The Flirt (2022)

The Flirt Best Download || [Kathleen Tessaro] - The Flirt, The Flirt Tantalizing words written on an ivory card It is the first clue that will lead an intrigued and intriguing London lady on an odyssey of sensual experience designed to awaken her romantic nature Out of The Flirt Best Download || [Kathleen Tessaro] - The Flirt, The Flirt Tantalizing words written on an ivory card It is the first clue that will lead an intrigued and intriguing London lady on an odyssey of sensual experience designed to awaken her romantic nature Out of
  • Title: The Flirt
  • Author: Kathleen Tessaro
  • ISBN: 9780007215386
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
The Flirt
The Flirt Best Download || [Kathleen Tessaro], The Flirt, Kathleen Tessaro, The Flirt Tantalizing words written on an ivory card It is the first clue that will lead an intrigued and intriguing London lady on an odyssey of sensual experience designed to awaken her romantic nature Out of work actor Hughie Venables Smythe has found a profitable new outlet for his talents He is hired often by distraught husbands to flirt with wives who are feeling neglectedTantalizing words
  • The Flirt Best Download || [Kathleen Tessaro]
    335Kathleen Tessaro
The Flirt

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  1. Ms Formidably Arranged Hair Tessaro has got a nice formula down pat Arty but insecure single female recovering from intense love affair usually involving some kind of bereavement has put her heart in the deep freeze and become a gutsy career minded expert in her field It will either be something menial but arts related, eg box office assistant, or something a bit glamorous but kooky, in this case bespoke seductive knicker seamstress She will be distracted by some kind of wide eyed toyboy, who m [...]

  2. I like how silly the concept of the story was and how the author herself was not taking herself seriously at allThe characters were crazy, the stories behind them even so but i found that i was hooked, I had to keep reading to find out I am looking forward to reading from her now

  3. This was a light and goofy read that I really enjoyed I always love the characters in her novels Great beach read for sure

  4. 3.5 stars This book is silly and some of the characters and circumstances are ridiculous however this author writes with a charm that I really enjoy.

  5. We all know not to judge a book from its cover but sometimes it s hard to avoid Based on its bright, visually appealing cover, I expected to love this book Instead, at page 80, I am abandoning it I tried to like this book, really At about page 40, I went looking for reviews to see if it got better What I found were very mixed reactions I persevered but by page 80, I still don t know who the protagonist, The Flirt, actually is well, that s not exactly true, I figured it out from other people s re [...]

  6. Okay, I admit, Book of the Dead sent me into a not exactly classic literature binge And the next I picked up was this, by an author I had read before Although it is not the greatest literature in the world, Tessaro writes with undeniable charm there is something cheerfully old fashioned about her worlds, even when they are distinctly modern This book, about a good looking, good hearted guy hired to be a professional flirt, and the people around him this somehow effects, is exactly that charming [...]

  7. Actual rating 3.5What a silly, charming little book.Just what you need to read during busy days because it is incredibly easy to fly through these pages and it s very light entertainment with all, genuinely all, loose ends tied up cheesily perfect Disney to the max Love that the story doesn t take itself too seriously.Still, despite all it s lightness, I think I still gleaned some glimpses of wisdom from these pages and it s simply satisfying to read for about an hour and manage than twenty fiv [...]

  8. I had read the Perfume Collector NYT best seller last year and liked how the author Katherine Tessaro had wound romance and mystery together I figured that would be in this but while there was some build up, it didn t quite have the finesse of that later book In knitting we weave in the ends of the yarn and most ends here did get woven in There were also a couple of scenes a little too spicey I don t need to read that I ll check out other reviews of her books before trying another In fact, I m f [...]

  9. Fun story with a different plot which made a change, though a touch too many characters for me to really identify with one in particular I loved some of the flirting touches, the messages written in pennies for example and what woman wouldn t love to be flirted with by a handsome guy My problem would be I d fall for the charm But I read this on a sunny afternoon lying in the sun and it was perfect for that.

  10. This is the direct opposiite of The Fidelity Files by Jessica Brody Running a business that has been around since World War Two, Valentine Charles seeks out actors to work for his flirting business Husbands, boyfriends,etc hire his serivices to boost their wives, girlfriends, etc egos in tiny ways There is no touching of course, but many spirits are lifted Love is frowned upon, but love finds it s way all over in this fun book.

