Resurrection (2022)

Free Download Resurrection - by Arwen Elys Dayton - Resurrection, Resurrection Five thousand years ago the Kinley built a ship capable of traveling faster than light It carried a group of scientists to a small distant planet a primitive place called Earth Its mission was peace Free Download Resurrection - by Arwen Elys Dayton - Resurrection, Resurrection Five thousand years ago the Kinley built a ship capable of traveling faster than light It carried a group of scientists to a small distant planet a primitive place called Earth Its mission was peace
  • Title: Resurrection
  • Author: Arwen Elys Dayton
  • ISBN: 9780451458346
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
Free Download Resurrection - by Arwen Elys Dayton, Resurrection, Arwen Elys Dayton, Resurrection Five thousand years ago the Kinley built a ship capable of traveling faster than light It carried a group of scientists to a small distant planet a primitive place called Earth Its mission was peaceful observation But when the ship was destroyed the Kinley crew found themselves stranded in ancient Egypt participants in the pageant of life in the time of the PharaoFive thousand yea Resurrection Definition Meaning Merriam Webster Church of the Resurrection Resurrection Spells DD Beyond Resurrection Official Trailer HD IFC Films YouTube Resurrection Vintage Clothing Resurrection Catholic Community Post resurrection appearances of Jesus Resurrection Definition Meaning Dictionary Resurrection Why is the resurrection of Jesus Christ important
  • Free Download Resurrection - by Arwen Elys Dayton
    459Arwen Elys Dayton

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  1. It s a rare combination sci fi meets Egyptology Resurrection starts by introducing its heroine, Pruit Pax, as she awakens from a form of hibernation She and her partner, Niks, are on a years long journey from their home planet, Herrod, to Earth in search of the remains of a former expedition Their race humans, same as you and I is at war with a race of true aliens, and Pruit has to find technology from that previous group of explorers so her people the Kinley can survive Her arrival on Earth is [...]

  2. This story will earn and keep your attention One thing that annoys me about some authors is how they drone on about peripheral, irrelevant details that have nothing to do with the story With such authors you have this vague sense that they re just showing off Oh, look at how many adjectives I know Look how I just made a cool metaphor and you re tempted to skip ahead but you re not sure if you might be missing something important Not this author There are beautiful metaphors and engaging descript [...]

  3. Deeply subpar I picked up this book on a whim, having found it on the top rated in SF list on If I had glanced at the full spectrum of reviews and ratings, I would have avoided it and saved some time.The prose is the most obvious issue Dayton is simply not a particularly proficient writer If she has a love of the language and it is not clear from this novel that she does that love does not translate into any actual talent.Characterization is by and large also very flawed, although the character [...]

  4. Cold picked this book and was quiet surprised I liked the descriptions of the two protagonists She made them very alien and very alien to each other The way they live and understand the world conflicts at a fundamental level She sets up a really interesting point of view conflict Since neither party is inherently evil, she makes you feel empathetic to both parties The descriptions of how she envisions future technology is creative I always enjoy writers who have interesting takes on how technolo [...]

  5. This was shaping up to be a pretty good sci fi novel until it turned into a fantasy novel with a really disappointing ending The premise an alien visit to Earth many years ago is the key to saving one alien faction in a modern day war many light years away was interesting, and the writing was solid Sadly, the whole plot ended up hingeing on a magical, telepathic mind meld and it turns out reincarnation is real blowing away all credibility as a sci fi story and leaving me shaking my head in bitte [...]

  6. Good Not as good as sausage and cheese Felt a bit amateurish, like the author had to spell out what people were feeling instead of letting the story and characters speak for themselves.

  7. Another great read and listen for free book Love this narrator, and especially loved the story of how these people influenced ancient Egypt Well, fictionally at least, but I ve always had my suspicions

  8. While I was admittedly dubious about reading a book by an author named Arwen, the book still sounded interesting and had an intriguing cover Also, I was delighted to find it was a standalone novel and not part of a series, so I ignored the author s name and checked the book out as my Kindle Prime lending library choice for this month.What was especially fun about this book is that it combined science fiction with all the trappings of aliens though some are human and space travel, with events tak [...]

  9. I forget how I got recommend this book maybe , but after some hard core classics, felt it was time to have some mental candy floss, and enjoy some pulp sci fi.The basic story of this book was very good, and the way that it fed back into Earth s history was nice In many ways the history part was used like Dan Brown take factoids that you can not dispute, but then wrap a story around them, that you know is wrong, but cannot put your finger on where it is wrong.Never the less, it was a fun, addicti [...]

  10. I got this book on a whim It was recommended by due to something I purchased and or put into my wishlist I went into it thinking if nothing else it was cheap and I like Sci Fi, and Ancient Egyptian myth I was pleasantly surprised In fact, I quite like the story.It follows three civilizations The Kinley Who are on the brink of annihilation They were nuclear attacked by another world and are about to be attacked again They have a technology heavily based in biology as they do not have much metals [...]

  11. I did think the writing in Resurrection was amateurish and didn t flow smoothly Ordinarily that would completely turn me off to a book, but I actually enjoyed this story quite a lot I have a difficult time with sci fi that introduces entire new species and cultures without having a frame of reference to place them in, so having much of the action occur on Earth kept me interested Although I am not an ancient alien believer, I did enjoy the way the author incorporated some of those myths into her [...]

