The S-Word (2022)

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ The S-Word : by Chelsea Pitcher - The S-Word, The S Word First it was SLUT scribbled all over Lizzie Hart s locker But one week after Lizzie kills herself SUICIDE SLUT replaces it in Lizzie s looping scrawl Lizzie s reputation is destroyed when she s caugh [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The S-Word : by Chelsea Pitcher - The S-Word, The S Word First it was SLUT scribbled all over Lizzie Hart s locker But one week after Lizzie kills herself SUICIDE SLUT replaces it in Lizzie s looping scrawl Lizzie s reputation is destroyed when she s caugh
  • Title: The S-Word
  • Author: Chelsea Pitcher
  • ISBN: 9781451695168
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
The S-Word
[PDF] Unlimited ↠ The S-Word : by Chelsea Pitcher, The S-Word, Chelsea Pitcher, The S Word First it was SLUT scribbled all over Lizzie Hart s locker But one week after Lizzie kills herself SUICIDE SLUT replaces it in Lizzie s looping scrawl Lizzie s reputation is destroyed when she s caught in bed with her best friend s boyfriend on prom night With the whole school turned against her and Angie not speaking to her Lizzie takes her own life But someone isn tFirst it was SLUT
  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The S-Word : by Chelsea Pitcher
    288Chelsea Pitcher
The S-Word

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  1. Oh dear, my 2013 reading has not kicked off the way I hoped it would That one star which you see there is for nothing than good intentions I think Though that s a bit sketchy too Okay, let s just say that the one star you see is for what I THINK the author s intentions were but, in the end, this book was one hot mess of strained dialogue, awkward similes and a style of writing that I simply couldn t enjoy no matter how hard I tried It s really such a shame because the idea had so much potential [...]

  2. As you can probably guess from the fact that I started The S Word a little over an hour ago, I skimmed through this novel Even I can t read a three hundred page novel so quickly Now, having finished this debut, all I can think is that it would have been far suited to the hands of a experienced writer For a debut novel, The S Word lacks finesse I cannot pinpoint exactly what it is, but something about the writing style in this didn t work for me Although it is evident that the vision that Pitch [...]

  3. I ve seen the not so favorable reviews, stating clunky dialogue, cliches and hard to read writing style, but to me the writing style actually reinforced the anger and pain contained in this book, the anger and pain the protagonist goes through Yes, the author used cliches but to me, a cliche is based on real life And the events described in the book they do happen in real life Isn t the purpose of a book also to open our eyes to the bad things It can t all be flowers and chocolates all the time, [...]

  4. 3.5 starsThe S Word was a story which didn t sit well with some of my blogging friend s early reviews But despite the not so promising reviews I decided to give it a try to see what it was all about And I m glad that I did, as a story which repeatedly squeezes your heart and surprises you with its twists and turns is definitely worth a go Angie s best friend Lizzie commits suicide after being branded a slut at school for sleeping with Angie s boyfriend Drake She s publically humiliated and torme [...]

  5. Even though my rating doesn t really show it, THE S WORD is a book that I really enjoyed It s not perfect, as my rating shows, but it s very enjoyable I would love to give THE S WORD a full 4 star rating or even a nice shiny five star rating but I can t because it s my job as a reviewer to look deeper into a book I ve given plenty of books an initial 5 star rating and then dropped it to 4 or 3 once I dropped a rating from 5 to 1 star after I thought about it The beginning of the book was addicti [...]

  6. Oh, wow This book has made a lasting impression on me First of, the main character, Angie is one heck of a girl She caught her best friend sleeping with her boyfriend on prom night and turned her back on both of them She doesn t seem great Bear with me I ll get to the good part While Angie s ex didn t get much heat, her best friend Lizzie was bullied on every turn Lizzie was branded a slut while she was a good and gentle girl her whole life Bullying is not cool people It sucks It makes the victi [...]

  7. This book was a sleeper tremendously surpassed my expectations I predict this will be a huge hit among the readers who, for example, like myself, loved The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer Review of The S Word by Chelsea Pitcher5 starsI reviewed a complimentary e book copy via NetGalley The S Word was truly a sleeper for me I selected it to read for review because of the suicide of the central character Lizzie is central, even though she is already deceased at the book s commencement I expected a too pre [...]

  8. I finally had to take this off my currently reading after trying on multiple occasions to get into the book and finding that my wind was wandering I honestly tried The S Word could very well be a wonderfully written story and I might have missed out It just wasn t in the cards or possibly timing for me.

