Supernatural Hero (2022)

[PDF] Supernatural Hero | by ✓ Eran Gadot - Supernatural Hero, Supernatural Hero I m the class nerd the only kid who doesn t get invited to birthday parties Maybe it would be better if everyone gave me the silent treatment At least they would be paying attention to me So thinks A [PDF] Supernatural Hero | by ✓ Eran Gadot - Supernatural Hero, Supernatural Hero I m the class nerd the only kid who doesn t get invited to birthday parties Maybe it would be better if everyone gave me the silent treatment At least they would be paying attention to me So thinks A
  • Title: Supernatural Hero
  • Author: Eran Gadot
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Supernatural Hero
[PDF] Supernatural Hero | by ✓ Eran Gadot, Supernatural Hero, Eran Gadot, Supernatural Hero I m the class nerd the only kid who doesn t get invited to birthday parties Maybe it would be better if everyone gave me the silent treatment At least they would be paying attention to me So thinks Andy the boy everyone makes fun of because he s really skinny and wears glasses and talks to himself the nerdiest kid in the class who falls in love with the prettiest g I m the cl
  • [PDF] Supernatural Hero | by ✓ Eran Gadot
    156Eran Gadot
Supernatural Hero

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  1. I bought this book to read to the kids I read to in grammar schools around L.A I started reading it and I found I couldn t put it down It s the kind of book that is about discovering your strength, overcoming bullies, and first love It s also about finding your confidence and belief in yourself The story revolves around Andy who is the class nerd and is picked on a lot His best friend is his Grandfather Not giving anything away, his Grandfather helps Andy with love and self belief in a spiritual [...]

  2. I thought that this was a fantastic children s read, dealing gently with the subject of death.Andy is the class nerd No one likes him and no one talks to him Even his parents and sister don t want much to do with him He s smarter than most and the only person in his life who understands him is Grandpa When he finds out that Grandpa has terminal cancer and just a few days to live, the bottom drops out of his world The good news is that Grandpa has not gone forever and returns to help Andy in the [...]

  3. This is a very heart filled book It is a story about a boy that doesn t fit in at school or home I read the whole book in one sitting After every chapter, I kept wanting to know until I had read the whole book I really enjoyed the illustrations also They give you a good visual experience about the characters in the story and what is going on.This book is very detailed and well written It falls into several categories, Romance for the love of his life This book teaches you to never stop trying t [...]

  4. Rating 10.0 10.0Review This book is probably one of the coolest books I ve read in a while because it hits home for me I was Andy in middle school, a socially awkward, glasses wearing kid who talked to himself because he had no one else to talk to Of course, I also fell in love with the prettiest girl in school, but alas, it didn t work out for me I love how the author included illustrations for each chapter to kind of give the reader a feel of what s happening in the author s eyes as well as th [...]

  5. This is a great little book for the middle grades set It s a heartwarming tale of the class nerd geek who is in love with the prettiest girl in the class When a family tragedy strikes, the main character Andy develops some supernatural powers that change him from geek to hero It s written with a lot of heart and both the storyline and characters are well developed I loved it and wish I d find books like this for my kids to enjoy Really hoping to read from this author and share his wonderful wo [...]

  6. You really route for the main character in this book I especially like his relationship with his grandpa I had a wonderful grandpa that passed way too soon, so I can definitely relate to him A lot of children s books deal with bullies and other issues children face today, and this book does an excellent job of it Highly recommended.

  7. Not something I would have bought for myself It s a children s book I read in clinic waiting room I am going to buy for all the kids I know.

  8. Whether you re an adult with children or a child yourself or just someone reminiscing about when you were in grade school, Andy is very easy to relate to I mean who didn t feel like an outcast in school Especially when you were different then everyone else or if you weren t good with sports And how many of would have loved to have some special ability that us see grandpa who was only there to help us get through those hard times This is one of those books that belongs in a grade school class lib [...]

