Pieces of Perfect (2022)

Pieces of Perfect Best Read || [Elizabeth Hayley] - Pieces of Perfect, Pieces of Perfect Alternate cover edition of B DU LC As a sexy ex hockey player Max was the bad boy with something to prove As a handsome single father Adam was the man most women wait a lifetime for Each man would Pieces of Perfect Best Read || [Elizabeth Hayley] - Pieces of Perfect, Pieces of Perfect Alternate cover edition of B DU LC As a sexy ex hockey player Max was the bad boy with something to prove As a handsome single father Adam was the man most women wait a lifetime for Each man would
  • Title: Pieces of Perfect
  • Author: Elizabeth Hayley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Pieces of Perfect
Pieces of Perfect Best Read || [Elizabeth Hayley], Pieces of Perfect, Elizabeth Hayley, Pieces of Perfect Alternate cover edition of B DU LC As a sexy ex hockey player Max was the bad boy with something to prove As a handsome single father Adam was the man most women wait a lifetime for Each man would take me on a journey of self discovery that was marred with lies jealousy deceit and a whole lot of fun They each offered a glimpse of happily ever after a piece of peAlternate
  • Pieces of Perfect Best Read || [Elizabeth Hayley]
    478Elizabeth Hayley
Pieces of Perfect

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  1. I absolutely LOVED this book I have endured the journey I have withstood the adventure I have learned that perfect doesn t exist That, in reality, you re lucky to just get pieces of it And that s exactly what I had, though I didn t appreciate it at the time Now, I know better It has been a while that I have enjoyed reading a book THIS much I devoured every single page There is one thing I do know Sometimes, doll, in our attempt to have everything, we find ourselves left with nothing And as I wri [...]

  2. 4 LOVE TRIANGLE HELL Stars If you re a fan of the love triangle then this is the book for you And boy does it start off on a bang Nothing like some HOT airplane airport sex to start things off Lily has just left her parents vacation home for the Christmas break She s headed back to Philly when she meets Max in the airport It s pretty much hate at first sight Max is kind of a pig but despite that, Lily is still attracted to him After the sex capade, Lily goes on about her lifeey part ways, withou [...]

  3. So.umwow I m honestly not sure what to think of this book On one hand, it was really good and I couldn t put it down But on the other handIt really irritated me So I ll break it downA book always starts with 5 stars with me And over the course of reading, I adjust the scale to reflect what s happening in the book and my reaction to it So, I started with 5, deducted a star for cheating yes, I call it cheating and another for the ending So that leaves me with a 3 The only problem isThere were part [...]

  4. Wow What a freaking book It was so hard to put down I loved it really The sexy, tge characters, the story The men Review to come

  5. I m frustrated and I m angry Straight up I believe it is a cliff hanger well at least I hope it is, because I definitely need resolution This was a hot read love triangle I ve read m nage before but a love triangle is a new area for me I m not sure I m entirely comfortable with it The sexual tension was definitely in place between our three main characters But in order to have a love triangle, there is cheating and that s the part I m conflicted with.Lily, a 27 year old school teacher who is on [...]

  6. 5 Jaw dropping StarsLet s just get straight to it The so called heroine Lily Hamilton doesn t deserve either guy in my opinion There Now that that s outta the way ladies, you must know this is a love triangle story Big time, FYI.Two heroes Max Samson, the professional hockey player Adam Carter, single hot dad who s also an architect Both are fantastic I told you how it shouldn t be Now let me show you how it should Adam You re gonna miss it when I m gone Max A triangle as messed up as this isn t [...]

  7. 4 Max and Adam stars Lily you can burn in hell I dont even know what to say about this bookLilyNow Max and AdamYou both deserve so much better.I will be patiently waiting for the next book.

  8. Pieces of Perfect is the debut novel of Elizabeth Hayley, a writing team that consists of two friends, Elizabeth Hayley who have decided to combine their love for reading with their degrees in English With admittedly similar dirty minds their writing styles seamlessly flow into each other s This team writes as one would expect a seasoned author to and we are sure to see them on the best seller lists in no time.The story is well developed as are the characters The reader is able to place themselv [...]

  9. Well aren t you two ladies clever clogs I thought this was a fabulous book, and our writers certainly got us hooked on both the leading men Max the ex pro hockey player and Adam the single parent to 12 year old Eva, who just so happens to be a pupil of the leading lady Lily.Both men sound completely gorgeous, so I understand why Lily had such a hard time , but really she should have made up her mind and stuck to it This is a love triangle between the three of them and I m not going to say what h [...]

  10. Two words Disgusting and Shallow I was going to give the book only a one star rating but since the end was really good, I think it deserves another star This book has excellent reviews on and I honestly don t know why Lily, the female lead character is a slut and Max, her friend with benefits is a man whore Sorry but I can t think of better words to describe them Adam, Lily s boyfriend saves the face He s a good and stable guy and he deserved much better than Lily Actually, even Max isn t that b [...]

  11. 5 SIZZLING H.O.T Stars I freakin loved this book This is a beautiful and steamy storyabout a love triangle and I loved every minute of it d the best part is You get two HOTTIES.ead of just one YAY

  12. Oh my, what to say Wow or fantastic or sexy or funny Wait It is totally all the above Loved this book.

  13. Ok I was not sure about this book until about 90% into itBut there was something that told me to keep reading, keep experiencing and keep getting turned the fuck on because my GOD was the SMUT fucking HOT GeeeSUS there was a fire in my PANTS This book starts out with a literal BANG At first I was like whaaatt This isn t real life well duh it s fiction but come on this is stretching it a bit much But then I was like whoooaa this is totally effing HOT no longer giving a fuck that its not real life [...]

