Bliss House (2022)

☆ Bliss House ✓ Laura Benedict - Bliss House, Bliss House Death never did come quietly for Bliss House and now a mother and daughter have become entwined in the secrets hidden within its walls Amidst the lush farmland and orchards in Old Gate Virginia stan ☆ Bliss House ✓ Laura Benedict - Bliss House, Bliss House Death never did come quietly for Bliss House and now a mother and daughter have become entwined in the secrets hidden within its walls Amidst the lush farmland and orchards in Old Gate Virginia stan
  • Title: Bliss House
  • Author: Laura Benedict
  • ISBN: 9781605985725
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Hardcover
Bliss House
☆ Bliss House ✓ Laura Benedict, Bliss House, Laura Benedict, Bliss House Death never did come quietly for Bliss House and now a mother and daughter have become entwined in the secrets hidden within its walls Amidst the lush farmland and orchards in Old Gate Virginia stands the magnificent Bliss House Built in as a country retreat Bliss House is impressive historic and inexplicably mysterious Decades of strange occurrences diDeath never did come q
  • ☆ Bliss House ✓ Laura Benedict
    379Laura Benedict
Bliss House

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  1. I read Charlotte s Story a little while ago and was so enthralled by that book that I immediately bought this book the first book in the trilogy Charlotte s Story took place in the 50s and this book story takes place in present time and that means that some, not many, characters from Charlotte s Story are in this book I also know that the Bliss House, and that the men from the Bliss house aren t really to trust.In this book, we get to follow Rainey Bliss Adams and her daughter Ariel that have mo [...]

  2. 3 stars I liked the book Warnings for sexual violence Out of the three Bliss House novels, I think this was the most graphically violent and also had the fewest ghosts I would have been pretty confused by this book and the second one as well if I had read them in order if you want to read this series, I recommend you start with the third book, The Abandoned Heart A Bliss House Novel, which gives the house s back story It s interesting that the books in this series about women, and written by a w [...]

  3. Death never did come quietly for Bliss House and now a mother and daughter have become entwined in the secrets hidden within its walls.Amidst the lush farmland and orchards in Old Gate, Virginia, stands the magnificent Bliss House Built in 1878 as a country retreat, Bliss House is impressive, historic, and inexplicably mysterious Decades of strange occurrences, disappearances and deaths have plagued the house, yet it remains vibrant And very much alive Rainey Bliss Adams desperately needed a ne [...]

  4. Benedict has a brilliant writing style, sophisticated and smooth and assured From the very first page I knew I was in for a ride Strong characters, intense plot, and unseen twists make this book a true winner.

  5. A key element to any successful haunted house story is an appropriate setting The atmosphere surrounding the house is just as important as the mysterious happenings inside the house In Bliss House, the setting does not fit the insidiousness of the house For one, the story occurs during the summer months Summer in Virginia is too bright, too hot, and too lush to appropriately convey mystery and gloom Then there is the house itself The rooms are bright and airy The ceilings soar For those rooms wi [...]

  6. Mediocre mystery about a family struggling to recuperate from tragedy as they move into an evil and manipulative house There was just enough to keep me reading, but too far fetched and the suspense was predictable.

  7. Bliss House, a lush mansion that promises hope and happy beginnings for newly widowed Rainey and her injured daughter Ariel, is anything but a safe haven It is a house of foreboding, dark secrets, frightening chambers, and inescapable horrors Bliss House has a mind of its own and deceives all who enter, luring them in and holding them hostage It has the power to create madness and malevolence and does so with sheer determination and wicked revenge Ms Benedict writes an impeccable ghost story wit [...]

  8. What a crazy good haunted house story Benedict drew me in immediately and I read it straight through including at stop lights on my way home from work The brilliantly woven relationships, history, suspense, and mystery make BLISS HOUSE one of my favorites this year.

  9. Great gothic mystery ghost story Easy and fun to read, but the plot very well done I stayed up until 1 am to finish

  10. A story s approach is everything Bliss House had great ingredients but the angle was skewed Characters backgrounds don t matter as long as a riveting discovery of spirits is built around them Unfortunately this story was largely about the daughter s and Mother s recent tragedy, alternated with the depraved imprisonment of a woman in the bowels of that house in the past We should only know her as a ghost and hear of the torture in the past Instead, Laura Benedict gave that and most everyone else [...]

  11. When is a haunted house story not a haunted house story When it s Bliss House Dear reader, were you taken in by the blurb on the back that dropped Shirley Jackson s name I was Oh, what a fool I was Bliss House is no Hill House Too much in this book is unresolved Things you are interested in go nowhere and you end up with a run of the mill crime mystery that reveals the villains when there s still a lot of book to go.

