Unpredictable Webs (2022)

Unlimited Unpredictable Webs - by Darlene Quinn - Unpredictable Webs, Unpredictable Webs Beverly Hills Book Awards Best in Fiction International Readers Favorite Gold MedalBetrayal rebellion jealousy and a kidnapping gone awry are at the core of this fourth novel in Darlene Quinn Unlimited Unpredictable Webs - by Darlene Quinn - Unpredictable Webs, Unpredictable Webs Beverly Hills Book Awards Best in Fiction International Readers Favorite Gold MedalBetrayal rebellion jealousy and a kidnapping gone awry are at the core of this fourth novel in Darlene Quinn
  • Title: Unpredictable Webs
  • Author: Darlene Quinn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
Unpredictable Webs
Unlimited Unpredictable Webs - by Darlene Quinn, Unpredictable Webs, Darlene Quinn, Unpredictable Webs Beverly Hills Book Awards Best in Fiction International Readers Favorite Gold MedalBetrayal rebellion jealousy and a kidnapping gone awry are at the core of this fourth novel in Darlene Quinn s ensnaring series Unpredictable Webs picks up the Webs series five years after Twisted Webs About to turn sixteen Marnie Taylor is rebellious fighting often with her mot Beve
  • Unlimited Unpredictable Webs - by Darlene Quinn
    456Darlene Quinn
Unpredictable Webs

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  1. It s not easy to find your footing in this book if you haven t read the others that went before it which I haven t But the first chapters with the many character introductions are like a lively surf once you re beyond that, you ll find yourself in calmer waters, and easily ensnared by a compelling story.This is a sweeping family saga, with many twists and turns, and many people telling it from their point of view Again, this may not everyone s cup of tea, but it doesn t bother me at all In fact, [...]

  2. I think the best advice I can give anyone considering Unpredictable Webs is to be ready to spend some time enjoying this book because it is really hard to put down once you have started it The nice thing about it is that the chapters are short so you can get in one chapter before you really must put it away If you are like me though you will find yourself thinking about the characters even when you are not reading it,that is how much a part of your life they become.I have read all of the Web Se [...]

  3. Title Unpredictable Webs, Book 4 Web Series Author Darlene QuinnGenre Literature FictionPublished By Greenleaf Book Group Press April 16, 2013 Pages 465ASIN B00CELBL74 On first opening the pages of Darlene Quinn s Webs series, readers may well feel that they are in for an engaging all about novel in Quinn s case, all about the glamorous, dangerous, byzantine, and ultimately exciting world of fashion and high end retail and those readers would be right But wait There s Quinn develops her storyli [...]

  4. BOOK SYNOPSISBetrayal, rebellion, jealousy, and a kidnapping gone awry are at the core of this fourth novel in Darlene Quinn s ensnaring series Unpredictable Webs picks up the Webs series five years after Twisted Webs.About to turn sixteen, Marnie Taylor is rebellious fighting often with her mother, Ashleigh and jealous of her even tempered and popular twin sister, Callie Lonely, Marnie finds a compassionate listener in Brad, whom she meets online Spinning a web of lies to throw her parents off [...]

  5. Unpredictable Webs is the second novel that I ve read in the Web Series The first being Webs of Fate In that novel and in this one as well.Quinn, an international award winning author, weaves together the plot with skill and expertise Her knowledge of this fast paced, competitive world is evident in every word that she writes She utilizes this knowledge to create an action packed, fictional work of art that will capture any reader s interest right at the onset.Marnie Taylor, the almost sixteen y [...]

  6. Weaving another entangled web of the drama in the lives of the movers and shakers in the high fashion retail industry, Darlene Quinn has, once again had me riveted to each page of Unpredictable Webs Time has gone by, and centering around the tumultuous lives of the Taylors as Marnie rebels, becoming secretive and distant, the family feels the stress of having an unhappy teen who doesn t know where she fits in with her birth family Marnie meets a teen boy online, plans a secret meeting with him a [...]

  7. If you like Barbara Taylor Bradford or Danielle Steel, you will love Darlene Quinn She is among the best women fiction writers today Her book Unpredictable Webs is packed with thrilling suspense and mystery you will not be able to sleep until you discover what happens in the next chapter The story involves an array of skillfully developed and compelling characters that come to life within the high class world of a retail fashion empire Yet again, one of Conrad and Ashleigh Taylor s twins has bee [...]

