A Foreign Country (2022)

Free Read A Foreign Country - by Charles Cumming - A Foreign Country, A Foreign Country From the internationally acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of The Trinity Six comes a compelling tale of deceit and betrayal conspiracy and redemptionOn the vacation of a lifetime in Egyp Free Read A Foreign Country - by Charles Cumming - A Foreign Country, A Foreign Country From the internationally acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of The Trinity Six comes a compelling tale of deceit and betrayal conspiracy and redemptionOn the vacation of a lifetime in Egyp
  • Title: A Foreign Country
  • Author: Charles Cumming
  • ISBN: 9780312591335
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Hardcover
A Foreign Country
Free Read A Foreign Country - by Charles Cumming, A Foreign Country, Charles Cumming, A Foreign Country From the internationally acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of The Trinity Six comes a compelling tale of deceit and betrayal conspiracy and redemptionOn the vacation of a lifetime in Egypt an elderly French couple are brutally murdered Days later a meticulously planned kidnapping takes place on the streets of Paris Amelia Levene the first female Chief ofFrom the i
  • Free Read A Foreign Country - by Charles Cumming
    330Charles Cumming
A Foreign Country

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  1. If I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, he thought, remembering the words of E M Forester, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country For the first time in his life, that notion made sense to him Spies, of course, struggle with the idea of loyalty than the rest of us do Most of us might have to struggle to choose between two friends who are divorcing Who is my better friend Who deserves my support the most We don t generally have to think about our loyal [...]

  2. This review isn t an easy one to write, since I wanted to really like this book, instead of just liking it The author has a handle on the spy thriller, and he than proves his capabilities as a writer But in order for me to really like a story, I have to become fully invested in the novel in some form or fashion, either through one or characters, a hair raising plot, or dialogue that projects louder than an Italian opera singer And I didn t get any of those feelings from this story.Charles Cumm [...]

  3. Full review2 stars Yeah I should know better Never trust a book by its sweet cover That ll always bite you in the ass Misleading Cover A Foreign Country is a poor attempt at international spy thriller that gets caught in its own idiosyncrasies, and never really develops either plot or characters The really annoying thing is that the story really had potential, specially in the beginning It all starts with an exciting trifecta a kidnapping scene, a French couple gets brutally murder and there s a [...]

  4. An excellent spy thriller Cumming is a new author to me I look forward to the others in this series He has written books, but I really like Kell, the reclaimed British spy.

  5. So Hannah and Kate of Killer Reads Harper Collins fame have been subtlety and well, not so much, nagging me to read this book for a while Its a spy thriller I wouldnt normally read one because although I adore Spooks as a tv show, I ve never really had the inclination to read that type of story I ve always felt the action for spies is so much better in visual format But those girls have never sent me down the wrong path so with a lot of trust I opened the pages And well They still have a 100% re [...]

  6. I picked up this book with very little in the way of expectations due to not being aware of the author s previous works but thought I would take a chance after reading the recommendations on the book jacket.What a fantastic and fun book A spy thriller that was modern while embracing the history of the genre The main character and the team that come together over the course of the story all jump off the page as likeable and well written and I would be happy to read of in further adventures.The p [...]

  7. Charles Cumming has gained a reputation as a successor to the inestimable John Le Carre His sophisticated plots and knowledge of spycraft are second to none in the current crop of spy novelists His last novel, Trinity Six , a re imagined and taut look at the British spy scandal of the last century was brilliant However, A Foreign Country falls a little flat because the plot is a little short of the twists and turns that one wants from a spy novel.Amelia Levane, the soon to be appointed head of M [...]

  8. I debated between 3 or 4 stars sure wish we had those half stars but had to bump it up to a 4 Any time I can t put a book down, it must mean it s a 4 The author does a brilliant job of setting up the story in the first four chapters, and then slowly lets us get to know the main characters before truly drawing us into the story by the last quarter of the book A disgraced former agent Thomas Kell is brought in to see what s going on with Amelia Levene, the soon to be first female chief of the Brit [...]

