Life on the Preservation (2022)

Free Read Life on the Preservation - by Jack Skillingstead - Life on the Preservation, Life on the Preservation Inside the Seattle Preservation Dome it s always the Fifth of October the city caught in an endless time loop Reformed graffiti artist Ian Palmer is the only one who knows the truth and he is desper Free Read Life on the Preservation - by Jack Skillingstead - Life on the Preservation, Life on the Preservation Inside the Seattle Preservation Dome it s always the Fifth of October the city caught in an endless time loop Reformed graffiti artist Ian Palmer is the only one who knows the truth and he is desper
  • Title: Life on the Preservation
  • Author: Jack Skillingstead
  • ISBN: 9781781081174
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
Life on the Preservation
Free Read Life on the Preservation - by Jack Skillingstead, Life on the Preservation, Jack Skillingstead, Life on the Preservation Inside the Seattle Preservation Dome it s always the Fifth of October the city caught in an endless time loop Reformed graffiti artist Ian Palmer is the only one who knows the truth and he is desperate to wake up the rest of the city before the alien Curator of this human museum erases Ian s identity forever Outside the Dome the world lies in apocalyptic ruin SmallInside
  • Free Read Life on the Preservation - by Jack Skillingstead
    242Jack Skillingstead
Life on the Preservation

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  1. Beautifully strange Comment on the cover One look at the cover and you will say, What is this I first thought this was a zombie novel, but as I read through the book, it was not the typical modern zombie type it was like the clueless, trapped android type The leading lady was also not the common women from books I usually read which is YA , so her appearance was new and odd for me The good side was that it was not clich Overall, the cover was really bizarre and for a personal preference, I woul [...]

  2. Groundhog s Day meets Alien Under the Dome.Life on the Preservation wasn t anything like I thought it would be Now that is both true and not true in a sense It was exactly what the book description said One guy stuck in a domed city, while the outside world is mostly nothing but a post apocalyptic wasteland That is what it was but that is not what the story was at it s core I think this was about self preservation and finding the reasons to keep going every day view spoiler Fair warning, this is [...]

  3. The rational vs the romantic A struggle for meaning in life.The word Life in this title resonates with heavy irony, I believe, because it is declares the main poignant theme s of this novel What is life What does it mean to live Is life worth the struggle What constitutes real life , real consciousness, real identity The word preservation is also very full of resonance before we begin the book, we don t know exactly what this means it isn t clear whether this preservation is a good or a bad thin [...]

  4. This book was absolutely terrible, and I have no idea why I didn t just stop reading it 100 pages in First, characterization There s none The male lead, Ian, has depression That s it I would say that he s a graffiti artist, but that s a plot device not characterization because there is no reason why he does that, or what it means to him The female lead, Kylie, was molested and is being chased by a guy who wants to cut of her clitoris Yes, I m completely serious And if you forget that, don t worr [...]

  5. How to word right now Lets just say I m in shock after reading this book This book crosses from boring to ridiculous in nothing flat I m mostly in shock that I read through the whole thing than anything and was strangely entertained.In this story, we follow two protagonists Ian, who has issues Ever seen ground hog day Well imagine a less funny, extremely depressing Bill Murray who has forgotten that he is living the same day over and over again and you have Ian His arc is him not knowing what i [...]

  6. In spite of a kind of Groundhog Day few chapters in the first half, this sf fantasy was a well written plot with a satisfying, clever ending.

  7. While it may not have been a box office success, the praise afforded to Edge of Tomorrow indicates that there s still mileage in the Groundhog Day concept This shouldn t be surprising It s a SFnal idea that s ripe with dramatic and comedic potential The liberty bestowed to someone who is self aware and stuck in a time loop you can do anything to anyone including yourself and get away with it is also the loop s curse without consequences to our actions life quickly stops having meaning.Jack Skill [...]

  8. OMFG THIS WAS SOOOOO DEPRESSING Seriously, the female main character fmc see can t even remember her name had a fucked up life from the age of 16, because of that sicko priest, and the male main character mmc was just depressed I don t want to read this shit Most of the book was mmc wandering through Seattle noticing weird shit and being depressed about his life, while fmc is dealing with the crazy ass priest believing he a prophet and running the town telling everyone that fmc is evil cause he [...]

  9. What is identity What makes you a person What makes you you There are two stories that start the novel, first that of Ian, a stereotypical emo 20 something He s trying to find his place in the world but mostly wandering through the same patterns day after day Until he realizes that it really is the same day, over and over, and he s stuck in a dome that is protecting Seattle from something.The second story is of Kylie, survivor of the apocalypse and life in general, fleeing certain death for a ch [...]

