If Angels Fall (2022)

If Angels Fall Best Download || [Rick Mofina] - If Angels Fall, If Angels Fall NOTE Before reviewing this book please know that formatting issues and revisions concerning an outdated edition have been addressed Pointing them out now no longer applies to the current edition Tom If Angels Fall Best Download || [Rick Mofina] - If Angels Fall, If Angels Fall NOTE Before reviewing this book please know that formatting issues and revisions concerning an outdated edition have been addressed Pointing them out now no longer applies to the current edition Tom
  • Title: If Angels Fall
  • Author: Rick Mofina
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Kindle Edition
If Angels Fall
If Angels Fall Best Download || [Rick Mofina], If Angels Fall, Rick Mofina, If Angels Fall NOTE Before reviewing this book please know that formatting issues and revisions concerning an outdated edition have been addressed Pointing them out now no longer applies to the current edition Tom Reed is a crime reporter with The San Francisco Star whose superb journalistic skills earned him a Pulitzer nomination But years later Reed s life is coming apart His ediNOTE Before re
  • If Angels Fall Best Download || [Rick Mofina]
    420Rick Mofina
If Angels Fall

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  1. I loved this book from start to finish the characters were believable shows how easy it is for children to be taken Mr Rick Mofina should be congratulated for bringing such a good thriller to life a 5 from me.

  2. I like this author He keeps his language clean and does not indulge in writing about sexual escapades Other authors, take a lesson from Mr Mofina When choosing a thriller to read, I am always wary of what may come out of the characters bedrooms or their mouths Thank you, dear author, for kindnesses in these regards The author s writing mechanics were excellent I knew who the perpetrators were, but I was never convinced that there would be a good ending for Keller s hostages The read twisted my s [...]

  3. I m not a fan of police procedurals and to be honest this book didn t particularly change my mind about that, but for what it was it was a solid read My standard preference for a mystery thriller is a surprise of a plot, surprise of a murderer kidnapper etc the fun is in the figuring out who did it, plot twists and so on In this one you know exactly who did what and why Mofina s strength is in his intense excellently paced narrative, the readers get to follow along the legal and otherwise proced [...]

  4. This is one of the better police procedurals I ve read in awhile A real page turner The novel was suspenseful enough to keep me up into the wee hours of the morning until I finished it.The plot was finely crafted The prose and dialogue excellent And while the characters might be a bit stereotypical, it may be because many people fall into broader stereotypes quite easily I think Mr Mofina s penchant for action overcame any shortcomings in this area If there was any defect, it might be the focus [...]

  5. The note at the beginning of the book s description here on is a joke I ve no idea what these editors think editing is but I am pretty sure it s, at the very least, making sure capitalization and comma usage makes sense Editors, have you heard of the vocative comma I am guessing no so please familiarize yourself before chastising reviewers that our criticism is misplaced in regards to the new ebook edition.Was this written in the 1980s It feels like it although I see publication was in 2000 A lo [...]

  6. REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK, APRIL 30, 2016Narrator Christian RummelOnly two good things I can say about this audiobook 1 excellent narration by Rummel his female voices were so good I had to doublecheck there wasn t a female narrator as well Especially noteworthy when Rummel has a rich and deep voice 2 it cost me only 1.99.Apart from that, this debut thriller was tedious to listen to, unnecessarily lengthened by repetitious scenes and dialogue of grief sticken parents demanding and crying the same thin [...]

  7. So soGood plot, terrible segues made for difficult read of what could have been a really good story Transitions were many times confusing, forcing a re read to figure out what s supposedly happening concurrently or somewhere else Use extra spacing, asterisks in between paragraphs to indicate changes in time, place, characters Very difficult to follow.

  8. Thrilling, chilling Behind the scenes with the police as well as the press, and a look inside the head of a psychopath Plenty of action, lots of emotion One of the best books of its kind that I ve read.

  9. A great book Not one of his better books but still an amazing read all the same I would highly recommend any of Rick Mofina s books The characters are very realistic and engaging with many plot twists to keep you guessing A must read for people who love to solve puzzles.

  10. This is an interesting story but I felt there were a few things lacking First, I didn t think the so called main characters of Reed and Sydowski were developed very well I found myself disliking Tom Reed because he did so many stupid things throughout the novel I also felt there were too many characters in the book which created confusion There is also a lot of head hopping which added even confusion.

  11. Tough as nails veteran homicide cop Wladslaw Walt Sydowski is haunted by the brutal death, and dismemberment of tiny 2 year old Tanita Marie Donner Found in a trash bag near Golden Gate Park, it haunts Walt than a year later San Fran Star crime reporter Tom Reed is also haunted by the same crime Reed had outed the main suspect in the paper causing a suicide by Sunday School Teacher Franklin Wallace All sides had agreed Wallace had probably done the crime The city had a hard time healing after t [...]

  12. Oh man, I had this really bad police procedural itch and this totally scratched it In fact, this was one of the best books I ve read so far this year It s a pretty basic premiss guy gets away with murdering a kid, trail goes cold, police move on, then kids start disappearing again and the police have to do seriously fast damage control BUT Mofina makes the story so much interesting by introducing a whole bunch of different view points shifts every chapter and new characters are still being intr [...]

  13. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that Rick Mofina is one of my all time favourite authors He ranks right up there with John D MacDonald, Robert B Parker, Ross MacDonald and Michael Connolly in their ability to tell a story in such a spellbinding manner, in whatever genre you think it belongs, to make it extremely difficult to stop turning pages, put down the book and crash out no matter what time it is in the wee small hours and what you may have to do later that day As usual I ve been tryi [...]

