The Unexpected Duchess (2022)

[PDF] Read ↠ The Unexpected Duchess : by Valerie Bowman - The Unexpected Duchess, The Unexpected Duchess Is there any greater surprise than falling deeply madly in love In This Battle of WitsLady Lucy Upton s tongue may be too sharp to attract suitors but her heart is good and when her painfully shy fr [PDF] Read ↠ The Unexpected Duchess : by Valerie Bowman - The Unexpected Duchess, The Unexpected Duchess Is there any greater surprise than falling deeply madly in love In This Battle of WitsLady Lucy Upton s tongue may be too sharp to attract suitors but her heart is good and when her painfully shy fr
  • Title: The Unexpected Duchess
  • Author: Valerie Bowman
  • ISBN: 9781250042071
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Ebook
The Unexpected Duchess
[PDF] Read ↠ The Unexpected Duchess : by Valerie Bowman, The Unexpected Duchess, Valerie Bowman, The Unexpected Duchess Is there any greater surprise than falling deeply madly in love In This Battle of WitsLady Lucy Upton s tongue may be too sharp to attract suitors but her heart is good and when her painfully shy friend Cassandra needs help she devises a brilliant scheme to help her discourage an unwanted suitor the Duke of Claringdon Lucy will hide behind the hedgerow and tell Cass juIs
  • [PDF] Read ↠ The Unexpected Duchess : by Valerie Bowman
    350Valerie Bowman
The Unexpected Duchess

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  1. This book is for fans of scintillating dialogue and stimulating back and forth between the hero and heroine It brings to mind Taming of the Shrew in the best ways The chemistry is excellent, and while this is on the lighter side for a historical romance, it s a fun ride to watch Lucy and Derek go at it, and fall deeper in love with each encounter It has a love scene that made me fan myself Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine for the May 2014 issue affairedecoeur.

  2. This one s a retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac only with a sassy heroine and a delicious twist

  3. 3.5 starsCould have done without so much bloody drama in it, but I liked the characters I liked that just like Lisa Kleypas Wallflowers series, we have a group of women best friends who decide to help one another.I liked their banter, I liked their witticism.I liked the main romance _could have done without the soap opera thing.In the end I can t wait to read the friends future stories The bluestocking in particular seems mighty promising And I especially liked that I had fun while reading this. [...]

  4. A Bad Monty Python for Junior HighLord Derek Hunt has returned from the war He has been made the Duke of Claringdon for his extraordinary service for his country in that war He was sent home with instructions to find a suitable bride One stipulation of his duchy is that his choice of bride must be approved by the Queen His friend, as he was dying, requested that Derek marry Lady Cassandra His friend assured him that Lady Cassandra was duchess material and his friend wanted Derek to take care of [...]

  5. I wrote notes on this, but I m not going to draw up an actual review because I already wasted hours of my time reading the novel.So here s what I jotted in Evernote as I went So far this is just plain silly the heroine stood behind her friend hidden by a hedgerow, feeding her lines and hero wasn t fooled.And now her plan is standing behind her friend at a balcony and speaking for her imitating her voice and hero s not supposed to figure that out eitherTheir sparring isn t even amusing yet 46page [...]

  6. Originally Posted At Addicted To RomanceSummary Lady Lucy Upton, is considered to bold and outspoken and is considered a wallflower , Lucy has always been daring enough to speak her mind When one of her two closest friends, Cassandra, is being pursued by the Duke of Claringdon, when she is interested in another man, but the Duke is being persistent, so Cassandra s asks for Lucy s help in deterring his advances So Lucy comes up with various ways to discourage Derek Hunt Derek s best friend Julian [...]

  7. ARC provided by St Martin s Press through NetgalleyI suppose we re all familiar, if not with Cyrano de Bergerac s actual life which is very entertaining, since he was actually gay, and involved in love affairs with other gentlemen authors, and when these ended badly they published works vilifying the other, there were death threats, daring escapes, and all the entertaining things which populated the lives of libertines , then with Edmond Rostand s play about his love for Roxane and how he wooed [...]

