National Security (2022)

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ National Security : by Marc Cameron - National Security, National Security When Terrorism Goes Viral One Man Goes Ballistic They can strike anytime anywhere A public landmark A suburban shopping mall And now the human body itself Three Middle Eastern terrorists have been [PDF] Unlimited ☆ National Security : by Marc Cameron - National Security, National Security When Terrorism Goes Viral One Man Goes Ballistic They can strike anytime anywhere A public landmark A suburban shopping mall And now the human body itself Three Middle Eastern terrorists have been
  • Title: National Security
  • Author: Marc Cameron
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Kindle Edition
National Security
[PDF] Unlimited ☆ National Security : by Marc Cameron, National Security, Marc Cameron, National Security When Terrorism Goes Viral One Man Goes Ballistic They can strike anytime anywhere A public landmark A suburban shopping mall And now the human body itself Three Middle Eastern terrorists have been injected with a biological weapon human time bombs unleashed on American soil They are prepared to die To spread their disease To annihilate millions If America hopesWhen Terrorism
  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ National Security : by Marc Cameron
    494Marc Cameron
National Security

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  1. Oh Good Grief.Of late I ve found myself reading a series of mediocre books This book really has no excuse The plot while one I ve seen over and over is an excellent one and lends itself to great tension and excitement.Here we take an excellent plot premise and good idea for a protagonist and turn it into another chase and shoot book.Don t get me wrong, I like a good chase and shoot book But if you set out to write a book about a WMD threatening the country and then turn it into the story of a sa [...]

  2. I felt this debut novel by Marc Cameron was sensational on many levels Its attention to detail, captivating storyline, and thoroughness both in the terrorism and biological weapons areas made for an exciting and pleasurable read I would highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a good Brad Thor or Vince Flynn novel and ask that they consider adding this to their collection.Cameron begins with what has become overly clich , a terrorist cell plotting and executing an attack on a US target, [...]

  3. This was a suggestion because I like action adventure Well turns out it s gotta be fan fiction You have the super hero Jericho Quinn shout out to Brett Battles , his sidekick the very large Cajun Thibodaux again Brett Battles , who are both super soldiers fighting the very evil villains, caricatures of every evil Arab villain ever written about Jericho has a Comanche grandmother James Rollins so is dark enough to pass for Arab plus he has mad language skills and could probably assassinated Hitle [...]

  4. Mark Cameron, the author or National Security, is a better story teller than a writer The suspenseful story in National Security grabbed me fairly early on and held my interest nearly until the end The end did drag a bit but not enough to ruin the enjoyment from the story Cameron made many grammatical mistakes and had quite a few logical inconsistencies in the text Ideas or people occasionally appeared out of thin air without any groundwork It also appears that the book was not well proofread an [...]

  5. Great thriller, the first in the series, in the tradition of Vince Flynn High body count but astonishingly relevant Ebola violent terrorists with some welcome settings in the DFW area.

  6. Lots of face paced action I enjoyed it and will read other books in this series Good ole buddy action as they blaze their way thru the bad guys.

  7. The first thing I thought when i found this book in the USO in Kandahar Air Field Afghanistan was, how generic the name was and almost put it down Then I read Brad Thor s review piece on the front and was like OK If Brad Thor thinks it s awesome it s worth a shot It was definetely worth it The main character in this book reminds me of a smarter and little psychotic Scot Harvath Brad Thor s main man Quinn is just ruthlessbut silent in his ways I can t wait to see his character develop later on in [...]

  8. This was the first Marc Cameron book that I have read The was a high speed page turning screamer Saying that, there were holes in the plot that were unclear the attack on Denver which in reality was a copy of the New York 9 11 attack and the country really got pissed After the initial discussion, little was said The author tried to describe the deadliness of Ebola which it is , but the plot points became incongruous How did Quinn get out so easily How about his hurt brother These kind of loose e [...]

  9. If you re like me and love Ben Coes, Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, Brad Taylor, Barry Eisler, Lee Child, Allen Folsom, Michael Connelly, Daniel Silva and other similar authors Don t waste your time with these I mean, they re probably not that bad, if I hadn t already read everything by the guys mentioned above Cameron tries and the characters and story start to be compelling But it s just not keeping my attention Usually I read a book in 2 3 days, I haven t picked this one up in a week, after getting [...]

