The Stories We Tell (2022)

[PDF] The Stories We Tell | by ↠ Patti Callahan Henry - The Stories We Tell, The Stories We Tell Bestselling author Patti Callahan Henry is back with a powerful novel about the stories we tell and the people we trust Eve and Cooper Morrison are Savannah s power couple They re on every artistic bo [PDF] The Stories We Tell | by ↠ Patti Callahan Henry - The Stories We Tell, The Stories We Tell Bestselling author Patti Callahan Henry is back with a powerful novel about the stories we tell and the people we trust Eve and Cooper Morrison are Savannah s power couple They re on every artistic bo
  • Title: The Stories We Tell
  • Author: Patti Callahan Henry
  • ISBN: 9781250040312
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Hardcover
The Stories We Tell
[PDF] The Stories We Tell | by ↠ Patti Callahan Henry, The Stories We Tell, Patti Callahan Henry, The Stories We Tell Bestselling author Patti Callahan Henry is back with a powerful novel about the stories we tell and the people we trust Eve and Cooper Morrison are Savannah s power couple They re on every artistic board and deeply involved in the community She owns and operates a letterpress studio specializing in the handmade he runs a digital magazine featuring all things southern geBestsell
  • [PDF] The Stories We Tell | by ↠ Patti Callahan Henry
    134Patti Callahan Henry
The Stories We Tell

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  1. Eve and Cooper Morrison both own their own businesses She, a letterpress studio he, a digital magazine While they are not necessarily unhappily married, the toll of running two businesses has dimmed the once happier years Not to mention the fact that the couple s teen daughter Gwen is in a state of rebellion and Eve s sister, Willa is staying with them after finally giving up the alcohol and random wandering lifestyle Still, the marriage is solid.Things begin to get a little shaky, though, when [...]

  2. Another reviewer pointed out that this book contained too much telling, not enough showing I agree, from the larger plot developments right down to the syntax, Henry was spoon feeding us She used lots of adverbs and contrived figurative language throughout, but less meaningful dialogue than I would have liked Similarly, she had all the makings of an interesting plot but didn t push them far enough for it to be truly successful, instead settling for doling out predictable developments at evenly s [...]

  3. I don t know who is dumber Me, for finishing this book or the characters in this book This was the most anti climatic book I ve ever read It kept building and building and building and THEN NOTHING Big whoop he didn t want to fail as a son so he took money from the wife s account I felt nothing for any of the characters Very disappointed in this book.

  4. How to write a review of a friend s novel I want to meet Gwen and see her fall in love and watch the face of the lucky guy who realizes he s won her heart I want to hear Francie sing I want to have a long conversation with Willa because we d probably laugh all the way through it I have a few things I d like to say to Cooper I want to hear Max tell one of his stories I want to see Eve s studio and watch her create something beautiful out of paper and ink and metal I want to have a glass of wine o [...]

  5. In THE STORIES WE TELL, Patti Callahan Henry peels back the layers of family life to show us a perfect Savannah family that is anything but perfect I wanted to read slowly to enjoy the writing, the settings, the world of letterpress, the intricacies of the female relationships, but I had to keep turning pages to unravel the plot twists Ultimately, this is a story about the desire to protect those you love even if your motivation becomes distorted into a web of lies I loved every page

  6. The plot to the story intrigued me and kept me turning from page to page The author shows what is happening well But the writing was choppy and the characters were flat None of their actions made sense and after a while it just felt like I was reading a compilation of scenes instead of a novel I kept reading the book because the tension was well managed throughout the book, but for some reason the story abruptly ends and I was left feeling dissatisfied.

  7. The Stories We Tell is a recent release by the great author Patti Callahan Henry It has been released in paperback from St Martin s Press this summer Definitely a must have for 2015 Beach Read This story has a little bit of everything Synopsis Eve Morrison runs a letter press company the Fine Line Ink It is her pet project that has become a successful company This company makes letter press cards There is one problem it takes away from her family She is married to Cooper Morrison and they have a [...]

  8. Another winner from Patti Callahan Henry, though this one moved at a slower pace than some of her other books Sometimes, what looks like a really good life really isn t, but we creates stories and pretend otherwise Such is the premise of this novel I enjoyed it, but in thinking back over the 8 days since I finished it, I realize this won t be a book I long remember Even now, having read another book in the last few days, the storyline has begun to fade Suffice it to say that the novel was well w [...]

  9. I loved this book I really connected with the characters, especially with Eve trying to connect with her teenage daughter Very real, very true I highly recommend this book I don t give reviews that give away the storyline but I loved it and will certainly read it again I am now interested in learning about printing and the letter press industry I like reading a book that introduces me to something new Good work Patti Callahan Henry.

  10. Extremely average, predictable women s fiction I would have rather read a novel told from the POV of Eve s sister, Willa, and her struggle to regain her memory and self respect after Eve s husband blames her for a horrific car accident Instead we get a clueless, rich Eve who is oblivious to the fact that her husband is an a hole and that her teenage daughter is crying out for help A quick read that will just as quickly fade from my memory.

