clues and actions that keep the reader glued to the screen if you re reading an ebook Louise s relationship with Peter seems remote, fake I was unable to buy into it, and that part of the story was never credible I think I ll pass on the rest of the series.

  15. For a thriller,it is unispring and a total snore.A police procedural involving a rapist,meeting women online and raping them in their own houses.Moves slowly,with a central figure of Louise Rick,the policewoman,who is annoying and very self centred.Not the best of Scandi noir.

  16. This astonishing novel is preoccupied with two of the most important issues of our times online dating and sexual assaults against women The facts in this case take place in modern day Copenhagen Detective Louise Rick is getting ready to go home after a hard day s work, when she receives a call that puts her plans for a nice evening with her companion into hold A woman lies in a hospital bed injured after she s been battered and raped and she s willing to testify about who was the person behind [...]

  17. I m slowly wading through my NetGalley backlog and this was one of the oldest titles there My apologies to everyone for being so abysmally late, but I m glad I decided to read this instead of just chalk it up to the list of forgotten Call Me Princess isn t the kind of crime novel I ve read before It s slow building and the death doesn t happen until about half way through the book It s not about a detective who is smarter than the whole universe combined nor is it about nonstop action that won t [...]

  18. Compulsively readable and fast paced, a good example of Scandi Noir.In Copenhagen, a vicious serial rapist is using online dating sites to meet his victims Detective Louise Rick is on the case.Further description of the plot would be a bit superfluous you know wheree you are with this type of novel This is by no means to denigrate it while in a sense it follows the standard formula, it subverts that formula quite often enough to keep us wakeful In particular, I loved the late reveal of what the [...]

  19. It is such a relief that the police in Sara Blaedel s Blue Blood are fictional, because these are one of the worst, if not THE worst police teams I have ever read about If the Danish police force is anything like these characters, then their system needs a huge overhaul.Sara Blaedel is one of Denmark s most popular crime authors I just don t get it This book has won awards was it the only book published that year in Denmark I know Denmark is a small country, but really The main heroine is Inspec [...]

  20. 4.0 out of 5 stars Thrilling police procedural, the second in a series, featuring Assistant Detective Louise Rick of Copenhagen Police Department Set in Denmark, this novel focuses on the online dating scene and a serial rapist and murderer I like the writing and the characters Louise is struggling in her personal life and striving to also mange her heavy workload during an intense investigation and manhunt for the rapist Her friend, Camilla, a reporter, is on the fringe of the story as she writ [...]

  21. One of the worst crime novels I ve ever read The writing borders on juvenile and the author clearly invested no time researching cases or police procedure It s what I imagine from a Harlequin novel.

  22. In Kopenhagen worden verschillende vrouwen het slachtoffer van een serieverkrachter Politie inspecteur Louise Rick wordt op de zaak gezet en ontdekt dat de vrouwen allemaal de man hebben leren kennen via een datingsite.In speedtempo Chatprinses van Sara Blaedel uitgelezen Niet van mijn gewoonte, kon het maar niet wegleggen Ik werd echt meegezogen in Louise s speurtocht.

  23. Total disappointment The book was very long and drawn out and then the ending is wrapped up quickly I felt like you could ve taken the entire middle of the book out and it wouldn t of changed anything This type of story has been told before in a lot less verbiage.

  24. Sara Blaedel is really good at putting her story together I can believe everything that happened in the story to be true from the files in Copenhagen People can be dogs, at times.

  25. This was my first book from this Danish author in her Detective Louise Rick series Rick and her team are trying to catch a serial rapist Pretty intense when the rapes turn to murder.

  26. Meget meget bedre end den f rste bog i serien Her var tempoet h jt og jeg blev suget ind i handlingen og jeg kunne ikke l gge bogen fra mig f r at jeg havde l st den f rdig Louise f r en voldt gtssag p sit bord og aner ikke hvilket kaos hun snart bliver hvirvlet ind i Flere kvinder bliver voldtaget af en sadistisk mand som anvender h rde og h rde metoder, hvor det en aften g r helt galt Louise kommer ogs i krise p hjemmefronten hvor hun pludselig finder sig selv sygemeldt og helt nede i kuldk ld [...]

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