Until There Was You (2022)

[PDF] Read ↠ Until There Was You : by Jessica Scott - Until There Was You, Until There Was You From the author of Because of You comes an all new contemporary eBook romance Though he plays by the rules she s not afraid to break them Now these two strong willed military leaders will prove that [PDF] Read ↠ Until There Was You : by Jessica Scott - Until There Was You, Until There Was You From the author of Because of You comes an all new contemporary eBook romance Though he plays by the rules she s not afraid to break them Now these two strong willed military leaders will prove that
  • Title: Until There Was You
  • Author: Jessica Scott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Until There Was You
[PDF] Read ↠ Until There Was You : by Jessica Scott, Until There Was You, Jessica Scott, Until There Was You From the author of Because of You comes an all new contemporary eBook romance Though he plays by the rules she s not afraid to break them Now these two strong willed military leaders will prove that opposites attract even under fire A by the book captain with a West Point background Evan Loehr refuses to mix business with pleasure except for an unguarded instaFrom the author
  • [PDF] Read ↠ Until There Was You : by Jessica Scott
    430Jessica Scott
Until There Was You

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  1. Until There Was You by Jessica Scott review show4 opposites attract stars Until There Was You is the second book in Jessica Scott s Coming Home series and another great story The characters, the plot, everything about this book drew me in and didn t let me go.Description Though he plays by the rules, she s not afraid to break them Now these two strong willed military leaders will prove that opposites attract even under fire.A by the book captain with a West Point background, Evan Loehr refuses [...]

  2. 3.5 starsCaptain Claire Montoya is sent to Colorado Springs to help train a team and her best friend for deployment to combat Captain Evan Loehr is also assisting in the training Where Evan is by the book, Claire doesn t always follow the rules These two have history and their mutual attraction is kept in check by their differing views on following the schedule and training set by their commanding officer This is Jessica Scott s second book and the second in the Coming Home series, although it i [...]

  3. Jessica Scott is a brilliant writer who is clearly aware of the military world, the war, the internal politics and differences yet whereas this book is great with the details it is disappointing with the romance As a reader I do not want sugary sweet romance all the time, I do not even mind bantering but in this book what the characters did was bicker, they bickered so much that they annoyed me and I wanted to slap them.Evan is dubed Captain America by most people because he follows the rules an [...]

  4. And once again Jessica Scott amazes me with her heartfelt and deeply moving writing Reading Until There Was You made me choke up, tear up and feel raw and humble She has a way with words, but what s even amazing is not just how much emotion she is able to weave into the story but how deeply her words touch the reader A brilliant sequel to Because of You My detailed review will be posted closer to the release date, but I urge you to put this novel on your to be read list and pre order it.

  5. Until There Was You is the second installment in Jessica Scott s Coming Home Series The military details given have such an authentic feel and easily convey the author s firsthand knowledge carried over from her own career The hard work along with the mixed and complex emotions portrayed gives the reader a much better understanding of not only the battles, but the preparation involved and the inner turmoil many soldiers face when they return home I came away humbled and even appreciative of the [...]

  6. I received an ARC of this book by the Author for an honest and unbiased review.I absolutely loved this book and I loved the characters, it was a brilliant follow on from Because of You Jessica Scott is an amazingly accomplished writer She makes the characters of this military romance come alive and they are written so well they come across REAL The book flowed and every word counted, however you wouldn t call this a light and fuzzy romantic read, though it did have humour and yummy romance to so [...]

  7. 4 1 2 STARSI received this ARC from the author for an honest reviewThis is a powerful novel about love and war We meet Evan Loehr, a West Point grad who believes in following the rules to the letter, his nickname is Captain America which he seriously dislikes He is carrying scars from war on his body, but also in his heart from a teenage mistake that has changed his life In a bar in 2004, at a military function, he meets a striking redhead whose name is Clare Montoya She enlisted in the Army, an [...]

  8. I rate it 4 1 2 stars Evan and Claire are like two magnets Sometimes their attraction is so strong nothing can keep them apart, and other times there is a force that pushes them away from each other Evan and Claire are both sent to Fort Carson in Colorado Springs to help prepare a team about to deploy They will work together if they must to accomplish the mission It is obvious this group of soldiers is ill prepared for their deployment and the training plan in place spends an inordinate amount o [...]