  10. National Security has been on my TBR for AGES, so I was excited to finally start reading it It is a thriller in every sense of the word with equal amounts of excitement, danger and terror throughout, it s a brilliantly researched story which if even half of what went on throughout came to fruition would be very dangerous indeed I found the main character, Jericho Quinn to be a great creation with an interesting backstory and the cliffhanger at the end left me wanting to continue the series strai [...]

  11. This book was the first I have read by the author Marc Cameron I am glad to have learned of him from Kindle It was a hair raising story of three Middle Eastern terrorists who injected themselves with a biological weapon and became human time bombs The Counter Terrorist hero was Jericho Quinn He had to work with biological expert Megan Mahoney to defeat this insidious plot This was an entertaining and frightening story well worth the read I will read of Marc Cameron s books in the future I am su [...]

  12. I can t remember how I got this book, but once I started it I was hooked and couldn t put it down The characters are relatable and the action fast paced The author does a great job with his descriptive writing making the reader feel a part of the action I think I have another series that I will be reading and burning through until I have caught up on the entire series and waiting impatiently for another one

  13. I m not entirely sure how to feel about this book It wasn t bad but it wasn t great Thoroughly middle of the road There was some action but not a ton of it, there was some character development but not a ton of it The story just didn t reach out and grab me but it kept me interested enough to finish it but not want to read the next book One redeeming quality is that I think Jacque is probably one of my 10 ten favorite characters I wish he had time in the book.

  14. Fun book and its topical too Talks about Islamic terrorism and it being brought back to the US The scenarios are a bit scary because you can see how it could actually happen here in America.This is the first in a six book series about Jericho Quinn Already bought the second book.

  15. Not a bad action thriller novel The protagonist, Jericho Quinn, could just as easily be named Mitch Rapp, Ryan Kealy, or John Wells, it s that type of story.It will be interesting to see which of the characters Cameron uses in the next book featuring Quinn.

  16. Page turner butReally flaky plot Some terrorist are threatening to unleash havoc and U.S relies on one 1 special ops guy, and his brother s biker gang.

  17. A quick read, this one The plot is a safe, in the sense, pretty linear, relying on well written prose, and a balanced story line with fleshed out characters I like Jacques better than Jericho, and hope to see action from him in future , to carry the reader through it That s good, but if you come from hard hitting entertainment thrillers, you ll feel the lack of the punches But that s fine, because Marc has a background in law enforcement, and knows ground reality isn t all gung ho A very tempe [...]

  18. A nice story, that didn t take as long to read as my timeline says Took a bit of a break to finish the other book I started at the same time If you like guns, motorcycles, knives, killing terrorists, then this is your book The story wanders a bit and the killing of the terrorists is satisfying The author could have done a better job of setting out the vindictiveness of the primary antagonist towards the main victim instead of this being a mix of anger towards one person and an attempt to bring d [...]

  19. 3 stars out of 5 I listened to this on a Playaway during evening walks It was excellent for that purpose, being an easy listening reasonably well plotted thriller But it s workmanlike than sparkling with wit like some of the stuff Thomas Perry or Carl Hiaasen write I ll go on to the second book in the series eventually since the library has it on Playaway as well, but there s other stuff on my to read list that will take priority.

  20. Although it started off with a blast, I wasn t sucked into the story and the characters in the beginning of this book I highly recommend sticking with it if you feel the same way, as the story is highly contagious once you pass the introductory chapters I couldn t put it down in the end

  21. Jericho Quinn is a no nonsense Air Force Special Agent trained to take out bad guys He is assigned to stop a biological chemical that could kill all of the United States Lots of fast paced, beat the bad guy kind of stuff.

  22. 3.75 Marc Cameron also wrote the most recent Tom Clancy book, and he does indeed write very much like Clancy, lots of tactical descriptions, weaponry descriptions Sometimes it gets a little much, but this is a good story Looking forward to the next book.

  23. I bought this because of the fact Marc Cameron wrote it and he is now part of the Clancy series of books that I read Terrorism, Jericho Quinn, good guy badass Older book but still has the terrorism threat boldly outlined Fast read Just bought 2.

  24. I definitely enjoyed this book It s very much a Brad Thor, Vince Flynn kind of book A fast moving thriller I will read the second book in series to see if Jericho Quinn is a character I want to follow.

  25. Fantastic action packed book I read it in a couple of days Over the top for sure, but highly entertaining and exciting.

  26. I loved the start of this series I think the characters are interesting and the excitement held throughout I will read in this series.

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