Love Still Stands (2022)

[PDF] Love Still Stands | by ↠ Kelly Irvin - Love Still Stands, Love Still Stands Readers of Kelly Irvin s Bliss Creek Amish novels will be overjoyed to discover her new series for lovers of Amish fiction The New Hope Amish In the first installment Love Still Stands a group of de [PDF] Love Still Stands | by ↠ Kelly Irvin - Love Still Stands, Love Still Stands Readers of Kelly Irvin s Bliss Creek Amish novels will be overjoyed to discover her new series for lovers of Amish fiction The New Hope Amish In the first installment Love Still Stands a group of de
  • Title: Love Still Stands
  • Author: Kelly Irvin
  • ISBN: 9780736954938
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
Love Still Stands
[PDF] Love Still Stands | by ↠ Kelly Irvin, Love Still Stands, Kelly Irvin, Love Still Stands Readers of Kelly Irvin s Bliss Creek Amish novels will be overjoyed to discover her new series for lovers of Amish fiction The New Hope Amish In the first installment Love Still Stands a group of dedicated families leaves Bliss Creek to establish a new community in Missouri Among them is Bethel Graber a beautiful young woman with a passion for teaching But after beiReaders of
  • [PDF] Love Still Stands | by ↠ Kelly Irvin
    160Kelly Irvin
Love Still Stands

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  1. Really good Highly r4eccomende if you enjoyed The Bliss Creek Amish series Cannot wait for the next book.

  2. This was a bit of a different Amish Romance for me There were some new issues and complexities to the relationships that I really enjoyed They made the characters seem far less fictional and much like real people dealing with real life There s also than one relationship that needs a little help if it s going to be everything it should.Bethel is our main character Recovering from an accident, she needs physical therapy Which, as you can imagine, causes conflicts with some of her beliefs Water t [...]

  3. We join some of the folks from Bliss Creek as they start their new life in The New Hope Amish community If you read the first series Bliss Creek you will recognize and remember many of the characters I enjoyed the book very much While I am not a huge fan of continuing novels, I do enjoy meeting up with familiar characters This is not a continuing novel, it will stand alone, but it does help to understand what is going on if you have read the Bliss Creek books I did find myself having to go back [...]

  4. This was a good, safe, easy read Nothing at all objectionable, but still enough tension to make it interesting.

  5. Seven families leave Bliss Creek to start a new settlement in Missouri The families welcome to New Hope is far from welcoming The people of New Hope do not know anything about the Amish or have a desire to know these people that dress peculiar Bethel Graber, her sister Leah and Leah s husband Luke and 5 children were part of the new community Bethel had been involved in a freak accident that ended her job as a teacher She still needs physical therapy to ever hope to have normal movement again Lu [...]

  6. Bravo for Kelly Irvin A Great book A Great read Kelly Irvin tackled several very difficult issues in Love Still Stands and she handled them all beautifully I won t go into so many details that I give the plot away but this book shows us just how human the Amish are and, for me, that makes the book so much interesting.Our world seems to have a view of the Amish community that is somewhat skewed by a lack of knowledge and a feeling of intimidation.I feel that, far too often, people do not see the [...]

  7. This is one of the most enjoyable Amish fictions I ve read in a while Irvin has really done a good job here with bringing these characters to life The challenges and arguments that they had left me feeling frustrated, angry, excited, and happy right along with them There are so many elements and struggles going on with this book that I really appreciated It s nice to have a story rich with storylines I had my fingers crossed, unlike Luke s wife, that he would please please please become the bish [...]

  8. With Love Still Stands seven Amish families from Bliss Creek, Kansas decide to leave their home and start a new community in New Hope Missouri, thing is several of the people in New Hope aren t so open to outsiders and don t want the Amish to settle there One of the people that hope for a new beginning is Bethel Graber Bethel was injured in an accident, but hopes that physical therapy will help her regain what she lost so that she can help her older sister Leah with her children and go back to t [...]