  9. Spy thrillers work best if they leave the reader guessing for at least half of the book while trying to piece together strands that are clearly connected it s just not clear how In the first half of A Foreign Country, the author s sixth novel, Cumming achieves this admirably A brutal and seemingly motiveless killing of a middle aged French couple on holiday in Egypt an MI6 operative, sidelined after a botched interrogation in Afghanistan and unaware of how desperately he wants to get back into t [...]

  10. Spies in Conflict in Contemporary EuropeAlthough its pace picks up sharply about two thirds of the way through the book and builds to a crescendo at the end, A Foreign Country is the slowest paced and most contemplative of Charles Cumming s spy stories.MI6 agent Thomas Kell has been sacked because of what he believes to be political expediency by the Old Guard now running the shop Assigned to collaborate with American operatives in Iraq interrogating prisoners, he was forced to take the rap when [...]

  11. Temporary rating I m only halfway through, but have been telling myself for 50 pages already if this doesn t get better soon, I m outta here Was somehow lead to believe Cumming is a 21st Century le Carre, but so far this book reads like Barbara Cartland all romance and secret affairs with absolutely no action and just the slightest veneer of espionage, and that pretty lame Protagonist Thomas Kell lies to a hotel receptionist and then can t calm down due to his adrenaline rush later on he can t [...]

  12. Audio books are invaluable, not just to the visually impaired, to whom they open up a world of books that was previously restricted They also offer a different way of experiencing a book to all readers There are potential disadvantages though When reading the print version of a book, the reader can interpret the text is ways they choose, visualise the characters in the way the text suggests to them, hear their voices in the way the reader thinks these voices should sound An audio book interprets [...]

  13. I read A Foreign Country because I wanted a crime drama that would build suspense and throw twist and turns at me It made me wonder what exactly different governments secret services do without the public knowing what is actually going on.A foreign Country is Charles Cumming sixth novel Just like his previous works, it is centered on the British Secret Intelligence Service SIS Cumming has proven to be a successful spy novel writer This is to be the first in a series of novels about Thomas Kell, [...]

  14. Oh dear How can a spy story be this boring I don t mean demanding like a John le Carre novel This is dullness without depth.The characters consist of tedious middle aged people in unhappy marriages There s an unpleasant sneering tone to it all, for example The woman, bottle blonde and upholstered in white leather was far younger than her partner and wore the spoiled milk look of a mistress growing tired of her role I did laugh aloud at one point, when our hero makes a mistake He was that irritat [...]

  15. Excellent slow boiler of a spy novel While not depending on constant action, this book still manages to be a real page turner Well written and fleshed out characters leave you constantly guessing as to motives and whether or not a double or triple cross is brewing.Cummings also manages to paint various locales vividly so they feel like real and distinct places Likewise, his description of the real tasks of spycraft, both exciting and mundane, add a level of sophistication to his work The outcome [...]

  16. A fast paced thriller that spans twenty five years and a forced retired Thomas Kell is called back to the British MI6 to find a missing soon to be chief of operations but finds himself in the middle of solving a double murder in Egypt and Amelia s secret.

  17. I really enjoyed this contemporary spy novel Thomas Kell is a recently disgraced MI6 agent who gets a call from a former colleague asking him to look into the disappearance of Amelia Levene, Kell s former boss and the person who has been appointed as the next chief for the agency Levene went to France for a funeral, then extended her vacation to visit Nice where she was last seen Kell follows her trail and discovers a surprising twist With the aid of a Miss Marplish retired agent, a pretty compu [...]

  18. Hate to be rude, but I almost gave up on it I thought it was wholly lacking in dramatic tension for the first 150 dull, dull, dull pages I would have given it one star, except that it did warm up after page 270 or thereabouts The book certainly could have been cut by 25% to its advantage.

  19. I read this spy novel for a book club meeting The story was interesting, but it progressed really slowly I was okay with the ending I am not sure if I will continue to read this author or not.

