Louisiana Bigshot (2022)

Louisiana Bigshot Best Download || [Julie Smith] - Louisiana Bigshot, Louisiana Bigshot A Talba Wallis NovelBy night the glamorous Baroness de Pontalba by day New Orleans hippest P I Talba Wallis is dumbfounded when she can t do a simple background check on an old friend Babalu Maya jus Louisiana Bigshot Best Download || [Julie Smith] - Louisiana Bigshot, Louisiana Bigshot A Talba Wallis NovelBy night the glamorous Baroness de Pontalba by day New Orleans hippest P I Talba Wallis is dumbfounded when she can t do a simple background check on an old friend Babalu Maya jus
  • Title: Louisiana Bigshot
  • Author: Julie Smith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Louisiana Bigshot
Louisiana Bigshot Best Download || [Julie Smith], Louisiana Bigshot, Julie Smith, Louisiana Bigshot A Talba Wallis NovelBy night the glamorous Baroness de Pontalba by day New Orleans hippest P I Talba Wallis is dumbfounded when she can t do a simple background check on an old friend Babalu Maya just doesn t seem to exist on paper Four days later she doesn t exist at all As Talba threads her way backward through Babalu s short difficult life she finds an intricatA Talba Wall
  • Louisiana Bigshot Best Download || [Julie Smith]
    377Julie Smith
Louisiana Bigshot

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  1. Fat hate, including well obviously they re fat because of x , in the first five pages Repeatedly And trying to make the fat person sound ignorant And what is a fat person doing in THIS kind of job Etc and so on NOPE.

  2. I ve found a new favorite woman s mystery author A smart, sassy female detective AND a good story I can t wait until the next one

  3. This is the second book in a series I didn t read the first It seemed to me like this was a beginning of a series book The story is set in modern New Orleans and our narrator is Talba Wallis, new private detective She is learning the ropes and makes lots of mistakes I like her character and would read another installment.

  4. I wasn t going to write a review for this book because I didn t finish it Quite frankly, it was a struggle to make it halfway through Chapter 4 The story line was okay, but I couldn t get past the racial innuendos Every single character was identified as to whether they were black or white Why What difference does that make I don t care if the character is black, white, purple or green When the main character said that she chose her name because she wanted to steal something from a white person, [...]

  5. Being British it s sometimes difficult to get into the detail of American books the language and cultural differences, never mind details of places However, the writing in this book brings out the depth and complexity of the main character Talba Wallis even to us English From TV we ve a reasonable understanding of the workings of the US police system and Private Investigators, sufficient to know Talba, as one half of a detective duo, is pretty hot to use the vernacular As with any fiction writer [...]

  6. I really like Talba and Eddie s relationship He s an old, tough white investigator who has seen it all, and she s a young, intelligent black woman who becomes his assistant PI They have a special bond, and while she sometimes drives him crazy, he also feels very protective and fatherly towards her In this book, one of Talba s friends dies under mysterious circumstances, and the they find out, the deeper the mystery seems to go Set in and around New Orleans, the author uses the setting to add fl [...]

  7. I honestly couldn t get into this I thought I would love it and it would be the beginning of another favorite series for me The plot sounded good, and it was a female PI, but 40% in and I just can t, I can t keep going There is nothing in this book to draw me in or make me want to keep reading It isn t even an easy read for a plane or something It takes work to read this because it is so dry and boring.

  8. Not bad at all I enjoyed this book a little than the first one in the series It seemed a little thought went into this one Looking forward to the next one But, while I have enjoyed the stories in both books, the so called poetry is terrible Just my opinion, and I ve never been a fan of poetry anyway butt a fan of Talba s poems.

  9. Julie Smith and TalbaI have read than a few of Me Smith s books, and have enjoyed each and every one I especially like Skip, but Talba has a great deal of charm If you like a mystery with a strong narrative thread, interesting characters, and a believable plot, get acquainted with Ms SMith s books.

  10. Well written, entertaining, serious MysteryThis is the first Julie Smith book that I ve read It was very well written and the mystery itself was for serious and life threatening for the characters than any other mystery that I ve read that was called Cozy mystery Great characters solid plot and very well written.

  11. Talba rocksI like the what she thinks She s smart and sassy Great combo It s very interesting to see behind the eyes of the main characters Makes them real I like the fact that the end of the stories aren t always neat and pat but there is some resolution Not all bad people get what they deserve but maybe, down the line, they do Who knows

  12. Excellent To everyone there is a season, a time to live and a time to die Woven throughout this story is this one sentence A well written story weaving past with present How a crime in the past affected so many in the present And how racism in the past still unfortunately resides in the presence.

  13. 3.5 I m not quite sure about the humorous category, but it was a interesting mystery written with a light touch about a serious issue and was a good read I would read other books in the series, too.

  14. Very southern.Tales is beautiful, witty, fairly smart, and determined She is deep south with the language to fit Interesting reading for outsiders A little reverse racist but funny Loved this book and it s bridge between cultures.

  15. This second book in the series was hard to get into I started reading and stopped many times before I could read than just a few pages at a time When I finally got into the story, I had a hard time putting it down.

  16. Great page turner I just loved this book It will keep you guessing until the end when all is revealed The characters come to life you can see them and hear them speaking with their hometown accents I would highly recommend this book.

  17. Love this readThe telling of this story kept me captivated A very enjoyable read I do believe I have found another great author and look forward to reading about Ms Wallis and Skip Langdon as well.

  18. I am hooked.This author and her characters have me quite involved in their activities My interest has been piqued and I will continue to follow this author The story lines move right along and contain enough light spots to keep a pleasant pace.

  19. Hang on to your seat, wild ride aheadFollow Talba on another wild ride through Louisiana as she investigates the death of her friend.Fast action, suspense and some laughter thrown in.

  20. Hooked meEnjoyed the story, the characters were clear and lively, looking foreword to the next book in the series A fun read that made me want Good style of writing, very personable.

  21. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so Shelley MA

  22. WowThe Baroness is up to her neck it danger and she drags Eddie into it, too Hard to put this book down.

  23. Good storyI enjoyed this mystery it made me second guess myself on who I thought had done the crimes It made you think

  24. BrilliantLoved every minute of this book Looking forward to reading Had me on the edge of my seat at some points.

  25. very good, but with a cast of thousands and intricate It was a marathon race from the first page to the last Five stars.

  26. Excellent readI liked the honesty about ongoing race relations in the south The interactions between generations in the family also seemed very believable.

  27. Excellent ReadGreat characters and plot Really liked the Baroness and her boss Eddie Interesting though numerous other characters Looking forward to next book.

  28. Not the best Not the best book on the marketwasn t even that funny I really have no desire to continue with the series Keep trying lady

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