  9. 4 STARSThis is a brand new series that Kelly Irvin wrote It s a spinoff of Bliss Creek Amish novels Which I have not read But I would like to read books by Kelly on how much I liked Love Still Stands Love Still Stands deals with some real issues of postpartum depression, also the struggle with physical therapy.This group of Amish decided to settle in Missouri where they could buy lots of farm land They get to their new homes and find that vandals were their first In Luke and Leah s new home eve [...]

  10. Love Still Stands is the first book of the spin off series following The Bliss Creek Amish We follow Luke and his wife Leah as they move along with Bethel who is Leah s sister to New Hope Missouri A few other families have moved as well as they plan to start a new settlement Bethel is still recovering from the tornado that left her badly injured She now has to figure out what God wants for her as she is not married and can no longer be a school teacher due to her injuries.Elijah has also moved t [...]

  11. I had the privilege of reading Kelly Irvin s newest book, Love Stands Still, in her new series, The New Hope Series What a great introduction to a new community and yet a chance to reconnect with old friends In one sense she picks up where we left off before which I love I love being part of her communities yet, she starts new adventures, meets new friends, and draws me even closer to God in the process Ms Irvin has a gift of digging deeper, peeling back even layers from the family I have grown [...]

  12. Readers of Kelly Irvin s Bliss Creek Amish novels will be overjoyed to discover her new series for lovers of Amish fiction The New Hope Amish In the first installment, Love Still Stands, a group of dedicated families leaves Bliss Creek to establish a new community in Missouri Among them is Bethel Graber, a beautiful young woman with a passion for teaching But after being disabled in a terrible accident, overseeing a classroom is out of the questiond romance seems a long lost dream.Bethel begins [...]

  13. Amish schoolteacher Bethel Graber suffers a life changing injury during a storm at her school Bethel joins her sister Leah s family and others as they move to New Hope, Missouri to establish a new Amish community.Settling into life in a new community is not what anyone expected They are met with prejudice by the townspeople who always seem cold, distant and unwelcoming Many acts of vandalism and harm are inflicted on the Amish newcomers from the community.Bethel tries to recover from her injurie [...]

  14. A book about family, community, patience, and forgiveness A group of families have decided to move to a new established community in Missouri Since the Amish are very peaceful people, they don t understand why the people in the community don t like them, and continue to vandalize their property Bethel Graber, one of the girls that had moved to Missouri is a young woman who puts God first and lives her life according to Amish Law She has a passion for teaching, but since the accident that left he [...]

  15. What would you do if you moved all your belongings to another town to start over only to find the house vandalized and no one welcomed you this is just what happens when Bethel Graber s brother Luke moves his family to a new town.In the last book of The Bliss Creek Amish series, Luke had decided to move his family to the new settlement, along with several other families I love how The New Hope Amish series begins where the other stopped as if almost no time at all has passed.Unfortunately, Luk [...]

  16. What a great book I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster throughout this book and seesawing between understanding Bethel s points and needs and Elijah s.Bethel thinks she is unworthy of being loved because of her handicap and finds understanding in her support group which Elijah doesn t understand To him it is black and white I love her, does she love me But in Bethel s mind she will never be a whole woman again and finds there are people in her support group, one in particular, who un [...]

  17. As the Amish believe, GOD has a time for everything big and small I can truly say that HE had had a hand in me reading this book when I did I needed to read the message that was in this book for my own better good GOD having a plan is one of the many messages in this book Along with admitting when one needs help and not to feel bad that you have asked for help Asking for help is not a weakness Change takes time for everyone involved in those that are not your immediate family members but communi [...]

  18. LOVE STILL STANDS is the first book in Ms Irwin s Amish of New Hope series As another reviewer said, this is a depressing book The Amish have relocated to an imaginary community in Missouri and are not welcomed by the Englisch The Englisch seem determined to run the Amish off or kill them off, whichever comes first Very sad Bethel lovely name is recovering from another accident and needs the therapy she gets in New Hope to regain her strength and hopefully she ll someday teach school again Elija [...]