  9. Fun, educational and sweetI got this book for my nephew but I wanted to read it first, just to make sure it wouldn t be too mature for him you never know I was surprised that I enjoyed the book so much I love that it is told from Andy s perspective, the author really nailed how it feels to be a love sick awkward boy that just yearns to be understood He wants so badly to fit in but he soon learns that being yourself and being unique is the key to not only acceptance by his peers but also true hap [...]

  10. I bought this book for my middle school niece, she loved it, and so did I Supernatural Hero is packed with a lot of growing up and adventure from the first page to the last page This is a book that you and your child will read over and over again I would not change a thing about it It s one of the best books I ve come across for tweens in a very long time.The characters are well developed and believable, the book is very well written, and well put together, plus there are a lot of morals in the [...]

  11. I think I may be one of the few adults who purchased this book without the intention to read it to a child The Kindle look inside feature told me I was going to love it because I fell for Andy in the very first paragraph I honestly can t remember connecting immediately with a character like that before, so kudos to the author for rendering me spellbound so quickly Andy is insecure, put upon, virtually friendless and bullied The prose is simple, but I found it evocative and intelligent It made me [...]

  12. This was a really enjoyable story Andy is a socially isolated middle school age boy He is a sweet good hearted person that is often misunderstood This book deals with many important themes The illness and death of a loved one is center stage The story also covers dealing with bullying at school, dealing with a difficult sibling, and living up to expectations of your parents Andy is lonely he has only one friend near his age and a serious crush on one of the most popular girls in his class He nev [...]

  13. I got this book for my younger brother so I decided to read it before him I must say that it was a genuine delight to read I find that my brother will relate to the book s protagonist, Andy, as he also suffers from being made fun of my his peers I believe the story has a unique point of view and I could almost see the scenes in front of me as if watching a movie Aside from the great storyline and characters development, there are also some valuable lessons to be learned and would be beneficial f [...]

  14. supernatural hero is just great a unique children s book with a not very classic superhero i guess the author got tired of the fact that superheroes are always strong and mighty this book makes you feel like anyone can be a superhero the main character is a nerd kid that finds out about a new very different ability he learns to use it in order to aid his friends and soon becomes he real captain of the football team recommended

  15. Simply Enchanting A Magical Journey that is Both Heartwarming Inspirational A delightfully enchanting journey that will Capture your imagination and steal your heart My daughter loves this story We are reading it for the second time now It is a wonderful story that not only focuses on valuable lessons but, also encourages children to aspire to be everything they dream of being Very Inspiring and perfect for middle school age children She could really identify with Andy, the main character and hi [...]

  16. I originally picked up Supernatural Hero for my eleven year old son, but wow, was I impressed Like most parents I read the book before giving it over to him so check for topics I don t want him reading, or that he won t understand I loved it, and I m not just saying I loved it for my son, I m a true fan of Eran Gadot now The character development and story line is amazing for a book in this age range Gadot really takes most of us back to our middle school days Insecurities, annoying siblings, pa [...]

  17. I came across this book while I was looking for a fun book my son could actually get behind reading This book did not disappoint Supernatural Hero was able to grab his attention from the get go, and kept him interested throughout He really liked the main character Andy, and all the twists and turns the book had to offer It was about real kids, and real problems kids face If you want your kids to read books that are full of action, adventure, a little bit of romance and have a unique plot, I thin [...]

  18. Supernatural Hero is a charming children s book filled with action and emotion Andy, a six grade geek, develops to overcome his social awkwardness and loneliness in this fantasy adventure The story follows a boy who takes the advice of his deceased grandfather whom he can communicate with through his metaphysical abilities Initially the paranormal tale explores Andy s experience with loss and fear However it concludes with a dynamic lesson in confidence building and healthy risk taking Author Er [...]

  19. I bought this book for my daughter who is in middle school She loves supernatural stories I found I couldn t put the book down My daughter loved the book too Growing up is hard, especially in today s world We are all blessed with different heroes in our life This book shows how the heroes in our lives can make a difference In this story one of Andy s hero is his Grandpa Andy has a hard time fitting in at school and home His Grandpa is a positive force in Andy s life, and helps lift him up to fin [...]