  14. First up I want to discuss the POV Normally books written in Omni, which switch to different characters within the space of a paragraph, annoy the crap out of me Initially I felt the same with this book but I persevered because the story itself drew me in I did still have a few issues with the POV throughout, for example when one paragraphed jumped to a different character in a different location to the first without a scene break.Aside from my personal issues with POV, the story itself was well [...]

  15. After reading this book I became afraid for all the innocent children ,the angels, possibe victims of the increasing number of pedophiles in every community.Three young children are abducted to become part of the terrible fantasies of these evil,twisted men.The parents taught their children to protect themselves but they were no match for these crafty abductors who observed and carefully planned the kidnappings Police rush to solve the crimes and find them but there are few clues and many suspec [...]

  16. Good thrillerThis book, in my opinion , deserves it s 5 stars Draws you in at the start, keeps you unable to put it down and pulls on your emotions Great plot and storyline Well written and worth buying.

  17. Wow Hold on to your seatThis book grabbed me from the start and wouldn t let go What a page turner I had to keep reminding myself it s just a book Great read

  18. Exciting If Angels Fall was Rick Mofina s first novel, but you d never know it The two primary characters , reporter Tom Reed and the cop, Walt S are interesting ones I was immediately drawn into the story and into their lives.Briefly Reed is a reporter for the S.F Star and a good one, used to,following his hunches to uncover a story Unfortunately, his last big story hunch seemed to,have gone bad, leading to the suicide of a man suspected In a child abduction.The man s guilt was never proven, bu [...]

  19. The Good A solid story with a lot of great detail even if child abductions aren t a particularly enjoyable storyline to read I enjoyed the characters and I especially appreciated the detail that went into the forensic aspects, really nailing down a lot of the techniques and procedures used The Bad Not much in the way of suspense You know who the bad guy is very early and there really aren t any twists in the story.The editing issue others bring up is still a problem I just downloaded this a coup [...]

  20. 4.5 stars This book was a typical Rick Mofina thriller that did not disappoint It took a while to get into the swing but that was to lay the groundwork for what was to come.12 months after the brutal murder of a two year old girl Tanita Donna another child is kidnapped This time a three year old boy Are these crimes related Then another child is abducted, a six year old girl Are they dead Have they fallen prey to a pedophile Journalist Tom Reed is on the case as are a host of law enforcement off [...]

  21. My first read of a Rick Mofina novel In general, the story was well plotted, albeit quite predictable, with many tension filled moments What held the story back was the co protagonist a reporter named Reed, who just isn t a compelling figure, and the length of the book Tighter editing is in order, as there are too many pages that jdon t contribute to moving the story along The police counterpart to Reed is Walt Sydowsky, a grizzled veteran detective who probably would make for a better singular [...]

  22. Another one that will make you read until the end I managed to act responsibly for the first couple of days and I seriously tried to put it down and finish during regular daytime hours tonight this morning but this one is just too gripping Tom Reed, a crime reporter, acting on a tip, goes to an unconfirmed suspects home The suspect kills himself and all links that he was a party to the grisly murder of the toddler is denied by the police Tom is left to deal with the backlash from his paper, the [...]

  23. IF ANGELS FALL by Rick Mofina Tense thrilling plot,especially when it centers around children Tom Reed consumed by the missing children, to the extent of losing himself, and family Walt mourns, what he failed to do, to solve the girl s murder.The clues mount, but no leads The one who has taken them, what was his motive A tragic event, triggered for him to re inact what happened years before Gripping suspense carries you to the end of book, will all be resolve, children reunited or not Families s [...]

  24. ThrillerIn If Angels Fall, there are realistic characters Each one has flaws Tom is an almost washed up journalist who is losing his family and drinking way to much A young boy is kidnapped right in front of his father This crime might be related to the murder of a small girl, Tatiana Tom begins researching the case He wants to help solve this crime As the book progresses, Tom begins to understand exactly what any parent might do to rescue a child If you like a complicated story line, this book [...]

  25. This was the first book I have read by this author It was a good, solid book I could nitpick on some things that could have been handled differently to make it a great book, in my opinion, but who cares, really I will point out that what made this book tedious for me, was all the rambling, drawn out passages describing the mindset of the bad guy Relevant to the story Possibly, some would argue, but WAY too much Having said all that, I am definitely going to try books by Rick Mofina.

  26. Another Five Star WinnerI m never disappointed with any of this authors work This book grabs you from page one and doesn t let go until three hours later at the last page The play by play through the parents viewpoint and the media view of the kid napping made it seem as real as if it were happening and you were holding your breath to see if the children were alive or not The police aspect of the story was also part of the great character involvement I never miss a title with Rick s name on it H [...]

  27. Another Tom Reed thriller So, I really like Rick s stories, and I liked this one as well There were things that bothered my though, and I felt Rick could ve worded things differently An example, a three year old boy would not know the word murder, it s meaning, or how to compare it to anything else Any three year old I raised or have met would not know they had been kidnapped , they would just want to go home, as this one did as well There s I didn t like, but the plotline was great Explosive e [...]

  28. I loved the style of writing, the twists and turns kept me up late into the night, trying to figure out who had done what I appreciated the police procedural, since I m not familiar with most of it except from TV I also appreciated the emotional insite, since I have wondered sometimes how they could deal with the tragedy that this book covered I look forward to seeing how the characters, continue to weave their lives together.

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