  20. There s no doubt this is better, much better than the last one of his I read A Spy By Nature More coherent, interesting and without a middle section that sagged likewell, my middle section.But there s a but Well, it s labeled a thriller, but it most certainly isn t A thriller Not what I d call a thriller anyway It is mostly mildly, to quite interesting and there are a couple of incidents which do come within binocular distance of thrilling Though when the main man s attempt to have a hotel nigh [...]

  21. I receieved this book as a 1st read win.way back early May.I got about 40 pages in and managed to break my glasses Oops I m not getting into the next four and a half weeks of complete frustration waiting for a decent pair of WORKING glasses Only good thing about not being able to see is how much easier faster the housework became A word to the wise if you re having to wear trifocals, GET A SPARE PAIR.I love spy stories and A Foreign Country did not disappoint It started thirty plus years in the [...]

  22. I received this book through the First Reads giveaway.This was a really enjoyable book I think I was quite surprised So who exactly would I recommend this book to if you like British intelligence thrillers and love the British TV show Spooks MI 5 for us Americans then this is the book for you.The book starts with an ex MI6 agent Thomas Kell being hired to search for the new head of MI6 s Amelia Levene son The book takes place mostly in France, but returns to England briefly in the middle.I think [...]

  23. Amelia Levene, newly promoted head of MI6, has disappeared Keen to keep this under wraps, MI6 turn to ex spy Thomas Kell, who sets off on Amelia s trail It soon becomes clear that Amelia has secrets of her own, and Kell has to find the truth and keep out of danger himself.Unlike many authors of espionage thrillers, Charles Cumming has a straightforward style, even when dealing with complex threads of the plot This makes for a very readable and exciting book There are all the usual features of th [...]

  24. I debated on whether to give this book one or two stars, because I truly wanted to like it, but in the end it just left me feeling bitterly disappointed that I d spent hours of my life reading it It takes forever to get going, and even when it does you can mostly tell where it s going to end, and there s practically no suspense regarding anything There s also a lot of descriptions that I think are designed to make you feel super smart and into spycraft, but instead they make you feel as if the a [...]

  25. Wow Possibly the best spy novel I have ever read I devoured the double and triple crosses, the flawed characters with humanity, the unspoken agreements and betrayals I have read Ian Fleming, John le Carre and Robert Ludlum, but I m almost reluctant to read any of Charles Cumming, in case his other books don t measure up.When the incoming head of MI6 mysteriously disappears, disgraced ex agent Thomas Kell is dispatched to discover exactly what happened Sex capade Selling secrets The truth is sho [...]

  26. A French couple celebrating their retirement with a vacation at a resort in Egypt are found brutally murdered Their murder leads to the reunion of Amelia Levene, soon to be the Chief the British Secret Service, and the son she hasn t seen since giving him up for adoption Amelia disappears and Thomas Kell, recently fired MI6 officer, is hired to find her before anyone finds out What follows is a twisting, turning mystery that keeps you turning page after page As the book evolves, secrets, conspir [...]

  27. I wasn t quite sure about this book at first It started out a little slow for my tastes, and I was lost by the first few chapters But when this book picks up and starts making sense, look out I couldn t put it down There was always so much action going on that even when I told myself I was stopping at a specific chapter for the night, I read on anyway The characters especially Kell and Amelia were very easy to get attached to, and I found myself engrossed in their story from about 1 4 of the way [...]

  28. As good as spy fiction gets Charles Cumming has written at least five spy stories I know that because this was the first of his that I had read and, as soon as I had finished it, I ordered the other four The standard of writing is breathtakingly good The plotting is faultless The characters are brought completely to life Discovering Charles Cumming was like reading John Le Carre or Len Deighton again for the first time after all these years If you like spy fiction, you ll love this Even if you r [...]

  29. Another really good spy novel Enjoyed this less than A Colder War, but I think that is mostly because this story should have been read first, so some of the sting and anticipation had been taken away as the events of this book are fairly heavily referred to in A Colder War It is important they are read in the right order Great style though, and still love the main character, Tom Kell Waiting eagerly for the third one in the series

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