The Scavenger's Daughters (2022)

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Scavenger's Daughters : by Kay Bratt - The Scavenger's Daughters, The Scavenger s Daughters Having survived torture and imprisonment during China s Cultural Revolution Benfu escaped to find love with his compassionate and beautiful Calla Lily Together they build a fulfilling life around the [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Scavenger's Daughters : by Kay Bratt - The Scavenger's Daughters, The Scavenger s Daughters Having survived torture and imprisonment during China s Cultural Revolution Benfu escaped to find love with his compassionate and beautiful Calla Lily Together they build a fulfilling life around the
  • Title: The Scavenger's Daughters
  • Author: Kay Bratt
  • ISBN: 9781477805862
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
The Scavenger's Daughters
[PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Scavenger's Daughters : by Kay Bratt, The Scavenger's Daughters, Kay Bratt, The Scavenger s Daughters Having survived torture and imprisonment during China s Cultural Revolution Benfu escaped to find love with his compassionate and beautiful Calla Lily Together they build a fulfilling life around the most menial of jobs Benfu s work collecting trash As he sorts through the discards of others he regularly discovers abandoned children With unwavering determination he aHa
  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Scavenger's Daughters : by Kay Bratt
    409Kay Bratt
The Scavenger's Daughters

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  1. The best part of this book is the history It begins with Benfu, the main character, being imprisoned like millions of others during Mao s Cultural Revolution He s considered Black Chinese vs Red Chinese because he came from an intellectual family and in Mao s China education other than how to serve the common cause as delineated by Mao s followers was a negative Knowing what the consequences were if this were known in the farm work camp Benfu attempts to keep his background hidden When it s disc [...]

  2. The concept of this book is extremely interesting, and perhaps in the hands of an author with a thorough attention to developing complex characters, plots, conflicts, and details about place it might have been a riveting novel I just don t think that s a possibility with this writer Yes, it is designed to be sentimental and uplifting Yes, the story of a scavenger who rescues abandoned daughters is highly interesting and necessarily emotional The problem is that the emotions were so simplistic, [...]

  3. I have to admit that I ve always enjoyed books that depict the wonders of intriguing China, whether it s an historical or a contemporary read Indeed, I remember devouring books by Pearl S Buck during my adolescence Nowadays, I ve very much drawn to the captivating stories told by talented Lisa See Additionally, I had the opportunity to discover the vibrant city of Shanghai this past November during a work trip, and I was compelled than ever to enjoy another read that had the Chinese culture at [...]

  4. This is a story full of morals and lessons, each one will touch a spot on your heart.It begins with a boy.isoned, beaten, harmed, all because of his family background All it takes is one act of kindness to change this boy s life and that of dozens of people For when someone shows him this act of kindness, he vows he spend the rest of his life doing good for others.The boy becomes a man, a trash collector In China, daughters are discarded and abandoned a lot He finds them in the trash and he keep [...]

  5. I am normally a fan of books set in other parts of the world but this one was a disappointment I didn t get any real sense of the atmosphere or culture of China and felt like with minor tweaks this story could have taken place anywhere It is essentially the old poor girl meets rich boy plot line with its inherent themes of prejudice and class bias, and it is done neither well nor with any innovation The writing is unsophisticated, the characters one dimensional and the dialogue generic This ofte [...]

  6. Numerous China adoptive mamas recommend Kay Bratt s work, so I finally gave in and ordered this book on kindle Within the first chapter, it was clear that while the concept was compelling and unique abandoned children being raised by a scavenger in modern China the execution was incredibly poor.Sprinkling the occasional pin yin expression and placing your characters in a Chinese city, does not make them Chinese While Bratt s credentials of living in China for 5 years are trumpeted throughout the [...]

  7. Most of the novels I have read about China depict a variety of hopeless conditions with a stunning lack of compassion by citizens for their fellow man When daily life is an epic struggle with barely enough food to feed yourself, there is often little thought of the suffering of others And sadly, little regard for a discarded child The Scavenger s Daughters is about an unlikely couple, poorer than poor, that care about homeless children While they are the lowest on the social strata they find it [...]