  19. I connected with Bethel immediately a long car trip stuck between two car seats equals discomfort for even the most able bodied From there on, it was easy to see and feel everything through her eyes.Kelly Irvin made reading Love Still Stands so enjoyable, I just didn t want to put it down I went so far as to get up than an hour before my normal wake up time because I couldn t get the story out of my head Bethel s struggle in a new place came to life on the pages, as did the other characters.To [...]

  20. Kelly Irvin s first book of the New Hope Amish series takes us on a journey of new beginnings A group of families is about to embark on the exciting task of creating a settlement in a new state From the moment they arrive they are beset with difficulty and unforeseen challenges The group hasn t had to deal with many of these challenges before and it will stretch their faith in places they never expected.I admire Irvin s ability to capture the reality of Amish life vs Englisch, comparing the diff [...]

  21. Bethel Graber has lost her greatest passion teaching and perhaps her chance for romance with Elijah Christner in a terrible accident Several families move to New Hope to start a new community where Bethel lives with her brother and his family Because she s unable to walk without using crutches, Bethel is unable to help the family She wants no one s pity or help, especially from Elijah He wants to help her but doesn t understand why she won t let him Kelly Irvin gives us a sweet love story that m [...]

  22. After the roller coaster ride the last novel I read gave me, I greatly appreciated the peacefulness of an Amish novel This was an interesting novel based primarily on the premise of what it would look like if a community weren t accepting of a new Amish community moving in and what that prejudice would cause in terms of minor persecution along with the inevitable romance being the main plot device I really enjoyed the characters in this novel some of whom were unusual to an Amish novel, making t [...]

  23. I ve only read a few different Amish authors, and I have to say KELLY IRVIN is my favorite thus far She writes well, with a good storyline LOVE STILL STANDS THE NEW HOPE AMISH by KELLY IRVIN is the first in a The New Hope Amish series If you ve read the books in the Bliss Creek series, you ll recognize some of the characters Bethel Graber, along with several others, leaves Bliss Creek to establish a new community in Missouri Bethel has hopes and dreams, but faces many challenges that she ll need [...]

  24. Love Still Stands is the first book of Kelly Irvin s new series, The New Hope Amish Bethel Graber and her sister Leah and family have moved to New Hope, Missouri, along with a few other families and are eagerly ready to begin a new community of Amish They are not exactly greeted with open arms from the town s people This town does not want newcomers, especially if they are different to come into their town and change their way of life For of my review go to rebakaspot

  25. I really liked this story, although it was not a happy story Having suffered from chronic depression for years, I could certainly relate to Leah I felt so bad for her Still it was a good story with a happy ending I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series, Love Redeemed.

  26. Love Still StandsI love reading Kelly Irvin books The characters are real and in this series they are just moving to Missouri This book deals with the losses of home , health and mental health Tough subjects that were handled well Most of all the amish showed the love of God by turning the other cheek on several occasions Which made their neighbors think twice about how they were treating them Great story

  27. This book starts off very depressing and shows the many hardships experienced by a group of Amish who are trying to start a community in a place where Amish have never been They are misunderstood and vandalized over and over It all works out in the very end, but then leaves many characters hanging I will definitely read the sequel.

  28. Pretty GoodI thought this book was pretty good it got a lot boring to me I actually skipped over some pages I enjoyed the book when it got in the last couple of chapters but over all it was pretty good.

  29. Great read A story of forgiveness, overcoming a trauma, and a dream coming true with God s blessings.Glad I have the other two in the series to read I was blessed to win this series from the author via a blog giveaway I was not required to review but have shared my honest opinion.

  30. This was an Amish story which dealt with prejudice, post partum depression and physical therapy Hadn t thought of anybody being afraid of such a solitary, peaceful group I d love neighbors like them

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