  8. It s always nice when an author can surprise you I was underwhelmed by Valerie Bowman s debut story and have dragged my feet in reading any of the follow up books However the description for this book was just too tempting to resist and I had to give her a second chance Oh, how things have changed for the better The play Cyrano de Bergerac was the inspiration for this story but the author put her own stamp on it by changing up the cues from the original Lady Lucy Upton may start out with a sharp [...]

  9. The Unexpected Duchess Playful Brides 1 By Valerie Bowman narrated by Alison Larkin Valerie Bowman is brilliant in this comical, powerful, heart clenching romance It would be difficult to find a heroine anywhere with as much wit and cleverness as Lady Lucy Upton Renowned for scaring the gents of the ton with her quick ton, Lucy finds herself alone without a prospect as the marriageable ladies are swept up At least she has her two best friends the very bookish blue stocking Jane and the demur cl [...]

  10. A delightfully witty and utterly enjoyable romance, The Unexpected Duchess was a wonderful read I really liked this book It was entertaining, romantic, and a lovely read.Lucy was a good heroine She was very strong and fiercely loyal to her friends She was definitely clever and her wittiness brought a lot of fun to the book My only issue was that, sometimes, her wittiness tended to cross the line to mean and she made problems out of nothing But, otherwise, I liked her.Derek was wonderful He was v [...]

  11. The first book in the new Playful Brides series by Valerie Bowman, one of the funniest and most charming voices in historical romance This book features humorous themes from the play, Cyrano de Bergerac.I wish some historical romance novels would be made into movies the stories are so beautiful, sweet, sexy, funny, and charming But that will never happen This is one I think would make a wonderful movie.Lady Lucy Upton is impulsive, direct, and often speaks before she thinks She s fearless in def [...]

  12. A lovely historical romance where Lucy and Derek fell in love without realizing when they did.I will definitely read Cassandra and Jane s stories.

  13. Oh my gosh Valerie has done it again I just have to say I absolutely adored this new series I m not saying that because I absolutely love Derek and Garrett but man I super love them Oh and Jane is just my kind of girl She s so Me LOLAnyways, I was super happy to have received an early reader copy in print which I absolutely love and couldn t put down And can I say that cover is just amazing But that right hand of hers is just, distracting It really looks like she s missing an arm O.0 Okay, movin [...]

  14. Valerie Bowman Do you love a good best friends forever story Three best friends are ready to end yet another Season unmarried Lucy is bold, out spoken and has a sharp and cutting tongue Cassandra is demure, quiet but she really loves everyone Jane is the clever one with blue stock tendency Each are different but the team up to help one another to get their greatest wish This is Lucy s story Lady Lucy Upton is a woman that scares men away because she cuts, stabs and lacerated men with her harsh, [...]

  15. Arc provided by St Martins press via Netgalley for an honest review The Unexpected Duchess was, well it would fit well if I say unexpectedly good , but I expected it to be good and the book did not dissapoint Wonderful, Witty, Heartwarming romance Lady Lucy Upton is for the most part on the shelf, not do to looks, nor due to standing, she is an earls daughter, Lady Lucy is on the shelf because she is smart , witty, competent and can wield wordsband her tongue like a cutless, she is also a fierce [...]

  16. Handlung Lady Lucy Upton souffliert ihrer sch chternen Freundin Cass um ihren Verehrer den Duke of Clarindon abzuweisen, da diese in einen anderen verliebt ist.Der Herzog ist aber ein Mann, der zu seinem Wort steht und ist bestrebt sein Versprechen Lady Cass zu heiraten, einzuhalten Da Cass einfach zu nett ist um ihn abzuweisen, bekommt er es immer fter mit ihrer besten Freundin zu tun, die ihn vergraulen will.Meinung Beim erstmaligen Lesen hat mir die Leseprobe gar nicht so gefallen, aber irgen [...]