  9. Three stars A tough read that explores the dangers of bullying.Angie sees the words Suicide Slut scribbled across her dead best friend s locker and her heart clenches She feels responsible because it was her boyfriend that Lizzie was caught with on prom night Perhaps if she had just tried to understand and forgive things would be different, but now it is too late When pages from Lizzie s journal start circulating and Suicide Slut begins appearing around the school in Lizzie s loopy handwriting, [...]

  10. Oh man I had such high hopes for this book but it failed to deliver in almost every way The main problem I had with The S Word was that couldn t connect with the main character, and I find if I can t do that then the book is basically a bust She was boring and two dimensional and a right old drama llama I would have cheerfully punched her at times Her internal monologue was awful cliched and whiny and tedious And you know how Show don t tell is a thing Well this MC did both She d show us how ter [...]

  11. In short, Chelsea Pitcher s debut was an awkward, sloppy mess.In well, long, I think I ll start by saying what I think her intentions were before explaining why this book just didn t work for me I think Pitcher meant to write a story about the dangers of bullying how it affects the victim, and how it affects everyone involved When I started reading, I was hoping that maybe Pitcher would discuss the double standard for boys and girls where the word slut is concerned, because obviously that word i [...]

  12. I had a hard time deciding what I thought about this book I could tell that Pitcher had good intentions when writing this book but I think that The S Word could have been so much better if it was put into the hands of an experienced writer I am not saying that The S Word isn t an enjoyable book I actually blew through this book in a fairly quick amount of time I just feel like this book could have been oh so much than just enjoyable.The StoryLizzie s reputations is ruined when she is caught in [...]

  13. They are speaking for me SLUT Couldn t they, at least pick a word that means something Ask a hundred people the meaning of that word and you ll hear a hundred answers It means absolutely nothing But the moment it is unleashed, it changes me They look at me differently, all of them As if I am no longer human As if I am somehow a monster to be destroyed These things I have feared about myself now they are telling me And still, I sit up in the night, willing the word to rearrange so that this will [...]

  14. Find reviews at I Have Lived a Thousand Lives When I heard of The S Word, I thought, Oh my God This is going to be one of the great ones The synopsis and the file and the cover looked so promising But upon closer inspection, you realize it s just fool s gold and you re pissed because you got played But, hey, at least have you this pretty shiny thing You have no use for it, but nothing you can do.I m not always so keen on reading issue y books The writing can so easily turn preachy With this typ [...]

  15. Remember high school Peer pressure This is the story of how one innocent girl is tormented to the point of suicide and how her best friend and worst tormentor learns from her own guilt at turning her back on someone who needed her most.Angie caught her best friend, Lizzie in bed with her boyfriend on prom night At that point, she turned her back on Lizzie, thinking only the worst As the school bullied Lizzie, Angie went along with it, until she read Lizzie s diary and learned of the life of torm [...]

  16. I received a free copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review thank you Also posted on my blog at Kala s Book BlogI ve made it halfway through and I just can t continue This book is bad Really bad.Teenage suicide is a big deal It s a huge problem in the United States that doesn t get the attention it deserves There are some REALLY good books out there that address the issue Saving June and there are some really bad ones THIS BOOK.The S Word is supposed to be about two best f [...]

  17. So, The S Word was a major let down The blurb sounded promising and the idea was good it really had the potential to be a great story It was full of awkward wording, forced dialogue and it was just something I couldn t enjoy and I struggled to get through the book and I m a fast reader The idea had such great potential and it was one of the books I was most looking forward to receiving when I requested it on NetGalley but alas, it was a severe disappointment.I didn t like this book at all becaus [...]

  18. Originally Posted on Confessions of an Opinionated Book GeekDecades ago, before blockbusters and television, there were these black and white movies about guys who wore trench coats, talked really fast and fell in love with bombshells with big secrets Film Noir is a specialized genre of fiction that has inspired many student films and Indies like Brick starring Joseph Gordon Levitt Someone is dead or something valuable is missing or a wife wants to know if her old man is stepping out on her Thes [...]

  19. I received an ARC copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review First, I must say that I won t be talking about the characters very much because I can t do that without spoilers and since this is an ARC copy, I won t spoil anything So if you want to talk or rant or fangirl about this book and it s characters, please send me a message I need someone to talk with about this book, lol.The S word is the brilliantly written debut of Chelsea Pitcher and I can t he [...]

  20. The S Word by Chelsea Pitcher2 starsLizzie Hart faced the word SLUT scribbled on her locker and then one scribbled turned to several One week after Lizzie kills herself SUICIDE SLUT replaces it in Lizzie s perfect scrawl Lizzie s reputation was trashed when she was caught sleeping with her best friend s boyfriend on prom night Angie doesn t speak to Lizzie and the school turns against her As graffiti and photocopies of Lizzie s diary are plastered around the school, Angie begins a relentless inv [...]