  10. Inside the Seattle Preservation Dome Reformed graffiti artist Ian Palmer slowly awakes to the reality of his situation it s always the Fifth of October, the city caught in an endless time loop which most of it s inhabitants are blissfully unaware of unless Ian tries to force them to remember.Unbeknownst to Ian the world outside the Dome lies in apocalyptic ruin Small town teenager Kylie is one of the few survivors to escape both the initial shock wave and the effects of the poison rains that fol [...]

  11. Call it 3.6 stars Good story, well written, reads like a twilight zone movie Takes on the solitary personal angle of characters caught in the midst of an alien attack that leaves Seattle under a dome and stuck in a 24 hour time loop Meanwhile, everyone outside the enclosure is dead or dying The story focuses on a just a few characters all of whom are isolated, either alone with full knowledge of the circumstance, or held in oblivion and kept unaware.As each day resets, all memory is wiped, but n [...]

  12. I saw Life on the Preservation in a display of scifi award winners and nominees in this case for the 2013 Phillip K Dick Award at University Bookstore in Seattle I was intrigued by the campy cover and when I glanced at the synopsis and saw that the story was set in modern Seattle, I was hooked I m a sucker for stories about my favorite city Skillingstead made good use of the Emerald City, with mentions of Vivace, The Pink Door, and other local favorites I ve always wondered what it would be like [...]

  13. Funny to see that two of my friends gave this one four stars, because it just did not work for me It s obvious the author is a Seattle local, and it was fun to be able to visualize many of the places where the book sets it s action Unfortunately, that s as interesting as this one got for me The main character was entirely unsympathetic, the villains the Curator and Uncle Jim just kind of petered out, and the dual stories featured a post apocalyptic world and, admittedly, I m a bit over post apoc [...]

  14. Life on the preservation is a bit of a puzzle for a review, the book was at first really hard to get to grips with, the first chapters throwing out a LOT of information but then settling into some fast moving serious entertainment but then falling into a bit of a flat love story without giving any real purchase in the characters to get into The set up is cool, very oldschool post apocalyptic and very atmospheric, the writing around events is really sharp and very well described but the beginning [...]

  15. Honestly, why aren t sci fi writers treated like rock stars Reading Life on the Preservation by Jack Skillingstead was like getting inside the brain of an alchemist When sci fi s broken, it s broken deeply, and intolerably You can barely get past a page because the intricate clockwork just doesn t grind together, the whole machine quickly falls apart In novel s like Skillingstead s, you eagerly jump to the next page Each piece of the dance is executed with precision, perfectly timed.Full review [...]

  16. You won t be able to put it down It s a delightful and scary and often harrowing book Father Jim is an epic villain Comparisons with PKD are unavoidable, but only because not since Dick has someone done such eloquent exploration of paranoia and universal doubt and the existentially strange The prose is great, too the kind that pulls you along effortlessly while somehow also surprising you with beautiful turns.

  17. Not without its shortcomings this was a pretty entertaining book to read I really liked the idea behind the story and its execution I found, at times, it was difficult to relate to the characters who remained somewhat distant throughout the book.All in all it was a very entertaining read A detailed review will appear on Speculative Book Review blog.

  18. This book just wasn t my cup of tea I kept waiting for the story to get going, and in my mind it didn t until almost the end But the book was well written enough for me to want to get to the end, and the characters were interesting Give this book a try if you enjoy science fiction and dystopian fiction.

  19. This book was just so hard to stick with after a confusing and muddled starte only thing that kept me reading was the knowledge that I paid 8 bucks for it so I had to finish it Once it got rolling a bit it would abruptly swerve and leave me struggling to figure out what they heck just happened I didn t connect with any of the characters.just kind of disappointed.

  20. This had great potential, but unfortunately I just found it confusing I didn t sympathise with the characters, I didn t find the bad guys particularly evil, and overall it just didn t really seem to go anywhere Disappointing.

  21. This is interesting but it struggles a little at the beginning and the ending is not quite the best option.opionator.wordpress 2013 1

  22. timey wimey my head hurts and damnit if i cried at the end If you like end of the world and time travel with some sci fi mixed in oh and a dash of romance then this would be it

  23. So so No slow bits, but a little too derivative for my tastes Under The Dome meets 50 First Dates , if you can imagine such a thing.

  24. Disappointing The premise was promising, but it didn t engage me with either plot development or characters I gave up after about 90 pages.

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