An Innocent Client (2022)

[PDF] An Innocent Client | by ✓ Scott Pratt - An Innocent Client, An Innocent Client A preacher is found brutally murdered in a Tennessee motel room A beautiful mysterious young girl is accused In this Mystery Readers International finalist for Best Debut Mystery criminal defense la [PDF] An Innocent Client | by ✓ Scott Pratt - An Innocent Client, An Innocent Client A preacher is found brutally murdered in a Tennessee motel room A beautiful mysterious young girl is accused In this Mystery Readers International finalist for Best Debut Mystery criminal defense la
  • Title: An Innocent Client
  • Author: Scott Pratt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
An Innocent Client
[PDF] An Innocent Client | by ✓ Scott Pratt, An Innocent Client, Scott Pratt, An Innocent Client A preacher is found brutally murdered in a Tennessee motel room A beautiful mysterious young girl is accused In this Mystery Readers International finalist for Best Debut Mystery criminal defense lawyer Joe Dillard has become jaded over the years as he s tried to balance his career against his conscience Savvy but cynical Dillard wants to quit doing criminal defensA preacher
  • [PDF] An Innocent Client | by ✓ Scott Pratt
    358Scott Pratt
An Innocent Client

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  1. As I ve said in other reviews, I m always looking for a good mystery thriller series one in which the stories are good enough that I m happy to read them any time, but mostly to fill in gaps between other books when I need something dependably enjoyable and easy to read As luck would have it, I ve found two winners in that department over the last couple of weeks this one included.I keep a running list of free and low cost books I ve downloaded as a result of membership in services like BookBub [...]

  2. Doesn t WorkThis is the first in the Joe Dillard series An Innocent Client is billed as a legal thriller and comes up woefully short filled with one dimensional cardboard characters, stilted dialogue and an extraordinarily simplistic plot There is nothing original here let alone engaging.Dillard is a defense attorney in Tennessee, who has become than jaded with, and definitely tired of his job There are political and border line incompetent judges, who all seem to hold a grudge against Joe, con [...]

  3. This book is book one in the Joe Dillard Series Joe is a cynical burned out defense attorney who keeps saying he will quit law in a year All he wants is one innocent client.The story takes place in rural Tennessee A preacher is murdered after a visit to a strip club The club owner hires Dillard to defend the club waitress, Angel Christian, who has been charged with the murder Dillard s personal life is in chaos, but he carries on with the defense.The book is well written I understand this is Pra [...]

  4. Entertaining book 1 in a series about Tennessee lawyer Joe Dillard and his efforts defending a young woman of murder and mutilation of a preacher In addition to dealing with a crooked detective and politically motivated prosecutor, Dillard has to protect himself and his family from the deceased preacher s son, a police officer in another town Not quite up to the legal literary standards of John Grisham or David Ellis, Scott Pratt has written an excellent book 1 with good characters, action, lega [...]

  5. This is the first book in the Joe Dillard series of legal thrillers by Scott Pratt It is also the first book by this author that I have ever read.Joe Dillard is a criminal defence attorney, that is he defends murderers, thieves, drug dealers, prostitutes and rapists among others Although he has made a lot of success in this career, he is now fed up of defending such scumbags Having now saved a considerable amount of money, he wants to quit the legal profession permanently but before that he wish [...]

  6. An unintentional re read At the beginning the book is funny, poking at the system It resorts to really vulgar stuff What really disappointed me was the one dimentional characters Some were perfect, others really bad.

  7. This was a legal mystery about a defense lawyer who wanted out of the business Due to his personal obligations he needed to work for another year before getting out He lands a high paying case that takes him on a roller coaster ride through the book The beginning of the book did not impress me It was just icky and offensive the way the author wrote the characters It did improve and I became invested in the story I liked how the author set up the side characters and can see how they will fit into [...]

  8. Joe Dillard has had it with the justice system The whole system is crazy For over ten years, I ve been traveling every day to this bizarre world of lies and deceit There s no honor in it anywhere It s all a sick game, and the people who win the most are the ones who lie the best They call it the criminal justice system What a crock Defendants lie and cheat, police officers lie and cheat, prosecutors lie and cheat, defense lawyers lie and cheat, and judges Jesus, don t get me started The America [...]

  9. I really enjoyed this disillusioned defense lawyer s quest for an innocent client and his ethical struggles to come to terms with what he did for a living, juggling his family life, along with a drug addict sister and mother who was dying.When a preacher visits a gentleman s club and then finishes up dead in his hotel room with his penis chopped off, Joe defends the beautiful young lady accused of the crime Could she be his long awaited innocent client I only deducted one star because the reason [...]

  10. Great fun read Joe Dillard wants one thing before he gets out of criminal defense forever, an innocent client What happens between wanting and getting one is a great murder trial yarn The characters we can t help but like, as well as the ones we don t, are all just a little bit guilty Or maybe The book keeps you wanting come uppance and catharsis to be properly distributed and satisfies the desire.

