My Year of Epic Rock (2022)

Free Read My Year of Epic Rock - by Andrea Pyros - My Year of Epic Rock, My Year of Epic Rock If Life Was Like a SongNina Simmons song would be You Can t Always Eat What You Want Peanut allergies ugh But that s okay because as her best friend Brianna always said We re All in This Together U Free Read My Year of Epic Rock - by Andrea Pyros - My Year of Epic Rock, My Year of Epic Rock If Life Was Like a SongNina Simmons song would be You Can t Always Eat What You Want Peanut allergies ugh But that s okay because as her best friend Brianna always said We re All in This Together U
  • Title: My Year of Epic Rock
  • Author: Andrea Pyros
  • ISBN: 9781402293009
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
My Year of Epic Rock
Free Read My Year of Epic Rock - by Andrea Pyros, My Year of Epic Rock, Andrea Pyros, My Year of Epic Rock If Life Was Like a SongNina Simmons song would be You Can t Always Eat What You Want Peanut allergies ugh But that s okay because as her best friend Brianna always said We re All in This Together Until the first day of the seventh grade when Brianna dumps her to be BFFs with the popular new girl Left all alone Nina is forced to socialize with her own kind If Life Was Like
  • Free Read My Year of Epic Rock - by Andrea Pyros
    177Andrea Pyros
My Year of Epic Rock

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  1. Quick and cute middle grade book about a 7th grader with anaphylactic allergies to peanuts and eggs First of all, OMG YES There are SO many kids these days who have food allergies, who have to carry Epipens everywhere, and it was awesome to finally see some representation for those kids and how difficult their lives can be, particularly if their peers get all OMG WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN T EAT _____ But really, this is a book about dealing with what happens when your BFF suddenly decides they do [...]

  2. I am sooooo happy I bought this book on a whim, it was fabulous It was fun, it was sweet, it was hilarious And also, for me at least, very relatable Yes relatable, I may not have an egg allergy, but I do have a peanut allergy and some other stuff as well, yay I also have an epipen with me on hand at all times I know that it at times can be difficult to ask what the ingredients are in x recipe I know also that people will look at you weirdly, or will treat you different if you mention you have al [...]

  3. I wish I had this book when I was younger See, younger me had all these allergies peanuts and eggs like Nina, but also lots of others and was constantly told, OMG, you can t eat shrimp Or peanut butter Or ice cream I feel so bad for you You re really missing out And I d just nod my head and turn back to my allergy friendly food I never had anyone my age that could relate, but my friends were always kind enough to not pack peanut butter sandwiches or at least warn me when they did But anyway, I r [...]

  4. Originally posted here at Random Musings of a Bibliophile.When I saw My Year of Epic Rock by Andrea Pyros show up on NetGalley, I knew immediately that I had to read it I love books about music, friendship, and fitting in These are the type of realistic books that appeal to my daughter and her friends right now, and that I have no trouble selling to kids looking for recommendations It is always nice to find one that is especially well done and is truly relatable to the kids who read it I think M [...]

  5. My Year of Epic Rock was supposed to be my escape for a couple of hours fun time read Don t get me wrong it completely fulfilled that part of the deal but I was surprised but how much I enjoyed this book.After the summer holiday s Nina s best friend has replaced her with the allergy free new ish girl I had a friend term applied loosely like that when I was growing up so I completely understood Nina It really hurts, particularly because you never get an explanation.What I liked about Andrea Pyros [...]

  6. A great book for the 10 13 year old, about a girl who gets dumped by her BFF and struggles with food allergies But any kid that age can relate to the friend dramas, the politics of middle school and the seemingly endless struggle to find the balance between fitting in and finding your own identity.The characters are realistic, the dialogue fun, and the conflict so close to home for anyone who s been an adolescent.

  7. I adore My Year of Epic Rock Nina, don t you just adore the name , is a insecure young adult who can t for the life figure out why her best friend isn t her best friend any I thought Brianna was a horrible person Who would do that to a friend I loved Ninas family Her parents are so caring Her mom is super sweet and loves to bake When they were talking about cookies, I wanted to go to the supermarket and buy cookies I needed cookies I needed the cookies her mom baked All of the other characters w [...]

  8. This book was pretty good The only thing I would say is that it was pretty predictable in most areas like when Nina was overheard when she was talking smack to Brianna that little brat and the whole Ethan thing but otherwise really good

  9. This engaging novel explores how an anaphylactic allergy complicates one s life from a young age with insight and creativity

  10. A cute, fun and sweet middle grade novel about anaphylactic shocks, friendship, family, finding oneself and first love

  11. Quick read, for diversitybingo2017 Cute story about a 7th grade girl, that helps you understand the experience of someone with food allergies.

  12. I received My Year of Epic Rock from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I had forgotten when I sat down to read My Year of Epic Rock that it s a middle grade book I was pleasantly surprised because I m on a middle grade kick right now but I haven t actually read one in a few weeks.Nina s just beginning to realize that her best friend Brianna has ditched her for a cooler girl when seventh grade starts At first Nina attempts to hang out with Brianna and Shelley, but she doesn t understand [...]