  21. This book was extremely difficult for me to rate I ended up rating it a solid 3, right down the middle because I felt I couldn t give it higher, but I didn t want to give it less because of the subject matter it dealt with I wanted to like this book a lot than I did because that plot sounded amazing But alas, the original plot ended up buried beneath choppy dialogue and some Nancy Drew Scooby Doo like mystery with twists and an ending you could see coming a mile away.On the night of prom, Angie [...]

  22. After she was caught in a hotel room on prom night with her best friend s boyfriend, Lizzie is labelled as the school slut The students taunt her, and her locker becomes riddled with that word, over and over again Slut Shortly after, Lizzie commits suicide Her best friend, Angie, cannot let sleeping dogs lie and begins to dig into the secrets of the school s student body, unraveling them bit by bit in an attempt to find out what really led Lizzie to end her life, and who was behind it But can An [...]

  23. readtomyhearts 20My Thoughts I was nervous about reading The S Word at first because it didn t have any werewolves, vampires, or demon battling slayer in it and that is usually my go to books My comfort zone if you will But I was definitely intrigued reading the synopsis and I have to say I am so happy that I decided to take a chance I feel absolutely changed from reading The S Word For me, this was a very powerful piece of literature that really makes the reader take a deep dark look into the e [...]

  24. Full review can be found on my blog, Paper Riot First thoughtInnnnnteresting More thoughtsWhat surprised me most about The S Word by Chelsea Pitcher was how very dark it was Though the beginning of the book wasn t at all light, after about 40% it started to get so dark and complex that I was both intrigued and appalled by what was happening and importantly what had happened before I had some trouble finding myself in the story at first, because there were so many different characters and storyl [...]

  25. Short Review I cried I gasped I ached I was inspired.Full Review As reviewed onPenandMuse I was intrigued immediately from the synopsis of The S Word Is it a mystery Is there a ghost What really happened to Lizzie When I actually got my grabby hands on the ARC, I was blown away At one point I emailed Chelsea Pitcher to say I am in full blown tears reading THE S WORD Also, I love you for this book Sheer love Authors if your book gets me declaring love for you, you ve done something right.One mome [...]

  26. The S WordbyChelsea PitcherMy in a nutshell summaryMean girlsbulliesicide.erious notesa quest for the truthe loss of a friend.My thoughts after reading this bookAngie and Lizzie are friends friendsuntil Angie finds Lizzie hooking up with Lizzie s boyfriend, Drake, at prom Angie can not forgive ThenLizzie is tormented and bullied at school Angie doesn t help herd Lizzie takes her own life Angie is now on a quest to find out what caused Lizzie to do this She seeks the help of Jessie to help her Th [...]

  27. Characters The protagonist, Angie, is all over the place It s understandable for her to be confused after everything that happened, but she doesn t really seem to know what she s doing Lizzie was branded a slut for sleeping with one guy, so she is painted by Angie as a perfectly innocent angelic character who would never be capable of expressing sexuality, which was unbelievable Jesse was interesting, but Angie s relationship with him was rather sudden and odd There wasn t enough background to D [...]

  28. Angie and Lizzie were best friends, until Angie caught her boyfriend Drake cheating on her with Lizzie After being branded a slut by whole school, Lizzie commits suicide This books starts a couple of weeks after Lizzie s death It follows Angie as she tries to figure out exactly what happened and whose fault is it that Lizzie committed suicide Angie lies and manipulates people to get what she wants from them She questions everyone around her her ex boyfriend Drake, the weirdo of the school Jesse, [...]

  29. THE S WORD is full of possibilities, with twists and turns both good and bad that let the reader take what they will from the story I love that the s word itself can stand for so many things slut, suicide, secret, shame, etc And yet other words come to mind in relation to some of the amazing characters sweet, smart, sassy, surprising E S WORD is both dark and hopeful, shocking and seductive, and about revenge and redemption It s not a story for the faint of heart, and yet, it is a story that sho [...]

  30. MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITWhen Angie happens upon her best friend and her boyfriend the night of prom, all hell breaks loose Lizzie, known as the Ice Queen, for being untouchable in their social circle of entitled, popular cheerleader sport star set, becomes the victim of bullying, led by Angie When Lizzie commits suicide soon after, Angie s anger turns to guilt When the word slut appears on Lizzie s locker and soon reappears again in what seems to be Lizzie s script, Angie becomes determined to find o [...]

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