  8. I m happy I haven t read any of the other three previous books in the Webs Series this was my introduction, but after reading this I wouldn t mind backtracking and reading the others This novel has a lot of chapters, but they are short and it is easy to find a place to stop so you can do normal daily activities, which I appreciated From the beginning the story is really interesting and not like other novels There is dimension and depth to the plot even at the first chapter I found that I fell in [...]

  9. Unpredictable Webs is the second novel in the Web Series and my first read by this author in the Web Series In this novel Darlene Quinn, the author, provides the reader with a plot that is action packed and capture s the readers interest from the first paragraph.Marnie Taylor, the almost sixteen year old rebellious twin to Callie, had been abducted shortly after birth At eight she is reunited with her birth family, but holds such strong ties to the woman she called mom Ashleigh and Conrad Taylor [...]

  10. How can a hostile takeover of a department store be made into an interesting novel Ask Darlene Quinn This fourth installment of her Webs series answers that question quite nicely This author has done her research well She presents her characters with depth and passion She creates scenes the reader can see in his her mind s eye She leads the reader along with the thoughts of her characters minds.Because of the way she writes, I can see this novel, and actually, the entire series of Webs novels, b [...]

  11. Listening on the edge of your seat Like Darlene s other books, Unpredictable Webs, is also in audio book format Although I have read all of Darlene s books, I anticipated that listening would be an adventure It definitely was Unpredictable Webs audio is like listening on the edge of your seat, while speeding down the road breaking the speed limit I enjoyed how skillfully Darlene takes readers and listeners from the main plot and manages to engross us in the many well balanced subplots leaving us [...]

  12. Darlene Quinn takes us on an unpredictable journey as her twin daughter Marnie, who was kidnapped at birth is about to be kidnapped again At least that is the kidnappers plan Entrenched in the high stakes and glamour of the fashion industry, Ashleigh Taylor must weave her way around saving not only her relationship with her daughter, but her entire family The tale Darlene Quinn tells is beautifully written and reaches into the heart of families and their relationships with one another on many le [...]

  13. This is the fourth book in the Web series and even though this is my first book of Darlene Quinn I really enjoyed it There was enough back story that I didn t get confused on who was who, and enough of a back story that I know I want to get the other books The characters are well written and likable I think what I liked the most was that the family was close Even though Marnie wants to live with her other family in Chicago and gets rebellious it is never malicious or hateful When one of the twin [...]

  14. Darlene Quinn does it again Delightfully wicked and exciting those pages just keep turning I felt like I had sat down to an exceptional meal prepared by a trusted celebrity chef Quinn has served up tried and true characters and stirred in some new faces to entice and entertain A recipe for success.Her creation weaves exotic flavors together ranging from simple sweetness to vivid tartness just right for an unpredictable serving of love, hate, crime and redemption Each page builds on surprise and [...]

  15. Really enjoyed this book from beginning to end, especially the 24 like action of this drama The set up and action flow seamlessly throughout the narrative and it is clear that Quinn has mastered the psychology and voice of each character Liked the web references each time a character tugs on that web, it reverberates with other characters in unpredictable ways Liked the juxtaposition of the characters glamorous lives vs the gritty underlying issues they have to face.

  16. I had serious issues with rating this book On some levels I felt it needed to be held around the four star mark, but on other ones I felt it required one.If you would like to read my full and honest review follow the link jazminjade.wordpress 2013

  17. Unpredictable Webs was so descriptive and flowed along so well you felt you were part of a movie I really enjoyed the way Darlene included the corporate retail which she knows so well right in with the character s lives It was such a believable story with wonderful character development Sally Fritch

  18. Wow go Buy From the moment I Picked unpredictable Webs up, Seven Hours passed Before I put it down, Bar Tea and Wine breaks After Several days, my Cable box was full, but I felt Inspired.

  19. Irritating.I finish this narrative with a sigh of relief, and while I hate leaving a negative review, my honest response to this audiobook was that it was hugely irritating to listen to on several fronts Firstly, the narrator had a really annoying voice and was totally unable to do male voices, turning them into an awful screech Secondly, the book itself was written in third person, but the characters kept announcing what they were thinking, which really didn t work for me Either a book is in fi [...]