  11. I did enjoy this book, I liked the storyline but the characters annoyed me a bit Like let s take the main character Joe for example, he seemed whiny to me He said he felt like the justice system was flawed and he wanted to help innocent people, totally not what most of his cases were which is why he was miserable Either accept it or don t Then constantly feeling bad for his sister and accountable for something he didn t do or have control over, that was annoying until the end when they seemed to [...]

  12. I stumbled onto Scott Pratt through the Kindle Owners Lending Library This is a feature provided to kindle readers that allows for one book per month at no charge.Pratt writes a books that moves at the pace of a John Grisham novel, but tells multiple stories from the life an an attorney at one time Most Grisham novels, focus on one case while Pratt focuses on many cases.Pratts books also develops the character in a manner that allows the reader to understand the perspective of the attorney in th [...]

  13. Don t waste your time or money.This book verifies the old saying If you can t be clever, be crude Whether he s trying for shock value or he he s over compensating for an inferiority complex in sexual matters, the frequency of the crass sexual descriptions detracts from the story line so much that I gave up on the whole book after the first few chapters I have no interest whatsoever in knowing how this story turned out and no interest in reading any books by this author John Gresham, Sheldon Sie [...]

  14. Audiobook I love this series so far Joe Dillard is a badass who loves his family and the law These aren t very deep and the mystery isn t hard to figure out, but you can tell the author practiced law and I just love how he writes the characters This series is just so entertaining.

  15. I love short chapters Makes it easier to read A well crafted crime novel Not overly complex in my opinion, but still a good read Dillard is a good character This is book one and I ll definitely try of this series I like Pratt s style A good legal thriller.

  16. No mystery hereThis is not my cup of tea straight line plot and not much intrigue It was an easy, fast read, but Scott turow has nothing to worry about here.

  17. The audiobook was quite entertaining My first by Pratt, and looking forward to reading all the books in the Joe Dillard, series.Review to follow

  18. This was better than I had expected Why my expectation was that low Because this book was cheap I downloaded this one when it was on sale I love the court scenes in general, and this has that I especially liked the ending This lawyer is not the pure justice guy, which I really like It seems like this series has 8 books already I might read on if the 2nd book is on sale again

  19. This was a good, light read The story moved along at a good clip which I really like I appreciated the character development of the main character and his sister I gave it 3 stars instead of 4 because while it was intriguing and I definitely enjoyed it I do recommend it I didn t lie awake nights wondering what was happening with the characters as I do with fiction I consider exceptionally compelling.If you like a fast paced courtroom drama with relatable characters and good action you ll like th [...]

  20. This turned out to be a well written and fast paced read I never really felt a strong feel of suspense but the plot was well executed The characters had a genuine and relateable feel to them as well I m glad it was offered as kindleunlimited I ll deinfately check out of this writers work in the future.

  21. I wavered between 3 and 4 starts with this book I really liked the main characters and I was pulled in by the summary on the back, but I felt like half the book was about other criminals that Joe Dillard was representing and not about the story I was expecting.

  22. Entertaining Clever book with a few twists First from this author but probably not my last Good character development storyline.

  23. An Innocent Client is a thoroughly enjoyable courtroom thriller, introducing a flawed but stalwart hero in Joe Dillard, a veteran and a criminal defense attorney who finds himself on the wrong side of burn out, after years of representing clients whose guilt Dillard measures by degree He s near the end of his rope, and ready to give up his practice when he s confronted with the one thing he s longed for an innocent client.Angel Christian is a beautiful, waif like runaway who finds herself charge [...]

  24. 3 1 2 stars A very good story of a defense attorney, Joe Dillard, who is tired of defending guilty clients, and wants to defend an innocent one before closing his practice When a preacher is killed in his motel room after preaching at a local church, then spending the evening at a strip club, Joe believes he s found his innocent client But is she And can he prove it in court

  25. This novel is much better overall than I thought it would be I m looking forward to the next in the series

  26. Fun Read This was a fun, easy read The storyline kept me intrigued the whole way through and I have to say I was shocked by a few things that happened

  27. The best place I can getI love the way it begin and love the way it ended.Fantastic fantasy and fun for sure when reading this book Traveling time endurance training for the kid

  28. Wow I thoroughly enjoyed this book Not only is it a legal thriller where you root for the good guy who doesn t have very many fans in his town but, you see that the law isn t always black and white I couldn t put this book down and immediately bought the next book in the series I loved every minute of this book, even the ugly parts.

  29. I liked a lot of things about this novel, though lawyer stories are not my usual choice The characters were believable, except for the protagonist s wife, who was too good to be true Perhaps that s not fair, but is anyone perfect There seemed to be an awful lot of beautiful people, some who didn t need to be, but the main characters were well developed and it was a good story I enjoyed reading it and I kept reading it at an even pace I appreciated the lack of profanity When I was done with the b [...]

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