  14. 4Star Rating 4.5 starsHeat Rating HOT HOT you should take comfort in the fact that this isn t really your decision at all Love finds you It s not the other way around The only choice you really have is whether or not you want to be found Pieces of Perfect by Elizabeth Hayley had me from the first chapter I had no idea what I was in for reading this book but I was pleasantly surprised how much I LOVED this story You know from the blurb that this is going to be a love triangle, which to be honest, [...]

  15. Oh Wow I couldn t put this down The writing was great and it provoked such emotions I loved Adam.looooooooved Max and HATED Lily At first I thought she was kind of funny and cute but that lasted for about 3 pages and then I found her to be immature and selfish I wouldn t be able to choose between Adam and Max myself LOL I did lean toward Max though When Adam first appeared I thought he sounded too good to be true and there must be something bad about him but there was nothing He was perfect Howe [...]

  16. ARC kindly provided in exchange for a fair and honest review Spoiler free review 4 stars.First off I want to say that I love that this book was created by a writing team comprised of two friends Elizabeth and Hayley I got sucked into Elizabeth Hayley s debut book Pieces of Perfect from the first few pages While I was reading PoP I felt like I was watching a car accident as this hot love triangle unraveled You know the I can t look away feeling What a rollercoaster Arghhh I stayed up all night re [...]

  17. I received this book in exchange for my honest review It is definitely a 4.5 star book in my opinion From the very beginning I was hooked I REALLY enjoyed it The story is based on a young somewhat insecure teacher named Lily and the two beautiful men she can t choose between She first meets Max while checking in for her flight at the airport Max is the extremely hot, arrogant type who won t take no for an answer Lily tries unsuccessfully to avoid him at all cost Not only does he end up on her fl [...]

  18. I am sooooo torn I really wanted to give this stars, it was very well written I loved Max, I loved Adam but lily I really, really disliked her She was a complete cow to both guys I think I am also so fed up with love triangles I actually think you should have done two separate books, one for each guy as they were both great I Completely different ways By the end I really felt the guys were both better off without her particularly Max who strangely enough I felt worse for than Adam the scenes at [...]

  19. Arc received from the author in exchange for an honest review.Cover 3 starsSex steaminess 5 starsStory line 4 starsCharacters 4 starsOverall rating 4 starsPersonal rating 4 starsBook Pairing M FDid it give me a book hangover NoIs this a review book or personal read Review book.Why I chose this book I was asked by the author to do a review.What I liked about this book It kept you guessing all the way through Max s imagination The story was fun and hot This book is written by two authors but you c [...]

  20. Seriously, one of the best books I ever readevery girl should read it Yes, because it does contain two hot, loving, irresistible guyss, because it does contain sexs, because it does contain romanceBUT it also contains a huge message to women I think every girl comes across a guy like Max once in her life Passion without reasond then the other side Adam Reliable, loving, tender Who to choose Personally, I loved the ending While mostly all romance books feature a happy ending nowadays of course I [...]

  21. I Sometimes in our attempt to have everything, we find ourselves with nothing That statement right there sums up this book perfectly I finished this book but it was a struggle I loved Max and Adam, but I could not stand Lily This was definitely love triangle hell The ending kind of surprised me though, and am so happy with how it ended I know others who absolutely loved the book hated the ending and are impatiently waiting for book 2 I will read the second book only because I need MaxAdam Loved [...]

  22. Fabulous book but I really need .Is this a cliffhanger Will there be another book Please tell me there will be another book PLEASE Lots of depth and growth along with hot and steamy love triangle can be found in this book I really thought Adam was wonderful, sexy, irresistible and a true knight in shining armor BUT Im TEAM MAX all the way Max is real He put it all out there for Lilly and I loved that about him My only hope now is to find out that this story will be continued SOON.

  23. Received this book to give an honest review.I read this book in one day and was hooked from the beginning It was really refreshing to have a story that had a realistic ending and not the usual prince charming ending with everyone living happily ever after.Looking forward to reading from this author and I would highly recommend this book

  24. 2 starsI would have enjoyed this if there s no Adam, love triangle isn t my thing and never will be.I skipped, A lot Since well, Adam He s boring, I didn t even read their love scenes coz, hello I love Max and I know that she s gonna end up with Max and reading her love scenes with Adam was justoss.

  25. 41 2 Wow I loved this book I m not happy with the ending but I think I seen that a 2nd book 2 is coming out Fantastic I was a bloody mess reading the first one,I m sure the 2nd one wont disappoint Great work ladies.

  26. Okay, so I just began this book, and I m already loving the character of Lily She s so funny Saying exactly what she feels with that colorful lewd language of hers She reminds me so much of my sister, in that respect, that I m constantly laughing out loud She gets herself in quite a quandry when she has sexual relations on and off an airplane with a total stranger He s hot and well endowed He s got such a sexy smirk while knowing that he s all that How can she possibly turn this hottie down Oh, [...]

  27. I am so not a fan of the love triangle I just don t buy in to them I always find there is always that one in the triangle manipulative and selfish They are also very difficult story lines to pull off What can possibly come from them There is always going to be some one hurt whether by their own doing or as an innocent.With that said, Elizabeth Hayley did an amazing job putting a very different and unexpected spin on the story I loved that she did not tie it all up in a cutesy little bow, spray s [...]

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