  11. Can t decide between 3 and four stars so I ll be generous I enjoyed the ensemble cast This read like a British rom com movie like Love, Actually where several people s stories are told and end up tying together somehow by the end Quick and fun read Tessaro does not disappoint.

  12. This was a fun read I liked the idea of having men working as professional flirts where their whole job is to make women feel better about themselves The flirts all find romance but they have an interesting time of it along the way.

  13. I really enjoyed this book It had so many moving parts I couldn t put it down I kept saying one chapter And the chapters are short too so it really hooked me even This is a book about finding love and recognizing it for what it is.Hughie, is a flirt, but he has a girl that he is head over heels for But Leticia is older than Hughie and really sees him as a fling for a couple weeks Not that they don t have fun but he is in his 20 s and she is mid 30 s so the maturity isn t there for her Then the [...]

  14. Romance 3Steaminess 1.5Action suspense 0Overall 3This book brings back so many memories of when I first started reading romance novels.I loved the writing style and dialogue They were charming and interesting and funny at times The writing always left something unsaid and that mystery kept me hooked The characters themselves had so much depth This didn t feel like a romance so much as a glimpse into a group s romantic life and I kindda of loved that The plot was a little uninteresting at times a [...]

  15. Cute silly romantic comedy that continues the generalization that men are simpletons and women are far complex and clever Even as a male reviewer, I can t say that Ms Tessaro is too far off the mark here Lots of characters in here told from their perspectives, all with their own desires and needs, and it s fun reading how all of their lives intersect I thought there would be depth to the flirting business aspect of the story, but it was another secondary story to help intertwine the characters [...]

  16. Kathleen Tessaro is one of my favourite chicklit authors This might be a label that would deter some, but Kathleen really knows how to create a love story that is not obvious and excites in the right way Since I m an early morning reader on my commute, it s quite important for me that books keep me awake and yet fully whisk me away from the tram to a new world.

  17. Visi grib mazliet romantikas, kas izskaistin tu vi u ikdienas dz vi, kas ne vienm r ir t da k v l tos Lai gan Tes ro rom nus var tu ievietot d mu literat ras plaukti , gr mat s starp rind m var las t daudz dz vesgudras lietas.

  18. Hughie Smythe is a handsome young man but having a hard time trying to find out what he really wants to do with his life no job and sponging off his sister and mother but he applies for a job and becomes a professional flirt.

  19. Although there is an interesting and new idea behind the story and I really appreciate the satire, this book is somewhat missing of a catching moment, it s not the same breathtaking story telling you can usually find in Kathleen Tessaro s novels.

  20. Apparently according to a journal entry I read this book in Aug Sep 2011 while travelling in the USA Is it bad that I can t really remember it 6 years later I will give it 3 starsaverage.

  21. I enjoyed the premise of the book and the characters, but it took a bit of an odd turn near the end blush.

  22. This book is laughably terrible chick lit of the most obvious kind I do totally get what Tessaro was trying to do here it s exactly the kind of book that sold very well for a while and heck, maybe still does That light, breezy tone with funny and sexually explicit escapades is the benchmark of this type of book So, very, very quick read, and very, very much the literary equivalent of junk food I was astounded at the measured, far better written Rare Objects, which shares zero literary DNA with t [...]

  23. My review of The Flirt by Kathleen TessaroWould it be every man s dream to be paid to flirt with women Hughie thinks he has found this dream job that starts with a cream colored card secretively given to a woman to capture her attention, curiosity, and imagination Kathleen Tessaro takes the reader to London where the main character is the charming and attractive Hughie Venables Smythe Hughie is a would be actor looking for work and without realizing it, looking for a loving relationship Hughie d [...]

  24. 3.5 stars This book is about a group of people in London and their connections It begins with Leticia, an intimate apparel designer and her boyfriend, Hughie Leticia s business is struggling and she shuns long term relationships Hughie is handsome and from a well to do family, but can t seem to hold a job or manage his finances He is recruited by an elite agency to act as a flirt for married women to boost their spirits and improve their relationship situation Hughie is almost too good at his jo [...]

  25. A book I borrowed and grabbed quickly as an after thought on my way out the door to a week long vacation I know the cliche saying, but speaking honestly, this is just not a book that I would pick up and read the back of, let alone purchase based on the cover alone Opening, I thought it was pretty silly and almost put it down But this is not normally my genre I thought I d bear with it Although there were too many characters for my taste, I did end up enjoying the book having that feeling where y [...]

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