  8. The Palest Ink was one of my favorite reads last year While that story centers around a young Benfu, Bratt begins the Tales of the Scavenger s Daughters series with an older, much wiser Benfu His golden years should they be called that are much different than those of his youth, when things came to him easily as the son of wealthy, respectable parents Having cut ties with his privileged past, Benfu spends his days scavenging He s a junk collector Benfu collects and sells other s unwanted trash A [...]

  9. The Scavenger s Daughter by Kay Bratt is the first book in a trilogy The Tales of the Scavenger s Daughters Ms Bratt was inspired to write the trilogy after learning about scavengers in China who have taken unwanted and abandoned children into their homes She hopes this book will be an inspiration to others and will raise awareness of the struggles working class people in China face Zheng Benfu, a scavenger who makes his living by picking up trash to be recycled, Calla Lily his wife and Linnea h [...]

  10. I really enjoyed this book As others have mentioned it is written rather simplistically and contains far too many exclamation marks, an unfortunate pet peeve of mine but even so the moral of the story is too beautiful for me not to have enjoyed it The concept of building a family based on companionship and cooperation rather than duty forced by blood really resonated with me I loved the way in which Benfu, Calli and their adopted daughters face their daily struggles together, helping and support [...]

  11. As a tribute to the so called scavengers who rescue abandoned children in China this is a worthy record of events, their stories should be shared and Kay Bratt s efforts to do so are admirable She created the fictional family in her novel based on people like Lou Xiaoying who raised over thirty children that were found abandoned on the streets.The novel is somewhat simply told, Benfu and his wife Calli live in poverty, scraping to make enough money to pay their bills They have a large family of [...]

  12. I think that as humans, we all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves There is a desire to positively impact the lives of others But most of the time, distractions or excuses are our demise It is no surprise that the premise of this story intrigued me from the start An impoverished rubbish scavenger saving the lives of abandoned baby girls grabbed at my heart immediately The story begins with intense drama as we meet our main character, Benfu I found myself reading with bated breath [...]

  13. If you like The Brady Bunch and Full House, you ll love The Scavenger s Daughters Sigh This book was corny Very corny And the characters didn t even seem Chinese They spoke like Americans who took a one semester Asian Studies course.But you know what I m going to read the rest of the series Why Because, dammit, sometimes you just need to watch Full House and The Brady Bunch Sometimes you just want a charming happy ending to seduce you into thinking the world s not such a bad place In the end, th [...]

  14. Family Isn t Always A Matter of BirthKay Bratt never fails in her stories from China, and The Scavenger s Daughters is another success Chronicling the life of Zheng Benfu, it begins in 1967, during the Cultural Revolution, and ends some 43 years later It is the story of war, and loss, and deep deprivation, and love But mostly of love the love of two people for each other and dozens of throwaway little girls.Read it You ll be happy you did.

  15. Books about China have always interested me Amy Tan s books are superior as is Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, but there is also Rock, Paper, Tiger, Til Morning Comes the first one I read, decades ago , Waiting, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, and others, all of which present lives in China with attendant historical detail I thought I was reading a book written for Chinese children, grades 4 7, and was surprised to see it was written by an American woman who spent 5 years in China Ther [...]

  16. What a fascinating and touching novel This is the first in a series of books set in China Benfu, the titular scavenger, has been scarred by his treatment at the hands of the government both during and after Mao s Cultural Revolution But he has enriched his life by his devotion to caring for the abandoned female children that he has found amidst the trash Over the years, he has and his beloved wife have raised over two dozen foundlings naming each after a flower Though they barely have enough mon [...]

  17. Benfu lives a simple life, scrapping together a living by collecting garbage He has little money, but his wealth lies in something much precious Over the years, he has carefully searched through the streets and allies to find children abandoned by their parents These are his daughters, abandoned either because of disabilities or simply because they are girls Benfu has endured much suffering and sorrow, but his flower garden of daughters brings him joy Yet Benfu is growing old His failing body m [...]