  20. This is the complete review as it appears at my blog devoted to reading, writing no rithmatic , movies, and TV Note that blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates and modifications to the blog review be replicated here.I rated this novel warty.After crashing and burning in an earlier novel in this series, I decided just to get to the actual story I m supposed to be reading which is this one I was desperately hoping this would actually have entertainment val [...]

  21. This series just keeps getting better and better This is the fourth book in the Webs Series by Darlene Quinn I would recommend going back to read the previous books so you won t be lost, but the author does try to catch you up on all the important facts that you need to know with each character Ashleigh is always in the middle of the drama seems like She has already had to deal with one of her twins being abducted and gone for eight years, she had to help find Danielle, and now one of the twins [...]

  22. Unpredictable Webs Darlene QuinnThis is book 4 in the web series I missed out on the first two books, but did listen to book 3 This gave me an advantage of having met a great number of the characters previously This book picks up several years later when the twins are almost sixteen That being said the listener gets to experience the growing pains and teenage angst that comes with it The multiple families and businesses all have their own drama happening There are plenty of twists and turns in t [...]

  23. Unpredictable Webs by international award winning author, Darlene Quinn, is an intricately plotted and tightly woven story of mystery and intrigue A vivid cast of characters, who all think they know what s best keep the pages turning Although the book is a single piece in a much larger tapestry, it easily works as a stand alone for those who have not read other books in Quinn s Web series Unpredictable Webs is a complex tale of suspense, which keeps readers on their toes with skilled crafting an [...]

  24. I am leaving a 4 star but a 3.75 is like what I felt I have listened to Webs of Fate and rated that book 4 and felt that was correct This story was a little long in parts for me and I was just not as focused as I had been in the other book That said I thought Karin Allers the narrator did another wonderful job of bringing this book to life I was gifted this book by Audiobook BOOM and have left a honest review.

  25. This is the latest book in Darlene Quinn s series and I think it holds true to the other three books pretty well Like the others books I had some issues with this book, but there were also some good elements in the book as well To begin I thought that, much like in the book prior to this one, that the chapters being so short, really prevented me from getting into a rhythm in the book I like when I can get lost in the characters, and the books chapter set up really kept me from doing that Also an [...]

  26. Ashleigh once again finds herself in the middle of a horrible situation Having already survived through a kidnapping attack and one of her twins being kidnapped, now the other one is This may sound like a bit much at first, but Darlene Quinn writes in such a way that all you feel is grief and suspense as this new chapter in her life unfolds Once again all the players seem to overlap in strange and surprising ways Ways that will be very important as things come together in the end and work themse [...]

  27. Stuck in Darlene Quinn s WebI cracked the lid to Darlene s latest web tastic book Unpredictable Webs wondering what drama to expect from the well drawn out characters in the 4th book of the Web series The story starts out evenly enough updating where each individual is on their life path What s good about the series is you don t have to read them in order to follow the storyline As I read on getting filled in on the various factions I wondered what the linchpin would be for this volume.It wasn t [...]

  28. This is the 1st book I ve read by Darlene Quinn and didn t realize it was part of a series However, that doesn t take anything away from this book The story moved along quickly and was captivating At first it appeared to have a lot of characters but as the story developed, it was easy to keep track of everyone The irony of this family being the victims of one of their twin daughters being kidnapped as an infant and then later the other twin being mistaken as that twin kidnapped again keeps you g [...]

  29. Unpredictable webs is interesting and intensive criminal novel.In the beginning it was a bit slow, all the introduction of the many characters, and it started to get really confusing, when almost every chapter brought somebody new I got the feeling all the time, like I was missing something, like this book is part of the series And what do you know, it is So this book is pretty good to stand on its own but same time it gives you enough to get interested in the previous books.The story is good an [...]

  30. I picked up this book knowing that it was part of a series however the description did say that it could stand alone I didn t find that to be so at all Every time the perspective would change to that of another character s I would feel lost until I managed to determine just how this character would fit into the picture So needless to say, I didn t find this to be an enjoyable read.The book is very well written and can easily see how readers who have followed this series would absolutely love thi [...]

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