  9. 4 1 2 StarsI was given an ARC of this book by Jessica Scott for an honest review.Until There Was You by Jessica Scott is a beautifully written, emotionally intense love story I laughed, I cried and I experienced pretty much every other emotion in between while reading this book The characters were vividly written, the dialogue was powerful and the love scenes were sweet, yet sexy Oh and did I mention the hero was to die for I loved this book Until There Was You is a story about two Army Officers [...]

  10. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for a review My thoughts are my own, and I received no compensation.This story revolves around military characters with personal demons.Rather than relying on the common used of insta love , which is especially common with alpha type male characters Let s face it, military men are quite often very alpha Instead, it was a really in depth exploration of the couple and their push pull relationship It was an uphill battle for them to get together, and t [...]

  11. I just finished reading an earc copy of Until There Was You by Jessica Scott Thank you for the chance to read it ahead of time I have just pre ordered my copy It took me a while to settle in There is a lot of military arguing that really does not advance the love story But what a love story it is They are both strong tough loyal soldiers There are times when he is holding her up Helping her hold it together And there are times she holds him up and helps him keep it together The two of them have [...]

  12. 4 1 2 STARSEvan and Claire are two Army officers drawn to each other from their first meeting Neither can explain or understand the attraction Evan sees Claire as reckless and dangerous Claire thinks Evan fails to understand true loyalty They end up together in Fort Carson supervising the deployment preparation of a team Claire s frustration at the training plan builds during endless briefings and exercises that aren t applicable to the task the team will be facing While Evan understands Claire [...]

  13. Coming Home series rating 4 out of 5 starsHow s the sex scenes Not scathing, but very hot and intense with interesting positions.How are the story lines THIS is where Jessica brings the heavy Her story lines are phenomenal and filled with so much reality surely someone has mistaken her books for partial tell alls.Review Until There Was You is a contemporary military romance set in 2008 Colorado Springs, Colorado.It s focuses solely on the romance between hero Evan and heroine Claire and there is [...]

  14. In the second installment in Jessica Scott s Coming Home series, there is no question as to the authenticity of the subject matter or that this author knows first hand her material Her books are clean and well written and I do enjoy her writing style That said, I didn t quite enjoy this one as much as the first book These characters didn t hold the appeal for me and I just didn t feel any strength in the relationship nor did the romance feel genuine.

  15. Review also posted on Book Lovin MamasI was excited to read the next installment to Jessica Scott s Coming Home Series I really enjoyed the first book I actually had a hard time putting down the first book while reading it on my Kindle Captain Evan Loehr is follow by the book Captain in the Army He comes across a redhead one day and is astonished that is she is also in the Army as well He has always said to himself, that he would not mix business with pleasure, but the redhead keeps tempting him [...]

  16. Giggles at ending Absolutely loved Love is a battlefield between two army captains Until There Was You begins with Captain Evan Loehr and Captain Claire Montoya meeting in Fort Hood, Texas in 2005 There is an immediate spark of attraction, but these two can t back away from each other fast enough Oh, no, either one can t afford to be distracted from work The tension is so thick between them that it carries on for a few years Fast forward to Colorado, 2008 Evan and Claire have worked on some miss [...]

  17. 4.5 stars out of 5 I ve totally been in a contemporary romance rut lately not liking anything and flouncing mid book but reading this book turned it all around for me Captain Evan Loehr and Captain Claire Montoya have been at odds with each other from the first day they meet After shared deployments, the two must now work together to train a team that is prepping for combat Claire sees Evan as a by the book rule follower and Evan sees Claire as someone who has no respect for those rules.I was ho [...]

  18. Follow this review and others at mysecretromancebookreviewsUntil There Was You is a wonderful romance embroiled with all things military Evan and Claire find themselves thrown together time and time again as they go through life on a military base and war It s a poignant story that tells about the trials of life, war and love.I found myself drawn into this story from the very beginning From the first moment Claire and Evan meet, the sexual tension is thick They re so attracted to each other, yet [...]

  19. I am reviewing an ARC that the author sent me, so here goes Evan and Claire are career army officers, Evan having graduated from West Point, Claire stepping from enlisted to officer via OCS Officer Candidate School Both are responsible, strong, concerned and ambitious but while Evan is a by the book, rules are there for a reason, follow orders no matter what type, Claire is a seat of her pants,sometimes wild card, the mission matters unless one of her people are in jeopardy, person And the clash [...]