  18. I would give it no than 2 stars I am Chinese growing in China and now live in USA I have two adopted Chinese daughters I found these so many western influence from the author on her interpretation of Chinese history and culture For examples, we don t have initials on our name, we don t cross our fingers for luck, we don t hug each other, congee doesn t take a minute but hours to cook I can name tons of these distractions The plot of the story is also so westernized Foster home is also a concept [...]

  19. Kay Bratt specializes in novels of China, this gives me a small insight on a country I would love to visit but so far haven t got around to it This is an emotional book, with nothing going on really, but at the same time there is loads and loads going on, the detail in the writing are superb, you can feel what is going on around you, you can smell it also, and some of the smells aren t so nice The characters are just lovable and their background are revealed bit by bit, just enough to keep you w [...]

  20. Not sure what to say about this book I enjoyed listening to it, but it was very strange for a book about people in such a sad situation to have nothing bad really happen over the course of the whole book Basically, it s a story of how a good poor man got what he deserved Because nothing bad happens, the plot is kind of lacking Also, pretty sure this is a history lesson pretending to be a story Still As history lessons go, it s pretty enjoyable As stories go, I d pick something worth action.

  21. I am learning a lot about the poor in China and how the hierarchy fell out after the cultural revolution The author weaves it all into the story very effectively This very devoted couple finds abandoned children, I should say female children as males are never abandoned, and they raise them as their own even though they are the poorest of the poor There are 4 books in the series The author states that this really goes on in China where scavengers take abandoned girls home and raise them She writ [...]

  22. Mao s cultural revolution is an interesting backdrop for this story I recently read the prequel to this series, which explains how Benfu finds his wife and begins a new life after captivity at one of Mao s work camps It is a touching story of love, especially in the way that Benfu and Calli bring the abandoned girls into their home and hearts My only complaint is that I think this novel would be suited for a young adult audience, as the language especially often seems simplistic, as is the basi [...]

  23. During the Cultural Revolution, small and infant girls were often abandoned because of sickness, physical challenges, or just because they are girls Benfu, who makes his living scavenging landfills, finds these girls and brings them home to be loved and raised The girls are given flower names and are thought of as a flower garden by Benfu and his wife Because of experiences in Benfu s youth, caused by a corrupt government, he is too proud to ask later for the help he should receive from governme [...]

  24. This book had me SOBBING in my car as I was driving down the dark highway by myself to the east coast of Florida Initially, I was scared I knew it was about children and I get VERY sensitive to bad things happening to kids However, Virginia was right It WAS a feel good book What a wonderful story It did make me want to continue to learn of this family s adventure, so I m glad to learn there are books in the series.

  25. Won book from Book Browse to join in there book club discussion this month There was a delay in getting the book, I just got it but it was a fast read and I finished it easily in two days Off to join the discussion.

  26. I can t wait to read the next book of the series Benfu is an amazing man to do the things he did with such little he had Beautiful story, morals, and all together beautiful To know that the book is inspired by a true story is even touching, and hard to not love.

  27. Couldn t put it down This was definitely a great read I love how Kay Bratt mixes true Chinese history with a fictional story so you learn important pastimes while being entertained Her writing style reminds me of Paullina Simons and The Bronze Horseman series

  28. I thoroughly enjoyed this simple, but heart touching story of Benfu his lovely adopted daughters I look forward to the sequel, Tangled Vines due out in December.

  29. I would love to have given this book the highest rating, but, as wonderful as the concept is, the characters are not richly developed The writing is, at times, lyrical and the Chinese Cultural Revolution history revealed is fascinating, but there is a depth which seems to be missing I seriously wanted to feel , to be deeply enmeshed in emotion it should be a highly emotional story , but the style of writing denied me that response The only reason for giving it 4 stars is the basic content I did [...]

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