Edgewood (2022)

í Edgewood Ç Karen McQuestion - Edgewood, Edgewood From bestselling author Karen McQuestion a brand new spellbinding novel The night Russ Becker witnesses a strange astronomical event his world changes forever Before long Russ discovers he s develop í Edgewood Ç Karen McQuestion - Edgewood, Edgewood From bestselling author Karen McQuestion a brand new spellbinding novel The night Russ Becker witnesses a strange astronomical event his world changes forever Before long Russ discovers he s develop
  • Title: Edgewood
  • Author: Karen McQuestion
  • ISBN: 9781478349426
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
í Edgewood Ç Karen McQuestion, Edgewood, Karen McQuestion, Edgewood From bestselling author Karen McQuestion a brand new spellbinding novel The night Russ Becker witnesses a strange astronomical event his world changes forever Before long Russ discovers he s developed incredible superpowers and he s not the only one Three other young people beautiful Mallory arrogant Jameson and mysterious Nadia have had the same experience and allFrom bestselling au
  • í Edgewood Ç Karen McQuestion
    227Karen McQuestion

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  1. 3.5 stars.This was another one of those that I grabbed as a freebie on.Sign up for email alerts, people Every thing about this felt like one of those b list tv shows I loved when I was younger.There was a timeny moons agowhen not every single show on television had a paranormal sci fi twist In fact, very few had that flavor Unless you watched the stuff from some of the lower budget channels Which, of course, I did And since options were limited, you just sucked it up and took what you could get [...]

  2. 3.75insomniac starsRussel is your average teenager, attends school and has a 3.6GPA He also has friends and family But he has a secret He suffers from insomnia, and cannot sleep until he has a midnight walk Then one time, he sees something It s calling to him So he investigatesRuss sees something miraculous But it leaves side effects, and he isn t the only one who knows about it Three other teenagers have also experienced it, hopefully they will have all the answers, but maybe they don t know en [...]

  3. I probably did this no favours by starting reading it in very small installments, as this didn t encourage being grabbed by the plot, and did encourage being bounced out by the less than smooth prose and typos The story itself was fine, but there were just too many clunky lines to feel it was adequately finished Just a few examples that are fairly typical The protag, Russ, has taken his nephew to a comic bookshop, and is describing what it s like, including two teenage girls swaying to the music [...]

  4. I m gonna go with a 3.5 on this First off, I won this as a first readers giveaway Woot Woot I just to throw that out there If I hadn t won this book, I definitely would have bought it anyway Karen McQuestion delivered a compelling novel with a lot of promise Edgewood is the first in the series Russ Becker, the 15yo narrator tells you the quests and phenomenons that happen in his life Russ can t sleep He s found only one solution to helping him get at least a little sleep, and it wasn t that shri [...]

  5. It is official Karen McQuestion has earned herself a spot in my Favorite Authors List I always knew that Karen was quite talented, but had not read her books until recently I dove into The Long Way Home shortly after it was released and I fell in love Karen writes so beautifully great characters, great setting, great dialoguee whole package So I was thinking, authors can t hit it out of of the park all the time can they Well yes I then read Easily Amused and also really enjoyed that as well I wa [...]

  6. I m sorry Salon, but my old self really enjoys YA, especially when it s as fun as this series.Young teens become superheroes I m right on board, especially when I find the characters as interesting as first person narrator Russ Becker, who thinks he s an ordinary guy with aging parents, a wild and flaky older sister, and a rambunctious nephew Scarred Nadia, whose parents keep her locked up tight Beautiful Mallory Naseef, and problematical Jameson.Russ walks through what he thinks is an odd meteo [...]

  7. I am a senior citizen, but I really enjoyed this book which grabbed me from the get go, and thoroughly kept my interest I especially liked that it didn t have all the violence that was in the Divergent series, which was an element that bothered me about a series involving teens, and why I refuse to read the Hunger Games series adults forcing kids to fight to the death, no thanks.I am really emotionally invested in these kids and can t wait to read the next two books in the series Wanderlust and [...]