  20. Until There Was You is the second book in the Coming Home series by Jessica Scott It is scheduled for release on October 8 2012 Captain Evan Loehr is a black and white kind of guy, always following the rule book Captain Clair Montoya is fiercely loyal to her friends and cares about the lives of her soldiers, and is willing to bend some rules in order to protect others They share an instant attraction, and in the amount of emotional and physical scars they carry They each need to come to terms wi [...]

  21. Reviewed for Herding Cats Burning SoupWhat an absolutely captivating read by Jessica Scott Once I started reading Until There Was You I had a very difficult time putting it down and actually getting anything else done around the house It s not your typical light fluffy romantic read but a realistic look into military life that will leave your emotions reeling as two wonderful characters find love when they least expect it.Evan and Claire are passionate, dedicated and fiercely loyal individuals a [...]

  22. This is the first Military Romance book that I have read and it was just amazing Jessica Scott has put so much emotion and real life experience into this book that it is such an overwhelming read I can t relate to the military lifestyle myself, but to read about these characters is simply awe inspiring In Until There Was You, we meet Claire and Evan They are both in the Army and they have a connection from the first time they meet Evan realises that Claire is also in the Army and he never mixes [...]

  23. Until There Was You is the second book in Jessica Scott s Coming Home series, and my first ever read by her It most certainly will not be my last I was wowed by the fact that this was only her 2nd published book One of the aspects that I really enjoyed about this book was the author s amazing storytelling capability She wrote fantastic characters both main secondary , gave them a strong believable plot and then worked her magic combining the two to make a fabulous finished product The authentic [...]

  24. Reviewed by Sarah L.Book provided by the author for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookUntil There Was You is a wonderful addition to the Coming Home series by Jessica Scott Even though it is the 2nd book in the series, it stands entirely on its own so it is not necessary whatsoever to have read the first book, Because of You.I have the deepest respect to those that are serving or have served in our military so I was really looking forward to reading Evan and Claire s story We m [...]

  25. I had some trouble getting into UNTIL THERE WAS YOU I felt that it was missing some of the passion and emotional attachment that I was hoping for As I read, I was going through the motions, but never actually felt the same emotions that Claire and Evan experienced I enjoyed the sexual tension at first, but most of the book felt dry While it does get better, overall, it lacked that warmness that I usually like to see in a romance Instead of sizzling and soaring to great heights, the romance fell [...]

  26. I was given the Arc of this book thanks Jessica and read it over several days as we were moving and I didn t have time to read it in one sitting which is what I would have preferred It was a great relationship story between 2 military officers I have to admit that I didn t quite get the military arguments but the tension between the two characters and how they got together was very well done I will definitely read This book again once it comes out and hope to be able to read it in one sitting I [...]

  27. Originally published at Reading RealityNot all scars are visible And no one can be changed unless they want to change Jessica Scott s Coming Home series isn t so much military romance per se as it is romance featuring men and women in the military or attached to the military and the struggles they face at re integrating into civilian life.The absolutely fantastic Because of You looked at the difficulties an ultra responsible First Sergeant faced when he was forced away from his men due to a seve [...]

  28. Feisty red haired Claire believes you can bend some rules to get the job done Then we have Evan Loehr, dubbed Captain America by Claire, who is by the book A few years ago they shared a steamy kiss that neither of them has ever been able to forget, and ever since then, they find it hard to be in the same room with one another Now, they face each other in the cold winter in Colorado, where they have been sent to prep a company, including a good friend of Claire s, for deployment Evan has a hard a [...]

  29. 4.5 UNTIL THERE WAS YOU is the second book in Jessica Scott s Coming Home contemporary military romance series, but is completely a standalone which is great, since I had not read the first book BECAUSE OF YOU prior to receiving an eARC of this one That oversight is in the process of being remedied D UNTIL THERE WAS YOU is the story of two headstrong, damaged characters discovering each other and finding the type of lasting love connection neither believed possible Despite the HEA, it is not a l [...]

  30. Jessica Scott s Coming Home series is a bit of a learning experience for me I have learned something new about the military and the people that serve in the military with both books I like this There is an incredible amount of detail in these books when it comes to the inner workings of the military.Claire has had a rough life She doesn t trust Her past experiences have taught her that everyone will eventually let her down So gives everything that she has to her career in the military She is fie [...]

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