If You Only Knew (2022)

✓ If You Only Knew ☆ Dixie Lee Brown - If You Only Knew, If You Only Knew Beautiful but deadly Rayna Dugan is a force to be reckoned with even in heels But when her plans for the evening suddenly involve defending her life against a criminal empire Rayna knows she needs b ✓ If You Only Knew ☆ Dixie Lee Brown - If You Only Knew, If You Only Knew Beautiful but deadly Rayna Dugan is a force to be reckoned with even in heels But when her plans for the evening suddenly involve defending her life against a criminal empire Rayna knows she needs b
  • Title: If You Only Knew
  • Author: Dixie Lee Brown
  • ISBN: 9780062273901
  • Page: 243
  • Format: ebook
If You Only Knew
✓ If You Only Knew ☆ Dixie Lee Brown, If You Only Knew, Dixie Lee Brown, If You Only Knew Beautiful but deadly Rayna Dugan is a force to be reckoned with even in heels But when her plans for the evening suddenly involve defending her life against a criminal empire Rayna knows she needs backup The choice she made to leave Ty and her old mercenary team in Montana starts to seem like a bad call She s been running from her feelings for the tough rugged man bBeautiful b
  • ✓ If You Only Knew ☆ Dixie Lee Brown
    243Dixie Lee Brown
If You Only Knew

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  1. A free copy of this book was provided by publisher via Edelweiss for a blog tour in exchange for an honest review 4 SWEET STARS Men are from Mars, women are from Venus How much this statement is true I was convinced several times while I was reading this book Sometimes it seemed to me Rayna and Ty were talking in entire different language, and since I knew what each of them thought about and how their inability to understand each other had lead to many misunderstandings, I was sure I would go ma [...]

  2. So where has this author been hiding out There are so many authors out there that it kind of gets overwhelming when you have to choose which book you want to read This is one happy girl because I found a great one Now I just need to play catch up and read the first two for me to be fully satisfied Alrighty folks, we have two love birds who can t get enough of each other Unfortunately, Rayna s brother was killed and that led her to this compound of her brother s closest comrades She wants revenge [...]

  3. If You Only Knew by Dixie Lee Brown is the third book in her Trust No One series A fast paced, intriguing tale of loss, love, bad guys, and danger I actually forgot how much I loved tales of SEAL s mercenaries tough guys as it s been a couple of months since I ve read one It s the extra mix of hotness saving peoples lives or keeping the country safe that makes them so great Loved this book Rayna Dugan has suffered the loss of her parents and then her older brother and knows she can t handle any [...]

  4. This is the second novel in the Trust No One series that I ve read, and just like with When I Find You, Brown keeps her readers engaged The plot is suspenseful and has some eyebrow raising revelations that add unexpected twists to keep the story from being predictable In the midst of the danger, the hero and heroine struggle to rekindle their stalled relationship, which has never really progressed beyond friendship althoughtheir feelings for each other run much deeper If You Only Knew features R [...]

  5. Rayna is trying to get her life back on track She has went back to school and trying to get over Ty She is still a deadly woman but even she has her hands full when a criminal takes her to get to Ty Now she has to rely on Ty to help her stay safe Ty knew the day would come when his past would come calling he never thought they would take Rayna to get his attention He loves her but knows she wanted to move on but now he doesn t want to let her go He has to convince her to stay with him.Rayna is t [...]

  6. Well LadiesDixie Lee does it again, with a great cast of characters some of my favorites from the Trust No One SeriesWalker perhaps Great storyline with plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing, and the chemistry between Ty and Rayna was sweet, sexy and ready to combust I love when I read a Romance Suspense and I am kept on my toes and that s what you will get with IF YOU ONLY KNEW, the newest release in the TRUST NO ONE Series.Kinda hoping that Nate will get his own bookGuess I ll have to [...]

  7. Read as a galley requested via Edelweiss Enjoyed meeting Dixie Lee Brown Eagerly awaiting next installment Read When I Find You and All or Nothing, part of the Trust No One series.

  8. Great story.Characters ,situations and the dog, all come together for a great read 5 kickass starsfor Dixie Lee Brown.I recommend this book to all

  9. 3.5 stars The Story Rayla and Ty have been together, building friendship and possibly love, while being part of a mercenary team Until the day they weren t, when Rayla decided to pack up her bags, leave that life behind, and fulfill her dreams, and that of her deceased brother s for her to go back to school But months later, a kidnapping, hers to be exact, threatens to bring her back into that dangerous life and into the same orbit as Ty s again.Ty, on the other hand, has decided to leave their [...]

  10. I loved this story Well written, perfectly paced with strong characters Keeps your interest from beginning to end with all the twists and turns Could not put it down.

  11. The third in this series, I had no issues picking right up with the action or understanding what was happening Dixie Lee Brown manages to keep a solid storyline with tension peaking like mountaintops, giving readers little time to relax Rayna is reserved and frightened she has lost all of her family and everyone she loved, to trust in the relationship that is developing with Ty is just too dangerous for her mental health and happiness Ty is all alpha, and determined to protect Rayna and keep her [...]

  12. The story starts out with Rayna Dugan having suffered the loss of her parents and older brother and who knows how she can handle any loss So she has decided to cut ties with Ty Whitlcok before she falls any further in love with him because he has a very dangerous job and she can t face losing someone else Ty s whole world comes crashing down when Rayna lies and tells him she does not love him any and is ready to leave and go off to college He had hopes and dreams of eventually having the white [...]

  13. Thanks to Dixie Lee Brown and Tasty Book Tours for the opportunity to read this great book and this series I found this author from a previous Tasty Book Tour for When I Find You and I immediately read All or Nothing As soon as I saw this was being toured, I jumped at the chance Rayna and Ty are a part of the team that works with the characters from the previous two novels For fear of giving spoilers away, I will say what I like the most about this book Rayna her strength, her determination, her [...]

  14. Good story of two members of Joe Reynold s Trust No One Covert Ops team Reyna Dugan fought her way into the team afeter her brother, team member Charlie, was killed She was only interested in revenge Ty, one of the other team members, falls hard for Rayna She keeps him at arm s length since she doesn t want anything to interfere with her revenge.Ty is not willing to let her go, even though she only wants to be friends He swallows the hurt she causes and lets her leave to go to school and then t [...]

  15. I was really disappointed because I really enjoyed the first two in this series However, Rayna drove me crazy First of all she kept making stupid decisions, getting kidnapped or hurt and then falling apart I can understand why she d be really upset but then Ty would try to take care of her or not tell her information that would upset her and she d get furious Or she would want to come along to get the bad guy when she just finished falling apart and couldn t understand why he didn t want her to [...]

  16. Fantastic read If You Only Knew is a very well written book that grabbed my attention from the 1st word and held it until the last word I had to stop reading every now and then but immediately came back to it I absolutely loved this book Ms Brown has managed to write this story in such a way that this reader had no problem whatsoever to be able to picture the characters in my mind as I read I was able to picture the whole story as I read This is definitely a book that I will be re reading and wi [...]

  17. I wanted Ty s story since I read the first book, but by book three, I was really tired of the misunderstandings and the main characters misinterpreting things the other said I really liked Nate, and think that him and Alex would be awesome, but I m honestly not up to another book of misinterpretations for most of it Maybe someday I ll come back and find out what happens with them, but for now I m moving away from these books.

  18. I give this one 3.5 stars I enjoyed it than book 1 in the series both the hero and heroine were likable Good mystery arc throughout the book Some surprising twists which were not predictable Read it for suspense rather than romance.

  19. I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book It was a thrilling read from start to finish I ve found that any book from Dixie Lee Brown is a must have for my library

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