  12. If you re at all familiar with the work on an ancient Egypt by John Anthony West, you re likely to enjoy this work of speculative fiction as much as I did Present tense science fiction like you ll find in Ressurection seems like a greater writing challenge than futuristic, far out fare such as Dune or Star Wars, but I d put this title in that league I enjoyed the characters and their relationships, and the believable technologies from other worlds kept the story rolling along without feeling too [...]

  13. This book has some great concepts woven into a strong sci fi plot But, unfortunately, the book is largely plot driven and the writing doesn t move very fast Slow pacing in a plot driven book can become maddeningly boring In a great book, the challenge is always to put it down long enough to get anything else done With Resurrection, the challenge was remembering to get back to it This was a disappointment, especially since the story held so much potential And then the reviews only built expectati [...]

  14. Such a good premise, and so poorly done It took half the book to even get the story started The only character I connected with was Jean Claude, a relatively minor character The first death is kind of a reverse of Chekhov s gun instead of setting something up as deadly, the character just died followed by an Oh yeah, did I mention that might be deadly Same thing with the villain, who seemed to be added as an afterthought All that being said, I was leaning toward upping this to two stars, because [...]

  15. Read this only because it was the 2 downloaded Kindle novel that week, and it was 99 cents While it had a decent idea for a story, it wasn t all that good The characters were dull and forgettable There was a decent tie in to ancient Egyptian culture with the original Kinley expedition, but while it made sense, it was boring.The ending was extremely predictable and lacked any real dramatic resolution Everything just falls into place 3 5 because I am feeling generous today

  16. Resurrection by Arwen Elys Dayton Author 3.43 rating details 100 ratings 28 reviews 2600 B.C.The first ship built by the Kinley race capable of travelling faster than the speed of light, the Champion is sent to explore a tiny blue planet called Earth But the Champion s first mission would also be its last.Present DayThe Kinley race is nearly extinct, wiped out by a warlike race called the Lucien Their only hope for survival lies in the technolo

  17. This is a science fiction tale that brings an interplanetary conflict onto Earth s doorstep circa 2600 BC I liked how author Dayton connected alien doings with early human history, and how she brought this conflict into the present day If she publishes fiction especially space opera I will read it.

  18. I really enjoyed this one The author did an excellent job of character development, plotting and maintaining and escalation of conflict that keeps the reader wanting right to the very end A few editing errors were found, but for an independently published book, it was very well done Definitely recommended.

  19. Fun to read A kinda pulpy sci fi novel which is always a good thing Though I don t believe in Ancient Aliens I really enjoy books about them, it seems And I m a sucker for most anything set in ancient Egypt.

  20. I really enjoyed the beginning of this book The ending fell flat too neatly wrapped up and a bit forced Some bits of the storyline were never well explained I just wish there was a bit to the whole book

  21. This book has a great flow to it I thoroughly enjoyed Dayton s theory of past lives and how the Egyptian pyramids were constructed from an alien survey team I actually sort of believe her theories might be fact than fiction Great Sci Fi

  22. A refreshingly original story A nice combination of alien interaction with ancient Earth and the impact over 5,000 years.A vicious war between 2 worlds 8 light years from earth has both worlds sending missions to earth to recover the technology for faster than light speed space travel About 5,000 years ago, an exploratory mission to earth using this faster than light speed technology lost their ship in an earthquake and were never able to return home Intermingling with the inhabitants of ancient [...]

  23. Sometimes after reading only a couple chapters I can t go any further This is one of those books.Pruit is speaking to her younger brother Makus after he has been selected to become one of the Sentinel Nonsensical exchanges such as the one below annoy me so much I can t read any She forgets what seems to be a basic Law in their society Really Page filler nonsense Makus was silent, and a sudden thought occurred to Pruit She turned to him Makus, have you ever been outside He shook his head No I d [...]

  24. As a space saga, the use of technology and available resources were well varied I loved that it didn t include MINING in any shape or form So hurray for that However, there was little variation in the human customs and the characters were rather flat and entirely undeserving of any emotional investment I did like the ultimate misunderstanding by Lucian and Kinley that had perpetuated and kept them at war seems much plausible.

  25. What is humanity outlook for the future I am not a true SIFY Fan But, personally believe there are many other planets out there Will our world as we know it open to this or fight to destroy our chances to teach and share with others The May look different but Kai fain the same goals with means to go forward I liked the book If we have open our minds, the whole galaxy is our oyster We learn much and teach, what, we know 4 thumbs up

  26. Flat, That is the word that keeps coming to mind about this book The characters are all very one dimensional and flat, the story telling is all very predictable and flat It showed some promise and then falls flat It is a very slow paced book and not a lot of depth in it.

  27. Overall decent but left me wanting I think the author could ve written about the technology and explored that in greater depth and detail Also, I didn t dislike the ending but it felt a bit rushed and wrapped up a little too neatly and nicely.

  28. I technically did not finish this book, and can not finish it Had to push myself to get even half way through and cant do it any I had such high hopes for this book Horrible, horrible.

  29. YesDon t you just love it when you find a new author as good as arwen I am looking for of her work Would even make a great movie

  30. Had potentialWas enjoyable to read up until the last 25% of the book and then got cheesy and ruined it for me.

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