  13. I heard about My Year of EpicRock by Andrea Pyros from the author herself when she wrote to see if I d like to participate in a book giveaway I thought, well, this is a premise that is quite interesting, think I ll check it out on Netgalley And wow, so glad I did It is a wonderful middle read book that will connect to most readers, especially those who have ever had friendship issues Now, I ve had a friendship issue like the main character but not as many allergies as her, or allergies as dramat [...]

  14. Bringing my EpiPen with me everywhere I went was like having a stupid pimple that never went away Besides, like I was going to have the guts to stab myself with a giant needle in the leg if I ate something I was allergic to anyway Wouldn t I bet too busy barfing or fainting or something else awful to be my own doctor I ve had severe allergies since the day I was born, and it haven t really been easy or fun most of the time Having allergies can be extremely lonely, and pretty scary too, especiall [...]

  15. ABSOLUTLEY LOVED ITNina Simmons is twelve and just starting the new school year in an epic downward spiral Her BFF, Brianna, has always had her back and protected her from the evil food she is allergic too But now, Brianna has moved on and is now besties with Shelley, the most popular girl in school As Nina is exiled to the allergy table , she starts to interact with her fellow outcasts and when the group realizes they all play instruments, the decide to form a band for the Halloween talent show [...]

  16. Such a light story.Lucu juga lihat geng anak anak SMA yang sama sama alergi.Tentang Nina yang baru masuk tahun ajaran baru tiba tiba aja dijauhin sama sahabatnya selama ini, Brianna Briannya yang selama liburan di Eropa enggak sengaja ketemu Shelley, cewek idola di sekolah Mereka pun jadi new BFF Nina pun linglung ketika dia jadi enggak punya teman di sekolah Sampai akhirnya dia makan siang di meja khusus pengidap alergi makanan dan mereka bersahabat Sampai nge band bareng dan ikut di acara penc [...]

  17. They used to be two peas in a pod Being inseparable from Brianna made a lot of things easier, including navigating middle school with lethal food allergies Her friend is the reason why Nina was able to avoid sitting at the table reserved for others like her other students with food allergies, who presence at said table labelled them as pariahs of sorts.Then Brianna goes to Italy and doesn t call Nina upon her return the first sign that something has gone wrong And it takes very little time for N [...]

  18. One of the best books I have ever read in my entire life, this book had me at hello and continued to have my attention the whole time I was reading it I absolutely love this book, Nina and the Epi Pens I hated Brianna but really enjoyed reading about their friendship troubles I went through an experience very similar and it s very upsetting having to go through that.It made me feel do happy that someone could go through the same experience I went through and that I m not alone My experience wasn [...]

  19. Thank you Net Galley and Sourcebooks for the opportunity to read and review this book I truly requested this book just for the cover and title This was such a good little short story, having finished it in a little over two hours Nina starting seventh grade has had her BFF turn her back on her to be BFF s with the popular girl at school Soe has no one to hang with It doesn t help that she has food allergies and has to sit at the special table Ugh.I loved her character from the beginning The stor [...]

  20. One of my favorite books EVER I love this book so much because it gave me hope and it was a very relatable story The main character Nina is exactly like me I am a girl who plays to drums and when I read Shane s comment , A girl drummer Thats awesome I just about burst my top with joy This world is not very supportive of females going out and doing what they wan to do I especially have come across many obstacles while trying to pursue my dream of drumming I am just very grateful for this book It [...]

  21. This book is a must read for any aspiring musicians Nina is a young girl who wants to be a musician, a drummer, to be specific She has a choice become a popular, perfect girl to stay with her friend Bri or become a rock star Her school is having a talent show, and the kids at her lunch table want to start a band with her as the drummer It s a wonderful story for everyone especially for children who have a moderately high reading level I loved reading this book It s the simple story of a normal g [...]

  22. My Year of Epic Rock is a fun book that would make a great ABC Family movie It follows Nina as she makes new friends and starts a band It d be a great book for any young reader that likes rock and roll They might even check out Jethro Tull after reading My Year of Epic Rock I received this through First Reads program.

  23. Oh The untapped potential of this book is quite irritating This book isn t horrible, but it could have been much better if it was longer, delved into the characters and the situations a bit , and with better writing This book was good, even better when you got the rock vibe going, but i could have been AMAZING

  24. A fun book about a 12 year old girl who has food allergies It also deals with what it s like to have your BFF drop you like a hot potato, couldn t resist the food analogy , right before the start of 7th grade Yikes It s nice to have supportive parents in the book as well, along with a band aptly named the Epipens.

  25. This is a pretty adorable middle grade debut Perfect for girls ages 10 13, My Year of Epic Rock is all about choosing those who make you happy over those who are popular and being confident in yourself Great messages overall, especially aimed at younger middle school readers Totally clean and positive well suited to any young reader.

  26. I remember being in Barnes and Noble and grabbing the book once i saw my name on the cover But reading into it i loved the characters and how the book was written I re read the book after because i loved it so much.

  27. Nina is a girl that we all know One can feel her pain as she grows in directions that are different from her friends Some of this drama is handled a little too quickly and easily Great for the 5 7th grade girls on your list.

  28. This book is very similar to How to Rock Braces and Glasses, except much better The characters actually act age appropriate for 7th graders, the main character is likable and not purposely using her new friends to get back to her popular spot.

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