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  9. I was looking for something light and fun to read and that s exactly what I got with Edgewood It follows the story of Russ Becker, a 15 year old that cures his insomnia with midnight strolls through his hometown On one late night walk he stumbles across a strange astronomical event that seems to give him super powers And he s not the only one other kids in his little town are affected Mcquestion s writing style is on the simple side which makes sense considering her intended audience She does an [...]

  10. Pretty good, a lil on the cheesy side but I did enjoy this I am very interested in reading of this series.

  11. Pure entertainment from start to finish The characters grabbed me from the start especially Russ and Nadia This was a wonderful start to a series that I will definitely read As a matter of fact, I ve already started on the second book Excellent Read

  12. This book is just TOO GOOD I ve been wanting to give it 5 stars since 1 4 of the way through already, cause I knew it would be amazing But I withheld my rating, as I didn t wanna jinx myself I was hoping it would stay just as good, and it just kept on getting better So 2 3 of the way through, I hit the 5 stars button The verdict was really that simple I love urban paranormal fantasy Highschool kids with special abilities, hiding in secret, while being stalked by the government secret societies w [...]

  13. 4 5 5 stars Buy a book and immediately read it Not unheard of from me, but still pretty rare I found this one, and was intrigued enough to read, AND not be able to put down this book almost immediately It s young adult, but that didn t take anything away from my enjoyment of this read.Russ is a fifteen year old that has a bad case of insomnia, so he has taken to the streets of his town Edgewood to walk late at night unbeknownst to his parents He s gotten used to all the little quirks of the peop [...]

  14. Russ has been suffering with insomnia for a while now and the only thing that seems to help is a late night walk During one of these walks, he witnesses a strange phenomena, lights spiraling down from the sky Initially he thinks, meteor shower but when he hears nothing about it the next day, he s a little confused Why wouldn t anyone else have seen or heard it Next thing he knows, he s contacted by a girl in his school and what he finds out changes his life forever This is a solid start to what [...]

  15. The author sent me a copy of this book with a request for a review I ve been a fan of her work for a while now, first reading some women s fiction which was so amazingly well done that I still gush to folks about how good it was Later on, she sent me a children s book and I was dubious that an author could pull off such a drastic change of genre, but she excelled.When I got this book and realized it was not only young adult, but a foray into a little bit of science fiction, I thought for sure th [...]

  16. Edgewood has got to be one of the best books I have read this year Karen McQuestion is so talented She has developed characters that are so real to life, and the way they interact with one another is true to life as well.I don t like to synopsize books in my reviews, so if you are looking for that, read the book description provided by the author It s much better than anything I could write I will just say that Edgewood is sort of a cross between sci fi and paranormal and is extremely engrossing [...]

  17. TITLE Edgewood AUTHOR Karen McQuestionPUBLISHER Self PublishedRATING 5AGE 14 REVIEW I don t know exactly what it is, but lately I have really been getting into the fantasy, science fiction, young adult novels and finding them extremely entertaining I would have to say that in comparison, Edgewood strikes me as a cross between I Am Number Four and Hunger Games The main story focuses on Russ Becker as he suffers from bouts of insomnia that lead him on late night walks around his community one nigh [...]

  18. Thank you Ms McQuestion for a Great ReadGreat story, if I had ten hands I would give this story ten thumbs up Great story line and characters the details are great, you would think that someone or a group were telling a true story of their experience I started reading Friday evening and didn t want to put it down to go to bed I finished the son Sunday about and am ready for book two.

  19. Edgewood is for all ages I am 55 years old and can t put it down Karen makes the characters really come to life Also I love that not everything is as it seems Always an unexpected turn of events I especially enjoy science fiction that is rooted in reality It could happen I also enjoyed reading a current account of teenage life and it brought back happy memories of my son when he was that age I also enjoy Karen s simple, direct writing style Another great book

  20. The first book in a series, Edgewood was well written and really sucked me in I had trouble putting it down, wanting to read just one chapter I ve already bought the next book in the series and can t wait to start it I recommend Edgewood to teens and adults who like sci fi and, really, even those who don t sci fi is not usually a genre I enjoy, but occasionally I do and this is definitely one of those times.