  20. Supernatural hero is at times sad, funny, and ultimately touching story about a lonely boy who is bullied at school and ignored at home He only finds solace in the company he spends with his grandfather I don t want to give away too much of the plot, but I will add that this is a great tale for anyone who has had to suffer through bullying and loneliness while growing up IF you have a middle school aged child, you should purchase this for them, and make sure to enjoy it as well.

  21. This is a fantastic and entertaining book for middle grade kids Written in a casual style from 11 year old Andy s point of view, the book captures young readers from the very beginning Andy is a nerd with few friends and has trouble connecting with his family and other kids his own age His only real friend is his grandpa, who seems to be the only one who understands Andy and his strange ability to speak to those who have already died, like his grandma But once his grandpa passes away rather sudd [...]

  22. Andy is the class nerd He is picked on and bullied and almost no one will talk to him, other than to ridicule him He has only on friend, Tom Tom is a genius and a fellow nerd Andy is in love with the prettiest girl in the sixth grade Zoe , but she will never notice him Andy keeps his feelings bottled up inside He is very angry He wants to talk to his parents, but is afraid to do it The only person Andy can really open up to is his Grandfather He can tell his Grandpa anything, but Grandpa has can [...]

  23. This is an impressive novel for all ages In it a boy, ignored and teased by everyone in his life but his grandfather, begins to fall in love with the queen of his class Only to have his budding romance put on hold by the announcement that his grandfather has cancer Uncertain what it means and scared to lose his only friend, he sets out on an adventure to save his grandfather s life Who he ends up saving and how will surprise the socks off you I wasn t really sure what I was getting into when I s [...]

  24. Eran Gadot s SUPERNATURAL HERO is the story of 6th grader Andy and his struggle to fit in Andy sees himself as a nerd whose only real skills are in math He has one school friend fellow math junkie Tom , and he s often the butt of the other kids cruel jokes they call him ET and laugh at him mercilessly His parents are busy and aloof, paying attention to his older sister than they ever do to him His only real support is his Grandpa, who is the only one who really understands him Andy is madly in [...]

  25. i really follow Andy, who loves his grandfather than anyone in the entire world while he deals with all the problems a nerdy kids has to on a day to day basis, along with some that are unusual like a demon that wants to burn down the house of Zoe, the girl that he loves but just can t quite figure out how to talk to With the help of with grandfather and his best friend Tom who is incredibly smart he finds ways to overcome his problems and hopefully eventually get invited to a birthday party.Th [...]

  26. I really wish that this book had been longer It was a cute read The beginning was a little hard for me, because poor Andy seems to have been dealt a bad family I just wanted to cuddle him and tell him everything would be ok And I loved that he was so close with his grandpa, just like me, so it was something that I could really relate to.Now let s get into the nitty gritty The ghosts So, Andy has been seeing and talking to his grandma s ghost for years, but he suddenly can t understand it when he [...]

  27. This book is really cute and has plenty to offer for young readers I read it before giving it to my nephew and I probably enjoyed it as much as he did The boy in the story is delightfully ordinary at first glance Young Andy is a middle schooler who has all the typical problems of others his age He is a bit of a geek and has girl trouble Andy s best friend is probably his grandfather who he adores He can talk to his grandfather about almost anything like it should be with a best friend He also be [...]

  28. Supernatural HeroBy Eran Gadot159 pages Reviewed on 09 08 2014.In his book, Supernatural Hero, Gadot provides the unique opportunity to peer into young Andy s life Gadot beautifully illustrates the real life struggles of a young boy in a world where the cool kids ridicule and take sport in harassing the quiet, smart, unpopular child Andy has a big heart and all he wants to do is share it with the love of his life, Zoe.Everyone can relate to the uphill social and emotional battle that Andy faces [...]

  29. Supernatural Hero is a wonderful heartwarming story I found myself relating to the protagonist Andy, a self proclaimed class nerd whose parents worry about his social ineptitude and insecurities I know that I was that kid once, and this story would benefit anyone who can relate, and especially kids who cannot yet empathize with Andy Erin Gadot paints the main character Andy perfectly in a way that will help kids of all ages to understand what it is like to feel like an outsider, a life lesson we [...]

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