  17. Vydavate stvo Ikar prinieslo do na ich kon n nov autorku A mus m poznamena , e ve mi talentovan Valerie p e len nieko ko rokov, no u m na svojom konte pekn h stku rom nov My sa m eme za ta do prvej knihy zo s rie Playful Brides Derek Hunt bojoval v napoleonskej vojne, no nastal as vr ti sa domov Najnov m jeho poslan m je by vojvodom Titul z skal za z sluhy a jeho prioritou je o eni sa a splodi dedi a Cie je jasn Na radu svojho priate a Justina, ktor le na smrte nej posteli, sa rozhodne dvori kr [...]

  18. This book was absolutely delightful It s a cross between Cyrano de Bergerac and The Taming of the Shrew The characters were charming and engaging, and the repartee between the hero and heroine was wonderful The hero kept looking forward to his verbal jousts with the heroine, and so did I I also loved the close friendship between Lucy, the heroine, and her two best friends, the subjects of the next two books in the trilogy While the secondary characters will feature as leads in the next two books [...]

  19. This book was soooo frustrating to read The only parts I enjoyed were the ones with the lady friendships we need on HR, not just sisters and the parts were our otp was not exchanging barbs with each other By the end of the book I was so done with these two I understand honor and friendship, but I never like noble idiocy and sacrificing oneself without having all the information Not even Lucy s proposal at the end, which was a lovely mirror to Derek s, could save this book for me The only reason [...]

  20. Copy and pasted from my review on audible from 2015 May edit later I ve listened to all three books in this series, and I like this one the most I enjoyed the bantering between the hero and the heroine Their banters were so much fun to listen to that I couldn t help but smile several times Both characters are strong willed, clever, witty, and loyal They are perfect for each other The love scenes were pretty hot and steamy fans self I felt that some parts toward the end of the book kind of dragge [...]

  21. I received a ARC from the author to read and review This is the first book in the Playful Bride series It is a take on Cyrano de Bergerac Lucy, Jane and Cassandra decide to help each other with finding mates Cassandra has been in love with her childhood friend and cousin s Fiance as long as she can remember She is not very happy when the Duke of Claringdon tries to court her Lucy volunteers to help her get rid of him What happens next is a lot of fun.I loved this book I enjoyed the banter betwee [...]

  22. Regency with all the credentials to be the first of a new good series the characters are fun and well chosen, their exchanges ironic and often I found myself laughing alone while I read I just wonder who will be the characters of the next one that I look forward to.Regency con tutte le carte in regola per essere il primo di una buona serie i personaggi sono divertenti e azzeccati, i loro scambi ironici e spesso mi ritrovavo a ridere da sola mentre leggevo Mi chiedo soltanto chi saranno i persona [...]

  23. This is the first book in the series Playful Brides This is a standalone book as I am reading them out of order and haven t found a problem I enjoyed the interaction between the heroine, Lady Lucy Upton and her friends I cannot wait to get to the next book The hero, Duke of Claringdon is trying to make the best of a promise he made to a friend and finding it hard to ignore Lady Lucy.

  24. omundoencantadodoslivros.cFinalmente foi publicada Valerie Bowman uma daquelas autoras que me despertou a aten o no momento em que comecei a olhar para o panorama liter rio mundial Os seus livros, pareciam me na altura, serem dotados de hist rias fant sticas e as suas capas apelativas faziam me sonhar pelo momento em que chegassem ao nosso pa s Finalmente chegou o dia e o que me chegou s m os deixou me deliciada, porque n o s tinha finalmente um livro que tanto esperava, como a sua capa era exac [...]

  25. Rozpr vka s pozicanou dobou, ktor mohla by pokojne aj cel vymyslen , len aby pasovala do pr behu Ale odd chla som si Ne tam romantiku a pr beh nebol na rovni, na ak som zvyknut , no mus m poveda , e to bolo lep ie ako knihy pre eny, ktor som sa pok ala ta doteraz.

  26. que belo in cio para a s rie de Valeria Bowman Opini o a ser publicada brevemente no Efeito dos Livros

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