  21. Edgewood is a book that takes you on an interesting adventure, with some added twists and turns Four teenagers are brought together because they are night owls One night everything changes, and could possibly change the course for the rest of their livesI loved this group of teenagers They are unique, abnormally brilliant, and they all have super human powers or special gifts Jameson was weird though, he sort of rubbed me the wrong the way Nadia is very quiet and cute, but she has her very own r [...]

  22. Edgewood, the first book in the Edgewood Series by Karen McQuestion, features 15 year old Russ Becker who has a very hard time falling asleep He often goes for a walk around town late at night and it s during one of those walks that he witnesses a series of fast moving lights in the sky that fall to the ground in a spiral of blue and gold embers Shortly after this phenomenon, Russ realizes that he has supernatural powers and discovers he s not the only one who s been affected by the lights Nadia [...]

  23. Let me start by saying I absolutely loved this novel It s told in first person from the perspective of Russ Becker How refreshing to have a male point of view and in first person no less This is the first book in a trilogy Wanderlust, the second book is available now and the unnamed third coming soon I don t want to reveal any of the plot, it s best to go into it with no knowledge than the blurb above Russ Becker is very likeable, the reader immediately feels a connection with this teen He come [...]

  24. Disclaimer I won this in the GoodReads First Readers giveaway Russ Becker is not your typical teenage boy and that s before he acquires superpowers after being exposed to a cosmic shower It s easy to see that a woman wrote this, because Russ is a perfectly behaved 15 year old This is not a slam, merely an amusing observation For a few months now, Russ has been plagued by insomnia and the only way he can get any sleep is to wander the streets of Edgewood at night He learns the habits of fellow in [...]

  25. This book was very compelling I just wanted to keep reading to find out Because it is the first in a series, all of the strings weren t tied up at the end, and the teaser chapter of book two makes me want to read it when it comes out The narrator, Russ, is likeable, and his straight forward approach keeps the story moving along nicely For someone so smart he does seem a bit slow on the up take on occasion, especially when it comes to personal relations, but that s probably true about a lot of t [...]

  26. I m going to start off this review by letting you know I received my copy of Edgewood through a GoodReads First Reads giveaway I love the idea of teens with superpowers I want superpowers I like how they developed the powers due to an astronomical event, and I love how all their superpowers are connected to energy in some way This fact lends some stability to how the event affected all of them, and why it can differ but still be similar I also love Russ Becker s voice While there were times wher [...]

  27. Full Disclosure I won this book through the Giveaways.That said, this was obviously a book I wanted to read and it did not disappoint The story was well thought out and always left me anxious to want to read on There are plenty of reviews so I don t feel the need to address that but since I won the book, I wanted to be certain to leave a comment.I am excited to see that the story will continue in a sequel as the first chapter of the next book is included A surprising twist to the next book is vi [...]

  28. I loved this book.It is a young adult urban fantasy, an is appropriate for all ages The main characters are likable an fleshed out There are 4 teenagers who see a meteor shower an get some supernatural abilities, telekinesis, mind control, the ability to sense who a person is good or bad an than are main character Russ can do many things I loved the progression of the story an the characters were likable and grew as the story went along This is the first in a series an doesn t end on a cliffhang [...]

  29. I won this book in a First Reads contest I was so excited, because it sounded like the book had a lot of promise And now that I ve read itI can t wait for the second one First off, the writing was good, with some exciting plots twists, that left me with plenty of questions and a desire for And keeping your readers guessing is one of the most important aspects of writing This author did well at that, with just enough info released at just the right time But my favorite part of all, the one thing [...]

  30. Taking a late night walk, and ending up with super powers I am such a sucker for characters with powers of any kind This book had exactly that, and than just one I went into this book thinking there were aliens in the story, and was totally off I was pleasantly surprised to find a story that I enjoyed way Two minutes into this audiobook I was hooked, and there wasn t a slow part to be found I liked the characters, and hope to see of the friends in the next book I think it would be interesting [...]

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