  12. I was lucky enough to win Bliss House in a contest, and I am SO glad that I did Although this story has some darker elements to it than I normally read, I found that I really enjoy that dark side The story is full of twists and turns that will keep you up reading late at night I can t wait to read intriguing stories by this exciting author.

  13. Excellent super creepy ghost horror tale I am not an easy sell in this genre This one kept me hooked.

  14. A haunted, spooky house in Spades Bliss House is located in the countryside of Old Gate, Virginia Built in 1878 by a historical ancestor of Rainey Bliss Adams, who is escaping from bad happenings memories in St Louis, Missouri A freak accident killed her husband burned her teenage daughter, Ariel The Bliss House has a history of strange occurrences, disappearances, death Sentence During a housewarming Ariel sees strange visions, the realtor that sold Rainey the house commits suicide, or did she [...]

  15. I never expect much out of horror novels they usually disappoint royally, failing to deliver adequate creep factor or mystery Not so Bliss House I simply could not put the book down, finishing it in a little over 24 hours It had the perfect combination of spooks, mystery and character plot development, something many of these types of books lack The cast of characters was interesting and diverse, and I felt that even secondary characters were adequately fleshed out It had a solid ending, which w [...]

  16. It wasn t Rainey s fault that her husband died The explosion that killed him and crippled her daughter was nothing than a tragic accident And yet, as time passes she finds that she can no longer face her old life The desire to get away and make a future for her and her daughter drives her to Old Gate and the historic Bliss House And though no Blisses have owned the house for quite some time, Rainey has come to bring it back to the family and restore it to its former glory But Bliss House has se [...]

  17. Bliss House is a haunted house story and in this case the individuals being haunted are a woman, Rainey, and her daughter Ariel Rainey and Bliss have moved to Virginia and purchased Bliss house, the house had long been in Rainey s family and Rainey purchases it in an attempt to create a new life for herself and her daughter Her daughter had been burned and scarred and Rainey s husband killed in a freak explosion at their old house.Part of the story also reveals the account of Allison, a woman he [...]

  18. Synopsis When Rainey Bliss Adams becomes a widow after an accident that killed her husband and permanently disfigured her fourteen year old daughter, she decides to move back to her family homestead, Bliss House, in Old Gate, Virginia Bliss House isn t an ordinary farm It has decades of mysterious disappearances and death The most recent occurring the night of her homecoming party Who is behind the murder Will Bliss House give up its secrets My rating 3 StarsMy opinion Gotta say that I had hope [...]

  19. I liked the author s writing style She used many beautiful turns of phrase, and the book did hold my interest However, I did find the plot and characters to be a bit too predictable and cliched The villains of the book were obviously villains from very early in the story, and I would have preferred for there to be some mystery about that The story follows the course of so many other haunted house books there was nothing really original here Still, it was an entertaining read, and I would definit [...]

  20. Bliss House in Old Gate, Virginia was build for love but over the decades, murder became the norm Rainey Bliss Adams returns to Virginia with her daughter, Ariel, after the death of her husband hoping for a new start in the old homestead When ghosts and strange phenomenon become too much to handle and a new murder unearths bones from previous generations, Rainey isn t sure if she s crazy or being stalked by someone in town A scary read with great characters.

  21. Oh my, what a story Great horror read without being too gratuitous The details start coming together, and you get a chill I could barely put this book down I normally don t go for horror stories, but the reviews I read were so good, and the premise so intriguing I had to give it a shot It totally pulled me in and kept me reaching for it The characters are varied and nuanced, and the creepiness builds in a magnificent way Would definitely recommend

  22. Wow outstanding haunted house story Murder, history, modern mystery and well written The kind of book that keeps you up late at night reading and yet you don t want it to end I wish I could find a few books like this one.

  23. Bliss House is a beautifully written book filled with surprises with real people as well as ghost The twist turns in this book kept me on the end of my seating trying to figure things out I will definitely buy books from this author.

  24. I m just now getting into the creepy, gothic novels and this one just makes me want to read After 50 pages I couldn t put it down I had to find out if I had picked the bad guy I was not disappointed for ignoring my husband for a few hours to finish it

  25. Bliss House is part mystery, part ghost story, and certainly gothic This thriller had me turning the pages, very reluctant to put it down Family secrets, secret rooms and passages, mother and daughter angst It s all here Don t miss this one

  26. This book was a bit disappointing I find the witting to be very amateur and the story to progress slowly It was all a bit over the top Some elements of it were relatively entertaining but overall I didn t enjoy this book.

  27. Entertaining, spooky, a little disturbingI enjoyed the book and it really kept me turning the pages There weren t as many ghosts as I expected, but I found it a satisfying and creepy read.

  28. Great haunted house story A few loose ends tell about the family with the rings in the ballroom, who built the tunnels Sometimes read like a grownup Nancy Drew.

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