  11. I enjoyed this novel and read it in one sitting Pet peeve there were a couple of textual mistakes a dialogue misattribution and an extra pronoun , which I did not expect in a St Martin s hardcover

  12. Thought provoking and a good read A quote I liked Tears sting the back of my throat like bees released from a hive under my ribs.

  13. From its first pages, I was drawn into this story Right off the top, I liked its title, premise, cover art, and the prologue, which was a terrific set up for the story, hinting at oncoming conflict while introducing the main character Nicely done It never fails to intrigue me how subjective the enjoyment of a book is What works for me doesn t for you, and vice versa Similarly, the same writer can hit my mark once but the miss it the next time Or the other way around, which is what happened for m [...]

  14. They are Savannah s power couple Cooper and Eve Morrison have a beautiful home on property handed down through the Morrison family for years his e publishing business is successful, just as her letterpress studio is, where she produces Fine Line, Inkrds and logos, and other creations.Cooper travels constantly to find customers and investors, and Eve s studio occupies the old barn on the property.Living in the guest cottage is Eve s sister Willa the two are best friends who have survived harsh ch [...]

  15. I received this book as part of a giveaway This book had a lot of potential but fell very short The plot had the makings of a good story but was very under developed In a nut shell Eve Morrison must find out what really happened the night her husband and sister were in a car accident together and the truth will alter her family forever From the outset, the truth that Eve must discover about her husband is pretty transparent from the beginning, however it takes at least 200 pages before Eve pays [...]

  16. I was lucky enough to win this ARC book I love being able to read an Advanced Reading Copy because I feel like I m let in on the process, or the secret, of the writing of a particular novel.If I could, I d give The Stories We Tell a 3.5, and I d also like to read the finished copy I wonder how much changes between the ARC and the book that s sent to print This one had many grammatical errors and misused words and names than other ARCs I ve read, and once in awhile the reader had to assume what [...]

  17. I anxiously awaited the day when the book was released Patti callahan Henry has become one of my favourite authors and I was excited to read her new one Well June 24th came and went and none of the bookstores in town had a copy After weeks, I finally managed to get a copy from the library and read it mostly on a little over a day This book did not disappoint While I found the style not to be what I expect from this author, it was enjoyable just the same It s about family struggles and discoverin [...]

  18. I liked the premise of this book, and I liked learning a lot about the letterpress printing business, but the storytelling was its main downfall Too much telling, not enough showing Eve and Cooper are supposedly Savannah s power couple, except that we don t see or hear anything that backs that up, except for Cooper s ridiculously snobby parents There is a car accident involving Cooper and Eve s sister, Willa, who ends up with a brain injury which affects her memory of that night There is also Gw [...]

  19. Patti Callahan Henry brings her incredible insight to us through her storytelling once again.We sit outside what many see as the perfect marriage and watch as the characters slowly reveal their secrets By the end of a perfectly told, seamlessly written novel, we ve cheered on a character we so want to come into her own To discover her strength and make the moves to live the life that will bring her the happiness we think she deserves Happiness she s given up for reasons that seemed like the righ [...]

  20. I enjoyed this book it s the story of a woman whose husband and sister are involved in a car accident and the aftermath leads to some questions and soul searching It was a quick read with a bit of intrigue I was curious enough to keep going which hasn t been the case lately

  21. This is a boring novel about dull, mean people I read half of it and skimmed the end.

  22. Another one I read because it was set in Savannah Enjoyed the mother daughter subplot of a mom trying to connect with her distraught teen.

  23. A great story about love lost love, changed love, enduring love, really all kinds Great relatable characters A fast but worthwhile read.

  24. More of like a 2.5 rating for me It was short and sweet Not a whole lot of story, but I enjoyed the description and world of Savannah I can t wait to take a trip to that beautiful town.

  25. This story started out as somewhat of intriguing, but in the end all the innuendo was unfounded and turned out to be very anticlimactic.

  26. Eve and Cooper Morrison are a prosperous upper class Savannah couple Cooper, whose family line is well known in the community, owns a digital magazine company, while Eve owns a letter press studio that is gaining prominence There life slowly begins to unravel when Eve s sister Willa and Cooper are in an accident that results in Willa losing her memory and Cooper sustaining a grave injury to his face Cooper insists that Willa was the cause of the accident, and because she cannot remember she is n [...]

  27. I will make this as short as possible because I have already wasted enough time on this book All the characters were annoying and melodramatic There were so many times I wanted to shake Eve to wake her up, to see what was right in front of her I thought I would like Max, but he abandons Eve when she needs him most So many things did not make sense, but I had to just keep reading and move on.

  28. I enjoyed this A slow southern tale about image vs truth The story flows well and can be left for a day or two and picked up seamlessly It s not a thriller it s a drama and the mystery within is not cut and dried it s like finding a new friend that reminds you of someone you used to know Worth a beach read or nightstand I will be checking this author out again.

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